Carroll says OTA scrutiny came from report of practice fight

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When it comes to the OTA penalties imposed on the Seahawks, it turns out that the league’s reluctance to share information about what caused the violation applies not only to the media, but also to the Seahawks.

Coach Pete Carroll told Dave “Softy” Mahler of KJR radio on Wednesday that the NFL didn’t tell the Seahawks which day of practice triggered the loss of the two remaining days of voluntary offseason practice.  Still, Carroll seems to have an inkling as to what happened.

“There was a little pushing thing that happened on the practice field a week ago.  There was an article written about it,” Carroll said.  “That did draw their attention.”

It drew ours, too, especially since rough play from youngsters trying to make the team sparked that “little pushing thing.”  Carroll concedes that the zeal of the men who are trying to win a job can fuel those problems.  “It almost always comes back to the young guys,” Carrol said, explaining that the new players are “overzealous and trying to prove themselves, you know, part of the team and trying to make a play and they grab a guy and pull a guy to the ground.”

Apparently, reports of the “little pushing thing” resulted in a closer look at a subsequent practice.  Though that session trigger no concern, a closer look at another practice (presumably the one that spawned the “little pushing thing”) gave rise to the violation.

“We had a visit from one of the officials guys from the Players Association,” Carroll said.  “He watched our practice, he thought it was a good practice.  But they went back and looked at some tapes of another practice that they thought was over the top.  So we’ve asked these guys to compete and bust their tails to get everything we can out of these days, and in their eyes we took it to a physical nature that was too high of a level of intensity.”

Carroll expressed concern that the league and the NFLPA haven’t looked at film from every teams’ practices.  He also wishes there were more guidance regarding the things that are prohibited.

“The problem is we have nothing to go by in terms of looking at film,” Carroll said.  “There’s no illustrations that has been presented to us that we can see this is the standard.”

The other 31 teams are probably thinking the same thing in the wake of the action taken against the Seahawks.  Still, as we surmised earlier in the day (correctly . . . for a change), accounts of altercations at offseason workouts will invite scrutiny.  Which means that the Saints will likely be the next team to have its practice films reviewed.

46 responses to “Carroll says OTA scrutiny came from report of practice fight

  1. “Carroll expressed concern that the league and the NFLPA haven’t looked at film from every teams’ practices.”

    Cry me a river Pete.

  2. Does anyone really care about Seattle or the Seahawks?……Didnt think so.

  3. Is ok pete all is forgiven. Fans are just happy there isn’t a snitch in the locker room. Stay passionate guys. Always compete

  4. Norcalmafia is an idiot and im from norcal…. Cant wait to see u cry when we beat you twice this year…. And your always here so u obviously care….. Loser

  5. These rules regarding OTAs are way over the top! THIS IS FOOTBALL! Not softball! Maybe next year they will only allow tackling during the 1st half of regular season games!…Geeeez

  6. norcalmafia says: Jun 6, 2012 9:48 PM

    Does anyone really care about Seattle or the Seahawks?……Didnt think so.


    EVERY Seahawk article you come on here and bash us. F-You man, can’t wait for your QB to feel the heat of our pass rush…..GO HAWKS!!

  7. norcalmafia says: Jun 6, 2012 9:48 PM

    Does anyone really care about Seattle or the Seahawks?……Didnt think so.

    Wether you care about the Seahawks or not is not the issue, this issue could affect your or my favorite team because the league and NFLPA didn’t do a good job of relaying info down to the teams about practice rules.

    Pete Carroll raises a good question since the new CBA rules on contact practices which mainly affects players fighting for roster spots and bubble players that need these contact practices to make the roster.

  8. Norcalimafia…. Ur a a douchbag niner fan.. just wait till u cry to ur mama when SEATTLE take ur b ball team… Supersonics

  9. I’m sure the other 31 head coaches will appreciate classy Pete suggesting that the NFLPA look at everyone’s practice tapes. Whine Forever!

  10. norcalmafia says:
    Jun 6, 2012 9:48 PM
    Does anyone really care about Seattle or the Seahawks?……Didnt think so.


