Rams sign Michael Brockers


Michael Brockers, the first-round draft pick of the St. Louis Rams, has signed his rookie contract.

The Rams announced the deal and posted a picture of Brockers putting pen to paper on Thursday afternoon.

St. Louis selected Brockers 14th overall after trading down from No. 2 to No. 6 in the blockbuster trade that sent Robert Griffin III to the Redskins, then trading down from No. 6 to No. 14 in the deal that landed Morris Claiborne in Dallas. In the process the Rams got two extra first-round picks and two extra second-round picks, and ended up with a player they liked a lot with the 14th pick.

A defensive lineman from LSU, Brockers was an All-SEC player in 2011, his first season as a college starter.

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  1. Brockers & Langsford will be tought to run at on the Rams defense.Laurinitis must be smiling,having two big DTs in front of him.This has the making of a great defense.

  2. Gimme a B (B!) Gimme a U (U!) Gimme a S (S!) Gimme a T (T!)

  3. This guy has some major strikes going against him in his NFL career:

    1. Fast riser. How many guys who shoot up draft boards like Brockers did pan out in the NFL? Not many, too much combine hype and not enough tape. This guy is all possible potential, he never produced at LSU.

    2. LSU. When is the last time an LSU defensive lineman has lived up to his hype entering the NFL?

    3. The Rams. The rams have a bad track record with defensive tackles. Fisher has bad a bad record with defensive tackles. One good year out of Haynesworth doesn’t cover the fact that he never had any decent producers at the posistion.

    He’s still a better pick that Poe, but that’s not saying much. Rams should have stayed put in the draft (after the trade with Washington) and drafted Fletcher Cox.

  4. Fact: Tyson Jackson (LSU) was a fast riser and was reached for in the draft for his position & skill set.

    Fact: Tyson Jacson is becoming a secret superstar

    Fact: Defensive linemen rarely make much of an impact their rookie year

  5. Jeff Fisher gave his best effort into turning this draft into a pig’s breakfast.

    They did not utilize their picks very well. But what can you say, this is the same guy that drafted Pacman, CJ500yards, Kenny Brick, VY, Lendale White, Andre Woolfolk, Fat Albert, etc etc.

    Save for Mcnair, Kearse, and Eddy George, this guy can not draft.

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