Kyle Orton: Tony Romo’s the man, but I’m not just a backup


When Kyle Orton signed a three-year contract with the Cowboys, he chose not to compete for a starting job and instead to join a team that had an established starting quarterback in Tony Romo. But Orton says he’s more than just a long-term backup.

Orton, who has started 33 games for the Bears, 33 games for the Broncos and three games for the Chiefs in his NFL career, told that he still sees himself as someone who can start in the NFL.

“I feel like I’ve played good ball in this league, I feel I’ve got a lot of good ball left in me,” Orton said. “I don’t see this as committing myself to be the backup. I’m just committing myself to be a part of the team.”

Orton was also careful to say, however, that he’s not looking to unseat Romo as the starter in Dallas.

“Tony’s the man, you know? There ain’t no doubt about it,” Orton said. “He’s played great football. He’s a great quarterback. So I’m excited. It’s really the first time I’ve been around another veteran in my career. I’ve done a lot of learning with young guys in the room. I can still learn a lot about football, and hopefully I can help him out in any way I can.”

For the 29-year-old Orton, it’s not too late to become a starter in the NFL some day. But if becoming a starter is his top priority, he’s going to have to be patient. Because right now he’s locked into the No. 2 spot on the Cowboys’ depth chart.

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  1. Should have stayed in KC for less money. He would have beat out Cassel, in a winnable division. Only 29 years old, he’ll be a back up for the duration of his career.

  2. If Jerry Jones was smart he would trade Romo away. Kyle Orton on the other hand: If he were to throw a football at your head it would decapitate you!

  3. Kyle, you’re a freaking bum. You ARE a career backup & should’ve always been a backup. You have no heart & zero will to win. You suck.

  4. Riiiiiiiight…. So you lost your job to Tebow who is now a backup, which means you backed-up a backup but you are starting material? Gotcha!!
    Kinda sounds like that guy who got cut from the Eagles, Redskins and Vikings. What was his name?

  5. Well, Romo’s record for playing later in the season is not exactly stellar. There’s a pretty good chance Orton will see some playing time due to injury, vacation, golf outing, what have you.

  6. Wish the chiefs could have kept him but I think he will end up starting before the season ends, either romo will get hurt or wont perform up to expectations. He’s not a bad QB I think he deserves a chance to be a starting QB in the league.

  7. Orton could start some places but Dallas isn’t a great fit for him. They can’t protect the passer and while Romo can dodge the rush, Orton is like a statue back there. If he does make it into a game, it won’t take too many plays for him to wish he hadn’t.

  8. That’s a good move IMO. He’s spent several years getting beat up, dealt with the Tebow thing, etc. Sign with Dallas and sit for a year, get some rest and get paid, work on your game

  9. I think he is a hell of a good backup for Dallas, an could have started for at least the browns, dolphins, Seahawks, Jacksonville, Kansas City, maybe Tennessee.. He had options.

  10. I know this about Orton…he is a leader. His team-mates love this guy. Even when we got Cutler, there were many disgruntled players in that locker room for a LONG time. Not a rocker arm, but he can play a little. Best back-up in the league.

  11. As a Broncos fan, I can honestly say, I have never saw such a boring QB, with zero fire, no excitement, no will to win! Simply a “role player”… Tim Tebow came in with LESS of a team and won games. Brandon Lloyd got traded before Tebow started. Orton is still one place higher than he should be… and to poster @jerrysandusky1, its hard for anyone to take you seriously with your disgusting username!

  12. Well all I can say is the Chiefs really should have kept him as he is much better than Quinn who they signed to back up Cassel. Big mistake to let him go. In the last 3 games in which Orton played he performed extremely well including beating the Packers!!!!!!!!

  13. Why would any NFL player under 30 worth anything commit to being a backup ?

    I dont get it some of you are hard core flip floppers . You get mad at guys for just collecting a check and you get mad at guys for saying he wont just commit to being the backup .

    Newsflash: Romo’s teams have won exactly 12 more games than Ortons teams

    Romo – 47-30
    Orton – 35-34

    and Ortons never had even 10% of the franchise backing Romo has had throughout his career .

    Romo is very good QB but this OMG what is Orton talking about attitude everyone has as if hes behind Brady or Peyton is ridiculous .

    Orton has a ton of experience and should be able to challenge Romo in a positive way . All Cowboys fans should want him too. Orton is supposedly very good in the film room

    Ortons played with more pressure than most Qbs in the league the past few years and just decided to sign someone place where he was wanted .

    In 2009 Orton competed with Chris Simms won the job and threw for nearly 4k with Brandon marshall and what happens

    They draft Tebow and trade Marshall

    in 2010 Orton has an even better season before he was injured and does it with Brandon Lloyd who hadnt done anything prior .

    in 2011 despite back to back years of improvement and statistically 2 of the best passing years ever from a Broncos QB hes still dealing with the Tebow stuff .

    What he did with the Chiefs with minimal practice time and a dislocated finger pretty much clears up any doubt that if you give him a solid defense he can win games.

    Hes in a good spot now with the Boys because he will support Romo to the fullest and be a great teammate but you know he will be ready to step in if needed

  14. He will be the starter by week 6 as we all know that tonytomoisterrible.


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