Browns spokesman says franchise is not for sale


Cleveland Browns spokesman Neal Gulkis stated Thursday that the franchise is not for sale.

The Browns are not for sale,” Gulkis told the Associated Press. Gulkis is the Browns’ vice president of media relations.

Gulkis’ statement was made in response to NBC 10 Philadelphia reporter Howard Eskin’s recent suggestion that former Eagles club president Joe Banner might try to purchase the Browns.

Eskin also mentioned the Bills and Rams as possible targets for Banner.

34 responses to “Browns spokesman says franchise is not for sale

  1. So a Philly reporter decides that the Browns, Bills and Rams are potential targets. Maybe he should concentrate on his Philly teams. The press hasn’t been all that good there recently!

  2. I wish the Redskins were for sale and Banner could purchase them. He built a winner in Philly.. and I am sure he will do that for whatever team he does eventually purchase.

  3. One can only dream. As a lifelong Browns fan, I have certainly lost the taste for the version that currently plays in Cleveland. The losing, lack of direction and focus has turned me off. This team has lost more in just over a decade then the prior franchise lost in 45 years. I don’t blame the players because I’m sure they give their all. But, it starts at the top and filters down. Normally, I wouldn’t wish the worst to anyone. But, it would be nice if someone bought the team and moved it to LA. They can have my troubles.

  4. This rumor has been known in CLE for quite a while. This Banner guy hasn’t been named as a potential buyer EVER. Leading candidate (if any thing of this is true), Dan Gilbert.

  5. I guess the bluelight special price of $10.95 was a bit too steep of a price for the Clowns franchise.

  6. Next Eskin will report that

    New England Patriots
    New York Jets
    Miami Dolphins
    Baltimore Ravens
    Cincinnati Bengals
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    Houston Texans
    Jacksonville Jaguars
    Tennessee Titans
    Indianapolis Colts
    Oakland Raiders
    San Diego Chargers
    Denver Broncos
    Kansas City Chiefs
    Washington Redskins
    Philadelphia Eagles
    Dallas Cowboys
    New York Giants
    Chicago Bears
    Detroit Lions
    Green Bay Packers
    Minnesota Vikings
    New Orleans Saints
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Carolina Panthers
    Atlanta Falcons
    San Francisco 49ers
    Arizona Cardinals
    Seattle Seahawks

    are for sale…. an you will print it

  7. Here’s your chance Baltimore! Chance to sucker punch Cleveland in the junk twice in 15 years!

  8. Best thing that could happen to the Browns. Clean house and get some management with half a brain.

  9. Someone should sell the Seahawks and move them from Seattle..Maybe then they could be a legitimate franchise if they move them to L.A..

  10. theuncletodd shows how stupid he is. Gilbert cannot buy the Browns. I’ll leave it to you to try to figure out why.

  11. New owner, new city? L.A. Browns? LaBrowns, sounds like LaBron? Sound familiar Cleveland???

  12. This could be one of the best things to happen to the Browns, since the return! They can’t move for almost another 30 years, and it would get the Lerner family, the same family that helped Modell leave, out of town!

  13. Maybe the Browns would stand a chance if Randy Lerner sold them….

    Sad thing is that he doesn’t know what American football is… he cares more about his soccer team.

  14. Howard Eskin’s source in CLE was Tony Grossi..

    By the way—didnt Kronke just buy the Rams about two years and isnt he preparing to move them to LA?

    I didnt realize Grossi covered the Rams too…Just saying..

  15. The Clowns should wait till after this coming season to sell.

    No doubt the franchise value will be at it’s peak then, with the number one pick in their pocket…

  16. Dan Gilbert owns the Horseshoe Casino in Cleveland and is planning on building a second casino overlooking the river.

    I didn’t know who Dan Gilbert was till just now but 30 seconds of googling told me immediately why he can’t buy the Browns.

  17. All I can do is laugh. Does ANYTHING intelligent come out of Philadelphia? EVER?

  18. Lebron James should buy the Mistake by the Lakes and take their talents elsewhere.

  19. Believe it or not, the Eagles themselves may be available for a deal in the not too distant future. The owner’s wife is not enamoured of Philly and would love to return to LA. If they are successful getting to the SB, the owner might consider going out on top and retiring a billionaire on the left coast minus the Eagles.

  20. The Bills aren’t for sale until Ralph Wilson passes away and even then Banner or whomever buys the team has to agree to keep them in Buffalo.

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