Vitt remains confident Brees deal will get done


When Saints coach Joe Vitt last spoke about the status of unsigned franchise quarterback Drew Brees, Vitt expressed confidence that the deal would get done.

On Tuesday, he expressed confidence again.

“Absolutely, I am,” Vitt said Tuesday, via comments distributed by the team.

And while many are fretting about the fact that Brees isn’t present for a “mandatory” minicamp (it ain’t mandatory for guys not under contract), Vitt isn’t.

“Nobody is going to come in better shape than Drew,” Vitt said.  “Drew is working hard right now.  Drew is working extremely hard right now.  He’s mastered the system.  This will get done.  It will get done with both parties getting together and getting this thing done.  They are both working hard at it.”

In prior comments, Vitt said that, like last year’s labor deal, this will get done as the clock approaches midnight.  But the question remains:  When is midnight?

Reading between the lines in Tuesday comments from linebacker Scott Shanle, midnight may be Week One.  “We are confident that Drew will be there this year on Sundays and that is when it really counts,” Shanle said.  “If anybody can take this much time off and excel, it is Drew Brees.”

But the question isn’t whether Brees will be ready to work.  The question is whether the other players will be ready to work with Brees, especially if he misses all of the offseason program and all of training camp and all of the preseason.  Especially with coach Sean Payton gone for the year and Vitt due to start a six-game suspension of his own once the regular season begins.

Regardless, the clock continues to tick.  And no one really knows when it will reach threat level midnight.

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15 responses to “Vitt remains confident Brees deal will get done

  1. Vitt’s right…it’ll get done…afterall he cant sing or dance…whats he gonna do?

  2. I am not so sure. Brees wants big time bucks. The last time he played under the tag he got hurt and was screwed by the chargers so i cannot really blame him at all.

  3. Can someone explain to me why this guy hasn’t been paid already?

    I need an explanation! 🙂

    Seriously, I would love to understand how a guy who broke the yardage record last season and has been the savior of this franchise still does not have a contract. He is clearly one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

  4. I hate to say it but this is how I see it: Brees will not sign the franchise tag. He has already said so. And I don’t think he’s really desirous of a long term deal anymore with the Saints and is therefore not interested in anything they wish to offer. So he will not play this year at all. In the 2013 season he will be somewhere else, and I think I know where.

  5. Loomis better get Brees signed prior to the July 16th deadline, or I could see Drew issuing payback by waiting until the Friday prior to the season opener to sign the tender. He’d still get paid but the team will not succeed if he sits out all of training camp and pre-season.

  6. Damn give the man the money he deserves! WTH! He is the “star” of the team and he’s being treated like he’s a bum! New Orleans is really pissing off fans!!!

  7. I don’t comment frequently, but would I be the first to suggest that Benson is being applied the screws by the other owners into not signing Drew Brees long-term because he decided to put his name to the the anti-trust suit? A couple reasons:

    1) One of the final sticking points before the new CBA was signed reportedly was that the named plaintiffs were seeking to be exempt from the franchise tag for the rest of their careers.

    If this is indeed true, Brees would be the first (and maybe only)guy to be screwed by any repercussion from it even being suggested.

    2) If he does actually sit out this season-and I am pretty sure Florio mentioned this- and it is true that he can’t be exclusively tagged for next season, would anyone put it past the league to have a wink/nod agreement (collude) among the teams to not try to sign him away from New Orleans?

    I figured the Saints were trying to flex their muscle as a newly respectable franchise by playing hardball with the best player in their franchise history, but I don’t think they’d be that stupid and/or stubborn.

  8. Will Vitt even be the head coach once his suspension is over? Brees can handle the offensive game plan, and do you think he won’t audible out of any call that comes from the sideline? This has to be the worst front office move in the history of the game!

  9. Vitt was heard commenting after he thought the tape recorders were shut off…..”Brees better agree to a deal soon or we’re gonna put a bounty on his azz……….”

  10. Brees will be a Saint in 2012.

    Either he signs the a long term contract or just signs the tender.

    But Brees is never going to sit out a year at this point in his career. He’s very mindful of his legacy, his status amongst the games best spinners, and his potential spots in the record books.

    Even if Brees does the unthinkable and sits out 2012 the Saints can STILL franchise tag him again in 2013 if I’m not mistaken.

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