Felton apologizes for DUI

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June 6 apparently was the NFL’s First Annual Apologize for a DUI Arrest Day.  Joining Jaguars receiver Justin Blackmon, who apologized for his Sunday arrest at a press conference attended by his coach and the G.M. who drafted Blackmon, was Vikings fullback Jerome Felton, who was arrested for DUI a day earlier, while rolling through the drive-thru lane of a McDonald’s.

“Everybody on this team and in this organization has been good to me and the fans have been great,” Felton said, via the Associated Press.  “I love it here.  I can’t put myself in negative situations that don’t have a positive impact on the team and the community.  That’s something that’s very important to me and I just want to sincerely apologize to the fans, No. 1, the organization and everybody around the Vikings.”

Apology or not, coach Leslie Frazier isn’t happy.

“I was extremely disappointed,” Frazier said regarding the arrest, via comments distributed by the team.  “We talked about some things when we got together for our first OTA and our meetings on how we wanted to conduct ourselves and then when a new guy comes to the club and he’s a veteran guy and something happens like it did over the weekend, it’s very disappointing and it’s something that we’ll have to deal with and have to address but you don’t want that to drown out all of the good things that some of our players are doing and what they do in the community.  Extremely disappointed with what happened.”

Felton was signed in March, and he’s listed as the team’s starting fullback.  If he doesn’t avoid these kinds of issues in the future, his next trip to McDonald’s may entail asking for an application.

10 responses to “Felton apologizes for DUI

  1. To those of us who know him well Jeremy Felton is a good guy. But, of course, he is no Ray Guy.

  2. Question is…did he get to eat the food he got off the late night menu or not?

  3. Does anybody else notice that Orakpo’s left hand is swiping at a football in another hand that is not Felton’s in this picture?

  4. Since 2000, the number of NFL arrests by team:

    • Minnesota — 39
    • Cincinnati — 37
    • Denver — 33
    • Tennessee — 30
    • Jacksonville — 27
    • Kansas City — 26
    • Miami — 26
    • San Diego — 25
    • Tampa Bay — 24
    • Indianpolis — 23
    • Cleveland — 22
    • Chicago — 21
    • New Orleans — 19
    • Seattle — 18
    • Washington — 18
    • Carolina — 17
    • Green Bay — 17
    • Oakland — 17
    • Pittsburgh — 17
    • Baltimore — 16
    • Atlanta — 14
    • Buffalo — 14
    • New England — 13
    • Detroit — 12
    • Dallas — 11
    • N.Y. Giants — 11
    • San Francisco — 11
    • Philadelphia — 10
    • Arizona — 9
    • Houston — 9
    • N.Y. Jets — 8
    • St. Louis — 7

  5. Get rid of these guys I’m sick and tired of reading about this kind of BS send a message “one time and your gone”

  6. Just another stupid idiot. These guys obviously don’t “get it”. Get a driver, you can all afford it.

  7. Back when I used to live in Pleasanton CA the cops would stake out the drive thru’s from 2-3 AM and just bust people left & right. Here in VA there is a cop that had 89 DUI arrests in the past year. 89! He would just patrol the resturants that are open past 2 AM. To protect & serve yeah maybe but more like profiling. But hey if you have a good fishing hole why vary from it. They say they were called because Felton looked drunk in line. Hmm that’s just weird. Whatever, next time order food before you go out & keep it in the fridge for when you get home. Going for fast food after 2 for the cops is a big red flag. Pull me over for no reason because most likely they are stoned or drunk or both. Or maybe next time try Burger King.

  8. Hey Vikesfansteve I used to live in pleasanton too and would see all the cops hunting all the late night drive thru’s, especially jack in the box on valley haha. I remember one time i was in line at jack in the box and saw a guy get put through a sobriety test , which he failed, and ended up getting arrested all right there while i was in line. The cops there don’t have anything better to do so might as well arrest someone for a dui.

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