Seahawks violate contact rules, lose two OTA days


By rule, NFL teams are not allowed to engage in contact during Organized Team Activities.

The Seahawks violated that rule and they will lose two days of practice time as a result. The NFL and NFLPA announced the penalty in a joint statement on Tuesday afternoon.

“The NFL Management Council and NFL Players Association have determined that the Seattle Seahawks violated the Collective Bargaining Agreement’s offseason workout rules on the prohibition of live contact during one of the club’s organized team activity days. As a result, the Seahawks will forfeit two of their scheduled OTA practices (June 6 and 7) as well as an additional offseason workout day on Friday, June 8. Seahawks’ players are not permitted to be at the facility on those days, but will be paid for the sessions. The club cannot reschedule the cancelled days.”

Several members of the Seahawks tweeted about the penalty before it was officially announced. Wide receiver Ricardo Lockette wanted Seahawks fans to know that “its about to go down and we were going hard at practice for you guys.”

This is the first offseason under the rules put in place by last year’s Collective Bargaining Agreement. The CBA limits teams to 10 OTA days, during which players may practice for two hours while wearing a helmet and no other pads. The CBA also requires that OTAs be filmed so that there is a record to refer to in case any drills need to be reviewed.

30 responses to “Seahawks violate contact rules, lose two OTA days

  1. I’m a Niners fan, so screw the Seahwaks… but seriously this is ridiculous.

    It’s football, almost every practice should be in full pads. These days are basically worthless to anyone other than rookies and skill position players.

    The good news is penalizing them non-pads days can only make so much of a difference.

  2. I find it hilarious when penalties such as this go down…what were they thinking?? They all know camera’s are on hand to review all practices. Serves em right lol

  3. How the hell did they find out lol. never the less they broke a rule and rules are rules. I can’t blame them tho, it does show determination

  4. @Morgan420
    It’s only about 3:20 pm west coast, u should have waited a while to puff bro, read that last paragraph.
    The CBA also requires that OTAs be filmed so that there is a record to refer to in case any drills need to be reviewed.
    Stay Sweded but be thorough bro.

  5. How strict is the no contact rule? Do they at least get to do that really cool slap each other on the ass thing?

  6. The unfortunate part about this is that the penalty hurts the rookies and the unrestricted free agents from opportunities to prove themselves. The Players Association has hurt their own members. It also robs Russell Wilson and Matt Flynn of important time with the team, giving Tarvaris Jackson a little extra boost.

  7. Good for them. LOL

    Not sure why players are so willing to have contact when the b*t*hed and moaned about having to much contact in practice in the last CBA.

  8. I like the idea that they are enforcing the rules they created and agreed to. If no one is going to follow it, don’t have the rule.

  9. My gawd – what is the world coming to? Is there no longer any honor? This is just absolutely dreadful. So forth and so on. I’m sorry, what was that again that they did? Oh!

  10. morgan420 says:Jun 5, 2012 5:37 PM

    How the hell did they find out lol
    About a week or so ago, this very website ran a story about how the WRs and DBs got into a fight, which escalated after one DB nearly took Doug Baldwin’s head off as he was going over the middle.

    The very first comment after that article was “I thought OTAs were supposed to be non-contact.”

    I am guessing that someone in the league read that article, or another article about the incident, and asked to review the tape of the practice. Or maybe Jim Harbaugh saw it and placed an anonymous call to the league office. That’d be right up his alley.

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