Browns don’t need to wait to name starting running back

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On Wednesday, Browns coach Pat Shurmur talked about the timeline for choosing a starting quarterback.

It seems to be just a matter of when, not if, first-round pick Brandon Weeden gets that job. There isn’t any need to play up the suspense when it comes to the guy who will be taking the handoffs from Weeden, however. The Browns didn’t trade up to the third overall pick so that Trent Richardson could watch Montario Hardesty carry the ball.

Shurmur said that it was “probably fair to say” that Richardson was the starting tailback, according to Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon-Journal. That’s about as ironclad a guarantee as you’re going to get from a coach about a rookie in June and, barring injury, there’s no reason to believe that Richardson will do anything to change the status of the depth chart between now and the first weekend of the regular season.

On the quarterback front, Ulrich reports that McCoy had a better day than Weeden but Weeden was still running the first-team offense during practice. The Browns minicamp ended on Thursday. They have three more OTAs next week and then it is on to training camp.

8 responses to “Browns don’t need to wait to name starting running back

  1. You don’t pick a RB that high on a team with no WR’s, I don’t care if it’s the next coming of Jim Brown. The AFCN have 2 of the perennially stout run D’s and the Bengals’ D is getting better as well, the Browns have no game-breaking WR’s…seems like a no-brainer to me. That’s why I’m posting on a website and not running the Brown’s draft though.

  2. If TR wasnt the starter week one, then i guess the great Jim Brown was right, but TR is too good to have sit n plus what they gave up for him, it’ll be like the redskins sitting IRG3 for wrecks-gross-woman

  3. T-Rich will play, barring injury, and I fully expect that he will play well. The two questions are:

    (1) Just HOW well will he play? Just “pretty well” or (as the Browns hope) FANTASTICALLY well?

    (2) How much value does a running back have in today’s NFL? I notice that the Rams and Vikings, with excellent backs, won a total of 5 games between them last year. As a Browns fan I sure hope that Richardson will help turn the team around, but I can’t say I’m really counting on it.

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