Scott Fujita: “I’m not proud of things that were said by Gregg Williams”


Browns linebacker Scott Fujita, who is suspended for the first three games of the season for his role in the Saints’ bounty scandal, still hasn’t gone into much detail about what, exactly, his role was. But Fujita did acknowledge that former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams sometimes went too far in his comments to his players.

Even though Fujita was no longer a member of the Saints at the time, he was in the room when Williams delivered his infamous speech urging the Saints to injure players on the 49ers before their playoff meeting in January. And even though Fujita says he likes Williams, he knows Williams can be excessive in the way he fires up his players.

“There are certainly things that are inappropriate that have been said,” Fujita said. “I’m not proud of things that were said by Gregg Williams, who, at the same time, is a man I respect and enjoyed playing for.”

As for himself, however, Fujita doesn’t seem to think he went too far.

“I don’t have any regrets for anything I’ve ever done,” Fujita said. “I think you look back and you say things in meetings occasionally, and, again, the pre-game hype speech and bravado, it’s all kind of funny the next day and you laugh about it. I don’t regret anything.”

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  1. I think NFL commissioner Roger Goodell got to Scott Fujita he begin to soften under what Goodell has done. But Scott Fujita standup like Vilma if you go down go down fighting don’t give in Gregg Williams is like every other coach in the NFL but every other teams don’t talk football dirt in front of friends and media. New Orleans Saints are just good people’s if you a friend of one of the teammates then you are friend to them all.

  2. Go on YouTube and search “Fujita Steve Smith” and see if you agree with him having no regrets about things he’s done. Smith is nowhere near the play and the play is well over when Fujita spears Smith’s knees. Dirtbag like the rest of the Saints* D.

  3. Looks likeFugita has already been penalized by going to the Clowns. Instead of fines and suspensions, threaten bounty hunters with a trade to the Mistake by the Lake.

  4. i think its hiliarious how only a part of his quote makes the title. the truth is everybody knows the saints didnt really do nothing. the only people that have a problem is the media and people that have never played the game. in high school the proudest moment of your career is when i got a tiny bulldog sticker on my helmet. that indicated i hit somebody really hard. if i hit someone so hard they got taken out of the game i got two stickers. you always knew the better players by the amount of stickers, lol. i played in southeast texas. if it sounds shocking sorry, thats football. you get paid for big hits.

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