Blackmon says he’s done drinking “right now,” team says contract could be affected

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In a press conference that was neither streamed on the Jaguars’ website nor permitted to be carried on live television or radio, Jaguars receiver Justin Blackmon apologized for his recent arrest for aggravated DUI, and he has sworn off alcohol, at least for the time being.

“First off, I want to apologize to [G.M.] Gene [Smith] and Mr. [Shahid] Khan and his family and coach [Mike] Mularkey,” Blackmon said.  “The whole organization, teammates, everyone that I with my poor judgment over the weekend that I brought bad press to.  I want to apologize to fans or people that looked up to me, because what I did, the decision I made over the weekend, that might be questioning who I am now.  I just want to apologize for that, and just let people know that’s not who I am, that’s not who I’m going to be. . . .  I’m looking to make things better, and I will continue to try to do that, from starting yesterday on.”

Blackmon said he doesn’t have a problem with drinking alcohol.  “I just think I made a poor choice . . . I put myself in a bad situation . . . it was completely my fault, I’ve just got to make better judgment on that,” Blackmon said.

Blackmon also said he’s done drinking “right now,” and that he “seek whatever I need to seek” by way of help.

Given that Blackmon has pleaded not guilty to aggravated DUI and that the prosecutor reportedly has no plans to allow him to plead to a lesser charge, Blackmon did himself no favors, as far as his legal situation is concerned.  If he exercises his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination at trial, the prosecutor nevertheless can play the tape of his press conference.  If Blackmon testifies, he will be forced to answer a barrage of questions regarding the things he saidon Wednesday, from the fact that he apologizes to the use of words that suggest guilt, like “poor judgment” and “poor choice” and “bad situation.”

That said, he declined to answer some of the questions that were asked, citing the pending legal situation.  Specifically, he wouldn’t talk at all about the specific events of Saturday night, including whether he had an opportunity to get a ride home.

As to whether the situation will impact Blackmon’s still-unsigned rookie contract, G.M. Gene Smith said that the situation “can impact” the negotiations, but Smith declined to get into any of the details of the talks.

Smith also said that the incident “certainly reinforces the need to do in-depth research.”  As to the decision to make Blackmon the fifth overall pick, Smith said they felt good about the move, based on the work they did.  Smith said the goal remains for Blackmon to have a “tremendous career” with the Jaguars.

Coach Mike Mularkey wants folks to remember that, despite Blackmon’s mistake/error/bad judgment/whatever, the vast majority of the team’s players continue to make good decisions.  “This last weekend,” Mularkey said, “89 guys did it the right way.”

That’s fine.  But they’re expected to.  We’re all expected to.  When someone departs so severely from “the right way” and allegedly gets behind the wheel of an automobile with a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.24 percent, it’s important to pay more attention to that outcome than to the many who didn’t put anyone else’s life at risk.

53 responses to “Blackmon says he’s done drinking “right now,” team says contract could be affected

  1. He was an idiot for getting plastered and driving, he’s a moron for going out in public and making those statements that can be used against him.

    Is anybody watching over this kid???

  2. .24 is no joke. thats not a lil buzz and a minor bad decision. 24 is knockout wasted. and this isnt the first time hes been in trouble for dui. i say suspend this dude so he learns a fast lesson

  3. Rookie of the Year right here folks!

    BFD he drinks and drives. He didn’t leave the party thinking,”geez i sure hope i don’t slide into a family of 6 tonight”

    A few multiple touchdown games, 65 cathes, and at least 750 yards and this will all get swept under the rug.

  4. Well his drinking isn’t the problem. It’s his decision-making. Specifically, his choice to drink and drive.

    Have you ever heard of the term “drink responsibly?”

    He’s 22 years old. He shouldn’t be expected to stop drinking. When he “legally” just started.

  5. If you are driving a vehicle at 0.24 when most people would be passed out, you definetly have a drinking problem. Also, let’s see how long you stay sober when you receive your huge payday and hit the clubs 4-5 times a week.

  6. He stopped for now, and after the press conference he was seen getting into his car with a bottle of Thunderbird under the front seat

  7. This is going to have some big repurcussions I think. Serious question as to whether Blackmon ever plays for the Jags. Probably the final straw for Gene Smith as G.M.

  8. If I blew a .24 I’d be in jail for 30 days, lose my license, be required to complete XX hours of some BS class, and pay a huge amount in fines.

    He’d better get the same treatment.

    But he won’t, since he’s an athlete.

  9. he said that he will drink no more alcohol, “for now.”

    Blackmon also said he’s done drinking “right now.”


    I didn’t hear the presser, but reading these comments makes it all sound a bit disingenuous. Blackmon senses danger to his rookie contract and is saying whatever he needs to say to get it done with as little financial impact as possible.

  10. I hope everyone doesn’t jump all over him for saying “for now”. He shouldn’t have to give up drinking for the rest of his life because of this mistake. There are going to be times in his life where he will want and should feel free to have a drink. He just needs to make sure he drinks in moderation and doesn’t drive.

    Let’s not turn this into that South Park episode where everyone convinced Randy he had the “disease” and had to go to AA and swear off drinking forever.

  11. The Jags should bring in T.O. He would be their #1 at 38 years old. Hilarious. But then again, there aren’t very many teams in the NFL with 3+ receivers that can outplay him. Through all of his issues, no one has ever been able to question his work ethic and drive on the field. I’m just saying…

  12. A poor choice ? I made a poor choice when I ate 2 big macs and a large fry for lunch yesterdy. This guy is lucky he didn’t kill somebody.

