Nearly two weeks later, no action on collusion case

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With the NFL embroiled in an ever-expanding docket of legal entanglements, some could move quickly and some could move slowly.  For now, the collusion case filed last month by the NFLPA falls into the “slowly” category.

Separately, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello via email and NFLPA president Domonique Foxworth during PFT Live said Tuesday that there have been no developments since the claim that the league’s franchises colluded in the uncapped year of 2010 with a “secret” per-team salary cap of $123 million.

No hearings set.  No orders issued.  Nothing.

Since the collusion claim was filed not as a lawsuit but as a petition to reopen the now-closed Reggie White v. NFL antitrust case, Judge Doty presumably will kick-start the process at some point.

Nearly two weeks in, it hasn’t happened yet.

For more from Foxworth, check out the full interview from Tuesday’s PFT Live.

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4 responses to “Nearly two weeks later, no action on collusion case

  1. The league clearly colluded, but the NFLPA leadership sold their souls to get the cap bumped up so they could keep their jobs. Any chance I may have to have some respect for De Smith, he just finds a way to reaffirm my initial impression that he’s sleazy.

    And now they try to get this in front of Doty… He’s not even an active Judge anymore, he’s semi-retired. So transparent.

  2. Has John Mara had an opportunity to talk to the press about this?

    If so the law suit will pick up steam as he takes foot and inserts in mouth….

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