Ty Warren restructures contract with Broncos

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Osi Umenyiora’s ability to bury the contract hatchet with the Giants seems to be an inspiration to other disgruntled defensive linemen.

The Broncos announced Wednesday afternoon that they have agreed to a restructured contract with defensive tackle Ty Warren. Warren had been resisting efforts by the Broncos to cut his pay for the 2012 season, but the two sides found some common ground. Terms of the restructured deal haven’t been released, but the team was believed to be interested in cutting Warren’s salary from $4 million to somewhere around $1.5 million while Warren balked at signing a new deal.

In the team’s announcement, Warren said that he had found middle ground with the Broncos on the new deal. Warren took part in Wednesday’s practice, his first of the year after sitting out the offseason program until this point, and said that he felt like he was in good shape.

“I feel good,” Warren said in the team’s release. “I’m definitely much lighter than I was when I got here last year. I’m pretty much at my ideal weight. My main goal is to get in the best shape I can. As long as I’m in shape, the physicality part I’ve been doing it since I was 8. … I’m about as fresh as I’ve ever been.”

Warren signed a two-year, $8 million deal with the Broncos before last season but didn’t play a down for the team because of a torn triceps. He’ll be sharing time at defensive tackle with newcomers Justin Bannan and Derek Wolfe in a defensive tackle rotation that Denver hopes is part of a strong defense in 2012.

15 responses to “Ty Warren restructures contract with Broncos

  1. Maybe Osi and Revis do have a point. If teams can cut players or reduce their contracts as in Warren’s case, then they can hold out for more pay. However, in Osi’s case, he didn’t deserve more money, Revis either.

  2. After a year of getting paid for nothing, & he’ll likely be getting reduced playing time..he shouldnt complain…

  3. He missed the entire final year he played for the Pats. So that’s two years he’s been paid while not playing. Can’t blame the Broncos for wanting something back…

  4. Denver needs to learn from taking on EX Pat DL Players.

    Signed Jarvis Green for like 20 Mil and they cut him.

    Now Ty Warren. Happy they worked it out and they need him badly. Good move for them. Denver gets torched up the middle every yr. Lets hope the Dome ( Peyton Manning ) keeps the D off the field unlike Tebow.

  5. So what’s his ideal weight? As long as he didn’t pull a Vickerson and drop 40 lbs thinking he’d be better for it. We saw how that worked out.

  6. @mathsimillion
    I think Warren is going to play around 310 lbs.
    Vickerson put on about 50 lbs and is up around 320-325 lbs. Then with Bannan and of course Wolfe I think our DT position will be just fine.
    Also be on the lookout for this Silver Siligua guy that was on our practice squad last year… he’s huge and I guess they like him.
    Denver is going to get that 3rd ring this year!!

  7. Hold up what? Didn’t the Broncos just sign Warren to a contract a year ago? Now they forced him to take a 62% pay cut? I thought a contract was a contract. Why do the Broncos think they can renegotiate a contract signed just a year ago?

  8. 6thsense79,

    He signed a 2 year $8mil contract last year coming of a missed year due to injury with the Pats and then proceeded to miss last year due to another injury.

    It’s not outrageous for a team to ask a player who not only is injury prone, but is two years out of practice in game play. And along with the injuries, he is 2 years older in trying to come back from those injuries.

    I’m lad he has a chip on his shoulder and feels he has something to prove. Because he does.

  9. @Broncofanatic7

    Good observation on Sealver Siliga. I am a die hard Utah Ute fan and this guy can beast it. He came out a yr too ealry. I see him making the squad a being a impact. Good athlete and space eater. Unrein and Garland really need to step it up or he will take there spot.

  10. glad to see it work out for both ty and the broncos…hated seeing him go when BB cut him since he was always such a classy hardworking guy but hopefully this year he can stay healthy and give them some help

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