  13. So did he say he is done drinking “for now”, or that he is done drinking “right now”? There is a huge difference there. Not that I would ever think that creative licensining exists in the media or anything…..

  14. First you criticize the Jaguars and Blackmon for not responding immediately to the situation, now you say that Blackmon did himself no favors. You really can’t have it both ways with your bashing. He had to follow the advice of his lawyers at his arraignment, and he needed to respond to the team, owner and fans…It was clear that he could not go into specifics of that night. It is an awful situation for him and the team. It is not one to be made fun of on any level. Luckily, no one was injured or lost, but everyone has handled themselves as well as can be expected. The real story is can he move passed this, and have a successful career. That is was remains to be seen.

  15. Some of these players really need some Islam in their lives and you don’t need to worry about any more players punching strippers in the face, smoking marijuana, drinking alcohol, partying at clubs, wearing chains that hang to their knees, no more baby mommas, no more deadbeat dads, just dominant athletes that would be true role models.

  16. After the press conference, Mike Mularky threw his glasses on the table and uttered a one-syllable explative.

  17. I’m more concerned that he is going to wear number 14. I’m fine with receivers wearing numbers in the teens, but 14 just looks dumb.

  18. Sorry, but he said the same thing LAST TIME. Heard this too many times from people with alcohol problems.

  19. This doesn’t sound like a case that will be going to trial. The prosecution needs only show that he was impaired, in other words, not fully possessed of his normal faculties. It sounds like Blackmon was way beyond that.

  20. At least he didn’t blame his public drunkeness on those of a particular faith…

    Mel Gibson

  21. The fact that Blackmon apparently was able to start and operate a motor vehicle – although not very well – let alone function, with his BAC at .24, is very alarming. It begs the question: how much does Blackmon drink, and how often does he drink it? I’m not trying to be an alarmist here, but if his tolerance level was so high that he could “drive” a car with his BAC at .24, it says to me that he may have a very serious drinking problem.

  22. He may not have a problem with alcohol, but he has certainly displayed a problem with understanding when he’s had too much to drive.

  23. In my 20’s every Sunday i said I was done for good! Come Friday I was ready to roll again.

    Wish him best of luck and hope doesn’t blow a once in a lifetime opportunity.

  24. Well either way he wont be drinking for a while unless he wants to break the probation that he will most likely have for a year or 2. Most people usually don’t follow that but probably isn’t smart talking about continuing to drink after you got a DUI.

    Not sure why he agreed to breath (unless they force it).

  25. Bad choice, but certainly not unforgivable. He’s young and immature and I believe he will bounce back. I’m not a Jag fan but Ill give him the benefit of the doubt, because I blew a .21 at age 22, & I said Never Again! 17 yrs later I haven’t, so its doable! Good Luck Blackmon…& piss on people that try to judge u and write u off!

  26. Just reading a PR prepared statement, doesn’t mean anything. Lets see how this guy is doing after the season begins

  27. Does this sound like a rehashed version of his “apology” from his first DWI? I have said it before……he is an obituary waiting to happen. Unfortunately it will not be his name but rather as the drunk driver who killed an innocent person.

  28. ….. and then after a time…. gink gink gink gink….hicup…. gink gink gink gink…. and so it went….

  29. For people that still live in the dark ages by being in denial about the disease of addiction, it’s already been proven as a scientific reality. If you’ve grown up with the disease of addiction in your family, and aren’t aware of how the unspoken rules of living in that type of family impact your thinking, look at people’s comments here. A person that has the disease doesn’t have to be hitting rock bottom, living in the gutter. But the 1st Step is accepting that a person is powerless over alcohol and it makes their life unmanageable. This Step is important because they can’t metabolize alcohol the way people can that don’t have the disease.
    So when he says that he won’t drink right now, but then quantifies that he will/can drink later on in life, he’s fooling himself. People who are posting that he can control his drinking are fooling themselves. The pattern of behavior that we’re publicly aware of says otherwise. Who knows what his drinking behavior is like in his private life.

  30. Just because he was only caught twice does not mean that those are the only times he’s done it. Drug addicts and alcoholics will always tell you that they don’t have an addiction

  31. The Jags need to do the right thing and cut their losses by not signing this idiot.

    Talk about a time bomb, wow.

  32. His comments are typical of most addicts. “I’m done today”.
    No, he won’t be done today. His remorse will end in a few days when he wants to party again. He’ll be a little more watchful, but most likely will be plastered again soon.
    If the Jags are smart, they will put him into a short-term treatment program before the season starts. He might realize theat driving a heavy metal object while intoxicated is beyond stupid.

    Drinking is one thing. But when you operate at the .24 level you are already into the ‘problem’ area.

    It is only be sheer utter luck I am here to tell you these things today, and it is a miracle I didn’t hurt or kill someone else during my drinking days. I could still hurt or kill someone else while driving, but it will be sober and I will have my faculties. We all make mistakes while driving. But being drunk and behind the wheel is no mistake.
    Driving drunk and killing someone carries a homicide charge with it just as if you pulled a gun and did it. Think about that the next time you drink and drive.

  33. Wow seems like no one here has ever drove under the influence yet statistics prove otherwise.

    In Buffalo this past week the case of doctor corasanti hit a teenage girl drove home and never called the cops. He said he had no idea he hit anyone, he was texting while driving and drunk yet no jail time found not gulity. Lesson is if you hit someone GTFO!

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