Lions president talks to Goodell about off-field issues


Detroit players were arrested five times in the first five months of the offseason, and that fact has drawn the attention of the league office.

Lions President Tom Lewand said today that he has spoken with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell about the team’s arrests.

We’ve been active in our participation with the league,” Lewand told the Detroit Free Press. “We’ve handled matters internally, we’ve made our thoughts known publicly about our expectations and the need for accountability and responsibility and, beyond that, I don’t think it makes a lot of sense for us to comment on the details.”

All five arrests came from players the Lions drafted last year: Two arrests each for running back Mikel Leshoure and defensive tackle Nick Fairley and one for offensive lineman Johnny Culbreath. Lewand wouldn’t get into the specifics of what the league office might do about that.

“I think, clearly, anybody who makes mistakes needs to take ownership of their actions and it, obviously, is disappointing for us,” Lewand said. “We have a high standard of accountability. That starts with me, that starts with ownership, when we make mistakes — and I’ve made mine — you take ownership of those responsibilities.”

Lewand himself was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and pleaded guilty to operating while visibly impaired in 2010. He says, however, that the Lions are a classy organization.

“But we also can’t lose sight of the fact that we have a great group of guys, a great nucleus of veteran guys on our team that really are tremendous on the field and off the field,” Lewand said.

It’s easy to lose sight of those great guys, however, when so many not-so-great guys are making news.

7 responses to “Lions president talks to Goodell about off-field issues

  1. “……I don’t think it makes a lot of sense for us to comment on the details.” – Lewand

    And that my friends is why there is so much Lion bashing here.

  2. “He says, however, that the Lions are a classy organization.” – MDS

    Can you show me the part where he uses that word “classy”????? I don’t see it. Ohhhhhhhhh, wait…….you made that part up! Why?

  3. I think MDS really does like the Lions! Here all along I thought he was a cheesehead. Well! It seems he is a closet Lion fan. I mean we get only 3-4 tidbits on the pack here per week. Why is that? Why the lack of detailed reporting on every last slip of the tongue by a packer?

  4. geez, when does the preseason start…..

    all this Bountygate, Lions arrests, and NYJ QB controversy are getting worse than such famed off-season topics as “Will Farve make a come back”

  5. Where is the evidence any of these players did anything wrong? Fairley was busted for speeding, not racing. He was busted for smoking weed, not growing it! Leshoure never admitted to smoking weed either. Just eating it. Show us the evidence! Goodell is just setting the Lions up!

    (see how freaking stupid that sounds, Saints fans?)

  6. It’s a shame, but totally understandable, when a large organization is judged based solely on the selfish actions of a few. The truth is that they do not represent the true character of the team. Burleson, Vanden Bosch, Stafford, Tulloch, and especially Calvin Johnson represent the true character of the team and are some of the most upstanding professionals you will find in any organization anywhere. Unfortunately, the arrests and fights are what grabs headlines and thats how the organization is judged by the public at large.

  7. The Lions will be losers for ever. They will never win the North.

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