Pagano says Colts are reloading, not rebuilding


Chuck Pagano has taken over the team that had the worst record in the NFL last year, but the Colts’ head coach doesn’t want to hear anyone say that Indianapolis is a rebuilding team.

Pagano said on NFL Network’s Total Access that the word he prefers to describe his team is “reloading.”

“Like I told these guys when I first got here, there’s a lot of players here that, if someone didn’t see something special in them they wouldn’t be in an NFL football facility,” Pagano said. “We’ve raised the bar, we’ve raised the expectations. I know everybody is looking in a different direction as far as what their expectations are for us, but we’re certainly not doing that. We’ve got some guys who are running out of time, so to speak, and have high expectations for themselves and the rest of the players here.”

Pagano said he views Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis, who are making the transition from playing 4-3 defensive end for the last decade to 3-4 outside linebacker in Pagano’s defense, as veteran players who are ready to lead a team that can win right now. Last year’s 2-14 record notwithstanding, Pagano thinks the team he inherited should be preparing to win this year.

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  1. I hope your scouting department is up to speed so you can have the first over all pick again..

  2. .

    When you reload aren’t you putting the same exact bullet in the chamber?


  3. I like how they have approached things in the post-Manning era.

    That said, calling this “reloading” is laughable. Not only is Peyton gone, but his ginormous cap-gobbling contract; and there’s a TON that needs to get done to make this team competitive again. Last season’s result should have been predictable to anyone paying attention to the entire roster.

    Call it what it is Chuck, it is called “from scratch” – that way you can enjoy it that much more when you succeed.

  4. When did “rebuilding” become a curse word in NFL circles? It is a fact of pro sports that sometimes you’ve gotta tear it up and start over. College teams reload!

    Look…I get that you cannot tell your players you’re rebuilding because you don’t want that built in excuse, but don’t bring that garbage to the masses Pagano. We ain’t buyin’!

  5. They wouldn’t have to “reload” if they didn’t allow some of their best offensive weapons to leave in free agency

  6. It’s marketing. We won’t be as bad as we were last year, we won’t be as good as we will be in the near future.

    Some call it rebuilding, our coach calls it reloading.


  7. You don’t just “plug in” 4-3 personnel into a 3-4 system and find success. While the Colts have enjoyed some of the best 4-3 rush ends in years past, they will be square pegs shoved into round holes trying to for instance, set the edge. A hybrid is typically very tall, and very long; Dwight Freeney for instance, is neither.

  8. I really hope he’s just lying to the press and not really telling his players this junk. Or even worse believing it himself.

  9. That’s why Chuck Pagano is a Head Coach in the NFL and the know-it-alls end up blabbering on some football message board.

  10. How can anyone think taking Freeney and Mathis out of a 3 point stance makes sense? Big Colts fan and I can’t believe this is happening. What’s next, turning Luck into a wishbone QB? This guy seems like a real bonehead.

  11. well, Rome wasn’t re-loaded in a day…

    the Steelers are re-loading on defense; NYGiants are re-loading some key positions on offense…this is totally different than the lack of NFL-calibre talent that Pagano will have to re-bui, er I mean, re-LOAD on the Colts roster…

    but he is free to call whatever he wants…at least he will mostly be starting from scratch to bring in his own type of guys…

  12. Freeney and Mathis have combined for 185 sacks and 82 forced fumbles playing as down linemen in a 4-3 scheme. There is a legitimate case for them being the best pass rush combination in league history. Where is the uproar over Pagano’s plan to change what they do? The only people happy about this are opponents of the Colts, I suspect.

  13. The Colts are making a HUGE mistake by half-azzin’ this REBUILD .

    They want their cake ( W’s now ) and eat it too ( W’s in the future ) but have chosen to only jettison a portion of their aging stars , and have made ZERO trades for future draft picks ( see recognized NFL blueprint for REBUILDING ).

    Seems to me they’re counting on LUCK in more ways than one in Indy .

  14. “Reloading ” is not a term a coach or gm should ever use unless they are dealing with a returning playoff team or they are totally oblivious to the reality of the situation.

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