Pete Carroll: Seahawks were trying too hard, competing too much


Shortly after the NFL and players’ union announced that the Seahawks would lose two days of Organized Team Activities, coach Pete Carroll acknowledged that his team broke the rules about contact at practices. But he put a positive spin on that acknowledgment, saying his players are such good competitors that it’s tough for them to know how hard they can go.

In a video posted at the team’s website, Carroll said the Seahawks only violated the contact rules on a few plays, and did so because they wanted to give a solid effort.

“It’s always about one play here, one play there,” Carroll said. “It wasn’t, you know, play after play after play. It was a few plays that stood out where guys made mistakes trying too hard and competing too much.”

It’s Carroll’s job, however, to make sure that his guys don’t make those mistakes: He oversees the OTAs and is supposed to ensure that the rules about contact at practices aren’t violated. Carroll suggested that the league should do a better job of giving coaches specific examples of what is allowed and what is not allowed at OTAs.

“We haven’t had any film to look at,” Carroll said. “We haven’t had the opportunity to see how it’s supposed to be done.”

Carroll seems to think that going too hard in practice is a good sign about what kind of team he has.

“We’ve had great practices. Our guys have met every expectation. They have worked like crazy to get the job done,” Carroll said. “We probably have stretched this limit, obviously, by this indication, and I’m not surprised by that.”

Carroll’s attitude seems to be that he wants intense OTAs, and if his OTAs get too intense and his team loses a couple of practices over it, he won’t lose any sleep about that.

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  1. So its either practice hard and earn a few days off, or practice like a bunch of pansies for longer.

    I think they made the right choice.

  2. Fine him, I bit you if this mistake was made by Saints Godell be all over on Saints, but these suckers get away with nothing. At least fine FINE Pete’s ass.

  3. So, the player’s union insists on these terms, players belonging to the union violate the terms, but non players unaffiliated with the union get fined for it. O.K.

  4. Player A, “Damn, I’m getting sick of these OTAs, running around sweating, getting yelled at….”.

    Player B, “Yeah, me too, I’d rather sleep in, do a bit of a workout, then shop.”.

    Player A, “Take a run at me…not too hard…but make it look convincing. I’ll fall down, flop around a bit, then crawl to the sideline on my hands and knees. Over here, under that camera up there….”.

  5. They are NFL players getting paid millions…Yet they are PRACTICING to hard? WTH? Yep lets keep coddling the poor multi drunk driving drug using gun carrying millionaires. PRACTICING TO HARD???
    I see better practices and hits at the local HS football team. NFL your embarrassing yourself!

  6. It’s sort of like the fine by the NFL on the Redskins and the Cowboys. Last year was supposed to be an uncapped year and so the 2 teams took them at their word and made it uncapped and got fined for it. The NFL wants “no unnecessary contact” but gives no guidelines on what that means, and lo and behold some team gets punished. Because every player at every OTA in the NFL is making contact. We have lots of film of that taking place in every camp. But somehow they decided, without any guidelines, that this was too rough. Good for the Seahawks!!

  7. Slippery Pete is the man. Im finally past the point of letting all the comments on the Seahawks bother me. I am legitimately excited for this team. The culture has changed for the better.

  8. The Poodle Pete Seahawks were practicing harder than the 31 other teams and that is why they are the only team to get fined since every team has had OTA’s ????

    Don’t get me wrong, the new rules are a joke for us who have followed the NFL for many years. Butkus/Nitschke/Purple People Eaters.No Unnecessary Conduct is a joke.But that is what the players today wanted in the CBA.

  9. He’s got a point. What is “contact”? Is it like a “catch”? I’ll know it when I see it type of definition? Just another example of arbitrary enforcement of rules. Hopefully a judge somewhere in lawsuit land has the stones to call Goodell out for his arbitrariness already! (and I hate Seattle)

  10. “They were trying too hard…”

    Translation: They were trying too hard to kill one another; taking swings at each others faces and DB’s making blind sided hits on WR’s.

  11. This is a joke right?

    Grown men can’t get together to play a little football? Run some routes. Toss the ball around. Tackle your buddy…

    What if this was a Company softball game?

  12. The NFL has become a joke the CBA sucks small farm animals. It’s football not figure skating let em play let em hit…. The sport is becoming a joke…. Now they get paid millions to run around and slap each others a s s. tired of the CBA already

  13. Yes, he needs to be fined. Taking $100,000 out of his salary would send a clear message that the rules set out by the CBA are the rules. And head coaches are responsible for upholding those rules.

    When the response to doing something against the rules is to laugh about it, as opposed to disagreeing by having a good reason, it needs to be taken care of.

  14. I’m going to love it when not one Saints suspension is overturned; not one game is given back.

    The Saints deserved everything they got. I don’t feel bad at all and your complaining makes it that much sweeter for me.

    Oh and yeah, the league did the right thing by simply warning Pete. It’s weird, he got a warning and now he is stopping it. How many did the Saints get privately without stopping…3-4?

  15. Just so we are clear here, the employee’s made this rule, the employee’s broke the rule, now the employee’s will get paid time off..

    sure wish my job worked like that..

  16. “It’s Carroll’s job, however, to make sure that his guys don’t make those mistakes: He oversees the OTAs and is supposed to ensure that the rules about contact at practices aren’t violated.”