    You cared enough to click on the link and post a dumb ass comment.

    This is why the media needs to be kept away from practices. If they hadn’t blown things up in the media this would have never drawn the attention of the NFLPA.

  11. If you ask me, since the players wanted the “less contact” rule in the CBA, that if they are the ones who institute the contact and the contact is not team sanctioned, then I think it is just ridiculous for the team to be punished. The players who instigate and escalate the incident should get punished. Like someone commented earlier, the players can simply start a fight if they want a PAID day off. This is something they could exploit easily. It just seems like the players might not be held accountable when it comes to this no contact rule.

  12. norcalmafia says: Jun 6, 2012 9:48 PM

    Does anyone really care about Seattle or the Seahawks?……Didnt think so.


    This comment gets thrown around so much to different teams. If no one cared, why would there be a team in the first place? I mean come on, if you’re gonna throw that comment towards the Hawks, consider we sell out every home game, have some of the most loyal and loudest fans, and although we’re no Patriots or Packers, the team is making people turn heads. 6 players in the pro bowl, 7th best defense last year, and none of our players get in hot water with the law (except a donut heist here n there)

    There are teams I don’t like in the league, but I’m not gonna say no one cares. Do some research about a team before flapping your gums….or fingers.

  13. Lol..even when we sucked we owned you gu ys..Dont be mad at me cause your a fan of a team with no ahistory that no one cares about…lol expansion tsam…and to the seagull fan in nor cal talk your big game at candlestick toughguy and end up getting smacked like all the Raider and Saints fans did..go drink a starbucks you pale yuppies from the illigitimate sports town

  14. Anyone who labels this as Pete’s imagination is an ——idiot…Ginger has gone Loco…Time for a new Commish, this one is detrimental to pro football. How he got the job is a real mystery…God help us all, he’s making football into tennis…

  15. Norcalmafia,
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  16. What an insufferable joke you are NorCal. Who has the most NFC west titles? Niners had their first really good year in a decade and you start throwing around tough guy lines. Lol. The stick is a dump and the cheese and wine fans talking trash like they’re tough is too funny. Loser.

  17. norcalmafia says:

    “talk your big game at candlestick toughguy and end up getting smacked like all the Raider and Saints fans did”

    Don’t you mean wind up in a box thanks to some “mafia” minded “fan” who thinks that packing a gun when he goes off to the stadium, and murdering someone over a football game is a cool thing to do?

    I’m not going to write off all Niner fans as punks, because most of them are decent folk. Little twerps who hide in mommy’s basement and issue threats over the internet are another story. Laughable little people they are.

  18. Norcalmamia-
    Apparently refers to himself as a mafia our gang member. Us hawk fans need to bash ya more for every shooting stabbing and beating that takes place in your stadium. We’ll see ya when we see ya.

  19. norcalmafia
    Looking at your last post, I have one question: Are you illiterate? Oh wait, you don’t know what that word means, do you?

  20. And at least we seahawk fans dont make death threats to our own team when the make a mistake in a big game (as you niner fans did last year) and the funny thing about it is if your qb/offense woulda put points on the board like they didnt do all yr. then the fumbles wouldnt have mattered…. At least seahawk fans have class. Oh ya but the niners have a great feild goal kicker thank god (responsible for most of ur points last year) lmaooooooo

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  22. So, they have no clue what is acceptable and what is not acceptable and when they violate the rules, they don’t get to know what they did wrong, so they can’t fix it. Yep, sounds like the Goodell run NFL.

  23. So they don’t even tell him what it was the team was doing that violated the rules?

    That’s patently ridiculous. How is someone supposed to know what to “fix” if you don’t tell them what is broken?

    The only “message” I can see here applies to media covering practices. Don’t talk about fights in the paper if you don’t want this to happen to the local team.

  24. Norcalmafia? Oh I remember you! Talked a bunch of bull$h#t before the Giants/Niners game then disappeared like a phantom afterward! Stop flapping your gums and go study so you won’t get left back, again!

