Brandon Weeden may be named Browns’ starter before camp


When the Browns spent a first-round draft pick on Brandon Weeden, it was widely believed that he would get an opportunity to unseat Colt McCoy as the starting quarterback during training camp. But that may not be quite right: It could turn out that the Browns will name Weeden the starter even before training camp.

That’s what Browns coach Pat Shurmur hinted at today’s minicamp practice: Shurmur noted that when he was offensive coordinator in St. Louis, they named rookie quarterback Sam Bradford the starter at the beginning of training camp, and that worked out well.

Of course, Bradford was the No. 1 overall pick and Weeden was the No. 22 overall pick, so the situations are not quite the same. But Shurmur said he’d like to pick a starter “sooner rather than late,” and all indications are that Weeden is the favorite of the coaching staff. Weeden has been getting the reps with the first-string offense, and Shurmur said Weeden is fitting right in.

“He’s quickly getting a feel for his receivers,” Shurmur said.

Shurmur also noted that the whole reason you draft a player in the first round is that you view him as a starter.

“When you have new players that you really like, and that’s why you picked them, you just need to see them come in and do it before you make that move,” Shurmur said.

If Weeden keeps looking good over the rest of minicamp and OTAs, Shurmur may be ready to make the move before training camp starts.

34 responses to “Brandon Weeden may be named Browns’ starter before camp

  1. WHat has Sam Bradford ever done to warrant his draft status? I’ve only seen lots of picks and injuries

  2. They prolly get along very well together. I think they were born in the same year actually. So there are no generational differences or anything like that.

  3. Didn’t like the pick at the time. He would’ve been there at 37. Having said that, I like what I’ve been reading so far. Players seem to really like him. I hope it works out.

  4. Looking at our roster and our schedule, it’s clearly going to be another rebuilding year (the 20th in a row), so we may as well put Weeden in there and get him some NFL experience. It’s not like playing a rookie QB is gonna cost us the playoffs or something.

  5. Everything I’ve read, the competition is not even close. Weeden is throwing bombs and making guys that we though couldn’t play look like decent receivers.

  6. Just for the fun of it, and because its Cleveland I hope Weeden plays horrible, Colt comes in, takes them to a playoff win and goes all Lebron on the city giving a Texas-sized middle finger on hs way out the door.

  7. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist, to see, that Weeden’s skillset is better than Colt’s. Now we have to wait and see how much fire he has in his belly. Because McCoy, lays it out there, he’s just not gifted w/ size or a big arm.

  8. So much for letting guys compete in training camp. Looks like the Browns approach is to just hand it to the new guy and hope for the best.

  9. Given Wheeden’s age, coupled with the fact that he was the #22 overall pick, this is probably a good decision. Also, I can’t remember a single off-season quarterback competition that resulted in a quarterback who was ready to roll on opening day.

    Good luck Brownies!

  10. Man, I feel bad for McCoy.

    I know he’s not Joe Montana but he got the short end of the stick here, big time.

    He got obliterated by Harrison and they threw him back in the game, even though everybody and their brothers could see the dude had scrambled eggs in his head.

    Good luck to you, Colt.

  11. During that interview Pat Shurmur also said not to read to much into Weeden taking all the first team reps. I agree no sense in reporting the whole story.

  12. I absolutely love it. As a bengals fan, its quite funny to see them think that QB is the problem. Mccoy is a starting QB, he isn’t tom brady, but the guy can get it done. Weeden is NOT the answer. Weeden will struggle like every browns QB, because they have no right side of the offensive line, they have no running game (maybe T rich will change that), and the QB’s still have NOBODY to throw to. Josh Cribbs is your receiving threat? come on now. It’s hilarious to see the browns struggle year in year out, its an easy 2 games for my bengals to slaughter these clowns.

  13. Not to mention, who in the HECK drafts a 28 year old QB as a rookie? By the time he gets his feet wet he’s 30 years old, his QB is on the decline. Classic cleveland clowns decision, another mistake by the lake.

  14. “burnzy32 says:
    Jun 6, 2012 1:09 PM
    They still got a team in Cleveland??”

    That’s HILARIOUS!
    Did you think of that? Oh, man…you should write for the Times!

  15. They really don’t have a choice but to start Weeden. Given that they are going into this season with essentially the same group of receivers, their only hope for better results is through marked improvement at the quarterback position. Drafting a quarterback in the first round proved that the team didn’t think that McCoy was capable of that kind of improvement, even with the benefit of a full offseason, a new right tackle and a running back with marquee potential.

  16. Thrill be scouting nursing homes next. Maybe they can get Bill Nelson or Mile Phipps out of retirement. Here’s their number ONE problem– Since Paul Brown left, Artodell squeezed abe Lincoln to dear and likewise with the new organization. They’re cheap, don’t wanna pay quality players and have a zillion holes. Most SEC teams cab beat them. But why should they spend big bucks? They pack the stadium nearly ever game as losses. Cleveland loves their Browns and supports them more thanh team in the league. It’s a disgrace for this once “Winningest Team in Pro Football” to have been in the cellar for 50 YEars. Its a REFLECTION ON YHE FRONT OFFICE. PERIOD.

    Note, they WILL occasionally get a good or great QB, but nothing elses. Mike Phipps, beat to death in 5 years. Brian Sipe in 4-5 years, Bernir Kodar, SUPER NOWL talent on ANY DECENT TEAM and his stats will prove it. Breeder? Outside of Richardson and one 60-40 receiver, what do they have? Zilch. Breeder will take a solid a$& wipe this year. ZThe Browns are going nowhere with Holmgren and crowd. Its the ONE team in. The NFL that even Peyton Manning in his prime couldn’t help Whst an epitaph for such a once proud organisation ….

  17. Problem is that he has 1/2 the productive years available as a guy whose best years were spent in college. Even if he starts the season and is great, he’ll be just another aging QB in three or four years.

  18. @itsmebobd Just in! The bengals have their 30 straight blackout! They couldn’t sell out the high school stadium they were to play in! Don’t be jealous, that Cleveland has fans!

  19. When you draft a 28 almost 29 year old QB in round 1, he should be named the starter the day he is drafted. Especially one coming from a gimmicky offense like OkSU.

    He can’t sit on the bench or he’s a bust.

  20. I challenge anyone to name another team McCoy could start for today? Zero. He stinks

  21. Colt McCoy was drafted because he fell into the third round, and the front office couldn’t pass on the chance that he could be good. In the mean time, they’ve built up the defense. 2nd in the league in passing defense last year. (Expect the run D to be a marked improvement this year.) Now, they find Brandon Weeden available, and with his potential (age excluded, all of you haters), they couldn’t pass on him either. The REAL hope for franchise quarterback. Colt was simply a “get-by-in-the-meantime” QB, that they can use as a viable backup. Now, they’ve helped to solidify the offense, with WR being a big question mark until we see what they can REALLY do. This team is being built the right way, through the draft, and with their plans for the future, I can see that they are doing it right. Time will tell, and one day soon, the Browns are going to surprise a lot of people. I can’t wait to see the other AFC North fans jumping ship and climbing onto the Browns’ bandwagon and saying that they’ve “always liked the Browns!”, just like me. A loyal fan for over 35 years.


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