NFL remotely looking at Saints practices


As Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reported, the NFL is indeed looking into the issue of whether the Saints crossed the “live contact” line during a practice that resulted in a Wednesday fight, sparked by a confrontation between quarterback Chase Daniel and linebacker David Lofton.

That said, the NFL isn’t actually in the building.  Multiple sources tell PFT that no one from the league office was or is present.

Still, all clubs are subject to spot-check monitoring of OTAs by the NFL and the NFLPA, either by video or in person, to ensure compliance with the rules.

As Seahawks coach Pete Carroll explained on Wednesday, his team lost two OTA days after reports of fights at practice surfaced in the media.  The report from Rapoport (trying saying that five times fast), technically a league employee, apparently has gotten the Saints back into a steaming pot of jambalaya.

Still, it’s unknown whether the Saints will suffer a similar fate.  Per a source with knowledge of the team’s offseason practice, the Saints generally have been “lethargic” during offseason practices, which could be worse news than if the Saints were on the wrong side of the line on Wednesday, or on any other day.

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  1. The first lethargic team to win a SB in their city….fact….jealous Sains haters….truth hurts, huh, loosahs?

  2. OK, I give up. What exactly did the Saints do to piss Goodell off like this? Prisoners aren’t this closely-watched and judged.

  3. Bountygate, wiretapping by GM’s, and now OTA violations …. can the Saints do ANYTHING without cheating????

  4. Not sure if you know this or not but it is 82% humidity and at this point the Saints Team is showing more than they ever have in this weather. Lethargic is an understatement in 100 heat index and 82% humidity. The fight was just a simple bad day added with dehydration from the weather. Please go to a Steam Room and try and run in place for 20 minutes. The Saints were out there ALL day.

    I love all of this bad press on the Saints. It means we are real and Big Time. All the Saints need is a little Cool Brees to come around and we will be in the Dome the Week before Bacchus…


  5. the saints should just sit this year out…..just kidding. as a niner fan I would agree that enough is enough. we talkin about practice man!

  6. NFL remotely watches their practices

    Loomis remotely listens to their games


  7. OK … at first I thought this Saints stuff was funny. Now it’s just unfair. Suspending the GM was the most absurd move I’ve ever heard, but now this? Enough already. Leave them the hell alone, Goodell.

  8. Winning is the best revenge.

    Keep piling on, keep thinking you’ve beaten this team/organization into submission.

    We’ll see…

  9. Daniel must have been seriously injured by Lofton or why else would the Saints have stooped to signing McCown the UnKnown?

  10. armchairqb says:
    Jun 7, 2012 7:18 PM
    OK … at first I thought this Saints stuff was funny. Now it’s just unfair. Suspending the GM was the most absurd move I’ve ever heard, but now this? Enough already. Leave them the hell alone, Goodell.
    Goodell wasn’t the one who wanted no contact at practice it was the players that negotiated that. The nfl and the nflpa will look into it if there was a violation just like they did the Seahawks. Stop acting like Goodell is out to get the Saints. This is the players doing and as far as the bounties go that is the doing of the retired players. They all sue the league so the nfl has no choice but to crack down on stuff like that. It’s the retired players and the union that are bad for football not Goodell. He is doing what he has to do so the NFL doesn’t lose billions in lawsuits.

  11. So now, Goodell is wanting to accuse the Saints of having a bounty on each other. How many years back will he go to fabricate meaningless evidence? He needs to go get a real job. Please owners, start looking for a guy to replace him… if you’re not already.

  12. I don’t really understand? How are two members of the same team, who get in a fight ( because boys will be boys and tempers will escalulate). How is this considered cheating? The team or players don’t benifit from it? Why not just penalize the two players involved rather than the whole team? Seems sensless to me .

  13. Realizing that the saints are an even greater danger to the league than Al Qaeda, Germany, diabetes and the Death Star; Goodel has brought in Bill Belichick to spy on their OTA’s just to be sure they are practicing within the rules.

  14. Not sure why you people are blaming Goodell; your favorite union negotiated and agreed to these terms.

    Are you now saying that you don’t want both sides to be held to the CBA?

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