    Who cares?? When the season starts for real this Defense will be in the top 5. GO HAWKS!!!!

  17. Petey is becoming another Drew Brees, he “wants an explanation” of the rules. In Petey’s case, they could spell the rules out to him, like the NCAA does and Petey would still break ’em, like he did at USC. “Just a play here and there……….” sure Pete sure, LMAO

  18. Guess Coach Carroll couldn’t jump to the Arena league fast enough before the penalty came down.

  19. Seahawk fan grinning at this news. If they’re “too intense” for the NFL’s liking right now…I cannot wait for opening day.

    Holmgren had a good team, but it never seemed to be a particularly physical team. Whether or not this team can attain the same level of success is open to debate, but one thing is for certain: This is a physical football team. Shaun Alexander is out; Marshawn Lynch is in.

    Oh, and while they aren’t allowed to go to the team facility or interact with coaches, I know if I were a player, I’d be sure to spend some of my off time hanging with my teammates, running through drills. The NFL wants this to be a punishment, but this team should wear it like a badge of honor.

    Go Seahawks!

  20. “Shaun Alexander is out; Marshawn Lynch is in.”

    I don’t know if you know Alexander’s numbers, but I’d take him in his prime over Lynch any day. He also took you guys to a Super Bowl.

    I’m sure this will lead to a lot of thumbs down, but this team is starting to sound a lot like the Singletary era 49ers.

  21. Cheaty Petey strikes again. I say let them have there contact drills they need all the help they can get. Maybe with those two days off someone can show him how a real team drafts. Carpenter, irvin nobody wanted in the 3rd round much less the first. This guy has 2 more years tops.

    On a side note I love how the one shinning moment for the seahawks was one run by lynch in the opening round of the playoffs. The seachickens been throwing that one in peoples face for three years now.

  22. rcali says:
    Jun 5, 2012 9:52 PM
    Guess Coach Carroll couldn’t jump to the Arena league fast enough before the penalty came down.
    Nobody runs from his past like the great Pete Carroll.

  23. ahhh the niner fans taking shots at the hawks….enjoy it while you can during the offseason because once it starts you really wont have much to be boasting about…our d will be top 5 our qb situation is far better than yours and our runningback isnt past his prime like gore is. Bruce irvin is a speed demon and will most likely put up 10 or more sacks even in a limited role therefore i dont really care where you would draft him.
    enjoy all the 125yrd passing games by alex smith with that so called improved rec corps….im sure it wont pose a problem for our no.1 secondary in the nfl. like Ive keep telling you homers one good season(lucky with the offense you put on the field)in 10 years is not really enough to be this over confident, however it is that same confidence that will make it even sweeter when your team falls apart this season…keep posting to your crap qb on ibelieveinalexsmith message board and keep crowning yourselves champs of the world….its gonna be fun to watch arrogant harbaugh drones shut the hell up

  24. This is the same guy who thought TJoke was the answer at QB, even though Minny gave him every chance to lead the franchise and simply failed at it. Repeatedly.

    He already screwed over USC and bolted, why not the Seahawks?

  25. I swear half of you idiots on here need to move on with your life. It’s been over 3 years since Pete left USC. Move on.. It’s Spring time and get out of the basement and go for a walk. I’m sure mom and dad would appreciate it.

    Let the haters hate!! Go Hawks!!!

  26. Sf= stephen ford not san fransisco. remember you guys raving about carpenter last year. Its the same way you are trying to lead everyone on about irvin. Just admit it was a horrible pick. “he will.have ten sacks in a limited roll”.thats just dumb. Also you will have a top ten d for maybe 3 weeks then playing 45 minutes a game becuasee the offense cant hang is going to take its toll.

  27. Carpenter is an offensive lineman Sf and tore his ACL in his rookie year. Are you a Niners fan? If so don’t let others get started on how your Niners were anointing Crabtree the next Rice. Look how that’s panned out.

  28. hey there squared80…at least we cut our losses after a few seasons with tjack….unlike the niners who are on year 8 and are still ever hopeful that alex smith will become worthy of the 50 mill you have paid him so far…yeah youre right pete is the fool.

  29. discosucs2005 says: Jun 5, 2012 11:32 PM

    “Shaun Alexander is out; Marshawn Lynch is in.”

    I don’t know if you know Alexander’s numbers, but I’d take him in his prime over Lynch any day. He also took you guys to a Super Bowl.
    The way I took it, he wasn’t making a raw #s argument for Lynch over Alexander. He was commenting on the two RBs levels of physicality. Alexander was as soft as a baby’s butt. Lynch is a tough runner. I know what I’d rather have at RB (Lynch).

    Here’s the thing that puzzles me. All teams have player reps. Why aren’t the player reps warning the coaches before it gets to this? Seems like that would be a win-win.

  30. All this whiny, name calling, and bitching about Pete. WHO CARES? If this were my team, I would want them hitting every practice and going 100%! Get ready for the season and start smacking people. Good for the Hawks. Bad they got caught — Again, so what? Penalized for being too agressive? Please. Isn’t this the NFL? Let them hit each other and earn their $$. Looks like one team is taking an agressive route to start their season.

  31. I like how the 49ers have been rebuilding for 10-15 years then they pull off one decent season and in their fans minds they own the nfc west… wait til your team gets more than 1 winning season under its belt before you flip on the arrogant switch. #premadonna

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