  25. I care about the Hawks. They’re the competition and on the rise. I think Flynn is going to be deadly. And Carroll is no fool. He knows how to coach football players. Frankly the NFC West is about to become very tough.

    I think the NFL needs to show everyone why these days are lost if they hope to make a point of this penalty…

  26. Hey sea 3369…our kicker beat your team…TWICE!Seagull fans aint won a thing in your sorry franchises histsory..Your

  27. Seattle could fall into the ocean and the rest of the nation wouldnt notice for a week..the only reason your stadium is loud is cause of the design..not the fans..pretty sorry when the best selling jersey is a #12.your whole fanbase is about the size of a junior college..your baseball team is one of the sorriest in baseball and your basketball team skipped town..yet we harbor six pr..o teams here..go get your mocha and flannel shirts and go watch the rain fall..all 365 days of it..I know its hard bieng in the shadow of one of the greatest franchises ever just learn your place on the short bus and accept it!

  28. Norcal… anyone who will wear the shooting at a stadium as some kinda badge of honor shows what type of person you are. Violence over sports? Go get medicated u psycho.

    All decent niner fans, good luck on the field this year cuz the hawks are not the pushover the rest of the division is.

  29. Florio is the self-appointed traffic cop of NFL OTAs I see pining to see people get punished for some odd reason. Eric Williams of TNT, welcome to the Seahawks dog house.

    This is just stupid. A way for the NFLPA to get players out of OTAs, the same players who create the circumstance in the first place.

  30. Cards are better than you..better defense and weapons on average fan could name a player on your teamteam other than lynch…say hello to third blace chumps

  31. And to the Giants guys had a good year..look forward to playing again and seeing a rivalry rebofn…theres nationwide interest in both teams unlike the seahawks..At least the Giants are a real team..With some kind of history..Not some expansion team from the armpit of America no one cares about..

  32. Norcal

    for someone who doesnt care about the Seahawks you sure know alot about them and their history. Are you a closet Hawk fan?

  33. Norcal- enough of the trash talking, lets see how this season goes. In the meantime learn to spell correctly. You are bashing the town of Seattle because its your rival we get it. But seriously, public schools in california are a joke- you are the proof. Niner fans are shaking their heads at you. Embarrassment

  34. What’s funny is he thinks the Niners “own” Seattle “even when we werent’ good”.

    The Niners are 13-13 all-time against Seattle.

    Since realignment, however, they are 9-11.

    Norcal, your definition of “own” is a weak as your typing skills, and your attempt at smack talk. Go hang with your “nation” and your “mafia” buddies. You’re one of those who clearly needs others backing you up.

  35. boy norcal your posts are just so insightful. judging by your writing skills your probably in a 4th grade classroom right about now, but please be sure to post some more pearls of wisdom once you get off the bus later. idiot

  36. joetoronto please attempt to come up with some new stuff. keep running pete? you act as if he actually did something negative here…a scuffle broke out it happens he turned in the tapes they didn’t like it.. we lost 2 days of otas end of story. keep running……good one.
    tell norcal hello for me when you see him in class today

  37. in all actuality the nfl wont tell the hawks what exactly they found that led to the punishment…there are now reports of similar issues with numerous other team ota tapes. i think the nfl should attempt to be a little more clear about what they consider too much contact.

  38. that being said i highly doubt pete carroll was trying to get these guys to injure or hurt anyone…they are competing for a dream job so im sure things can get heated between players while attempting to get noticed. the nfl should be required to explain the infraction or infractions.

  39. Just took a look at the 49er articles and seems like most 49fans are posting on the Seahawk articles. There was a comment I think can be used here as well: “The haters are funny. The fact that they have so many comments about the Niners lets me know that they are intimidated.”

    Substitute Seahawks for Niners (or any team for that matter) and the quote is relevant. The fact that fans are posting more trash talking on other team’s article rather than supporting their own team, shows the mentality of what you are dealing with. Debate with intellect, not trash talking and idiocy. Maybe I ask too much. Season cannot start soon enough.

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