Report: Santonio Holmes had “mini-meltdown” at Jets’ practice


Last season Jets receiver Santonio Holmes was widely regarded as a divisive figure in the team’s locker room. A report out of today’s Organized Team Activity suggests that Holmes still needs an attitude adjustment.

Rich Cimini of reports that Holmes was “disgusted” and “bothered” today when he felt that the Jets’ coaches were working him too hard, that Holmes “staged a mini-meltdown” and that he “exchanged words with receivers coach Sanjay Lal.”

After the practice session, Holmes confirmed that he thought the coaches were asking too much of him and that he wanted to ease back into things after missing much of the Jets’ voluntary offseason work while visiting an Air Force base in Germany.

“I was talking to the coach, letting him understand it was too many reps today,” Holmes said. “I’ve been gone for a while, so I can’t be at full tempo like the rest of the guys and where they want us to be at.”

Of course, there was nothing stopping Holmes from working out on his own while he was in Germany so that he could be in good enough shape to keep up with his teammates when he returned. But Jets coach Rex Ryan apparently wasn’t too bothered by Holmes wanting to do less work today.

“He’s a veteran guy, he knows his body,” Ryan said.

And Holmes knows his body isn’t ready to go all-out for a full practice right now, and he’s making sure his position coach knows that, too.

110 responses to “Report: Santonio Holmes had “mini-meltdown” at Jets’ practice

  1. What a beech. Need to go back to some high school ball and a few veterans give him a cherry belly.

  2. How DARE his boss expect the same work from him as he expects from everybody else!!!!!! I smell another lawsuit brewing!!!

    That is how ridiculous he sounded to me. This is why everybody laughs at the Jets. This dude is considered a LEADER! Absurd!

  3. Good thing he doesn’t have a real job that’s physically demanding.

    He couldn’t hang.

    No offseason, bro.

  4. This is hilarious but teams don’t need to be practicing in June. The season is 12 months long now.

  5. Meanwhile, in Santa Clara, CA – the San Francisco 49ers quietly went about their business like gentlemen in today’s OTA’s

  6. I realize Jets owe him fairly big bucks, however he MUST go! A message needs to be sent to this team about working together and showing up in football condition and excising the cancer!!

  7. A 2011 Team Captain. CAPTAIN.

    Follow the leader…. crash and burn.

  8. So Santonio’s not in top shape in June because he was traveling around to visit soliders on a good-will tour? If this happens in August, I’d be worried…right now, it’s not a big deal.

  9. I used to side with T.O. just for the Hell of it, saying he’s just chronically misunderstood. I didn’t always believe it but it was fun. So Santonio may have a point in that these are voluntary workouts, where ‘voluntary’ includes level of effort. At least he showed up. Moral: There’s always (usually) a reasonable and respectable explanation for a diva tantrum. The End

  10. under the new cba the players practices are lighter and less often, yet they still find reasons to b!tch….
    about everything….

    its getting annoying.

  11. Man I’m glad the Steelers traded this guy and Plaxico away, more trouble then their worth

  12. players know what they signed up for….
    if its that bad then go get a different/better job..
    we could always use plumbers.

  13. Santonio… If you reach your limit, just stop for goodness sake. Tell the coach where you’re at and take whatever comes your way. No need to have a “mini melt-down” like a small child. Respect yourself.

  14. Shouldn’t he expect MORE FROM HIMSELF???? If you were/are an athlete … things happen from time to time that bring you to the wrong side of the conditioning bell curve when compared to your peers. But if a coach says hustle … You flippin’ hustle until you puke. Oh wait nevermind … we’re talking about pro athletes in 2012.

    Wouldn’t ya like to see San Antonio play for Ditka … or even play in New England and see how this behavior would float.

    Players coaches don’t work. It’s like trying to be your child’s BFF.

  15. nomoreseasontix says: Jun 7, 2012 7:53 PM

    Who the hell names their kid Santonio anyway?

    There’s a culture of people in America sometimes referred to as African-Americans. They are prone to taking two or three different names and turning them into one.

  16. We’re sitting here, and I’m supposed to be the franchise player, and we’re talking about practice. I mean listen, we’re sitting here talking about practice; not a game, but we’re talking about practice. Practice….

  17. Let’s see if we get this correct….so the Yets pay him multi-millions of dollars a year, and they are asking him to run, say 3 to 8 more reps…….The freakin’ shame of it!

    Santonio, make a call to the Patriots. They are down one Diva….

  18. I hate the Jets, love watching them implode! At least Rex can go home to his wife’s feet.

  19. For me, the issue isn’t that he’s out of shape at the beginning of June. I don’t care why. The great BIG red flag is his immature diva act. Santonio could have behaved like a professional (or at least a grown-up) and spoke privately with his coaches regarding any concerns he had about pushing his body too hard.

  20. The Steelers knew that a fifth round draft choice was better than dealing with this headache. The Jets gave him big money, so now they’re stuck with him.

  21. thereisfootballwestofjersey says:
    Jun 7, 2012 7:37 PM
    Meanwhile, in Santa Clara, CA – the San Francisco 49ers quietly went about their business like gentlemen in today’s OTA’s

    Have to turn everything into a story about the forty-whiners hey bud?
    Guess what, your coach is a clown and last year was all a credit to your D. If we wanted to hear how wonderful San-Fran is we’d all watch Full House reruns.

  22. “I was talking to the coach, letting him understand it was too many reps today,”

    I can’t ever see Andre Johnson saying something this ridiculous…. SMH.

    Ahh I can’t wait till Texans whoop the Jets Oct 8th on MNF.

  23. I’m sure it’s no coincidence that Antonio was one of the guys in defense of the Sanchez VS. media darling Tim Tebow.

    Unlike many on here who simply comment according to the article, me think Antonio is being targeted because he isn’t on the Tim Tebow bandwagon.

  24. Rumor has it he rocked in place while sucking his thumb in the locker room afterwards

  25. So the coach throws his receivers coach under the bus?
    The problem for the Jets starts at the top, obviously.

  26. In Santonio’s defense, he has JaMarkus Sanchez to the right, Tim Tebow to the left. He wants to play football, not practice catching grounders.

  27. So what’s goin on with the Buccaneers, Cardinals, Texans, Chiefs, and any other team that isn’t drowning in drama or saturated day and night by the sports media?

  28. Santonio, you are a player… not a coach.

    The coaches will tell you when you are working too hard or not hard enough.

  29. Remember when right after he was drafted by the Steelers, Bill Cowher called him San Antonio?

    I still chuckle over that one. CLASSIC COWHER!

  30. Santonio Holmes made one fantastic, clutch catch and since then has been a baby. But not here. Position coaches and coordinators know that veterans who have had a demanding off-season schedule need to ease their way back into game shape and in this case Holmes is correct to be bothered by this coach being a hard case. Who is this guy again? Sanjay Lal? First of all, you really want Holmes to listen to and respect a guy who has zero name value as a position coach? Second, who is this coach to come down hard on him? He needs a father figure, not a position coach. Maybe this guy should be focusing his energy on developing some of the young receivers the team has instead of one of the two who actually produce in games.

  31. Thats exactly why he’s not an elite receiver. A big cry baby. Steve Smith for the Panthers would have never complained about how much he was being worked. Go Panthers.

  32. It’s almost like someone said to him,”Hey Santonio, I don’t think people are ever going to forget that great Super Bowl game winning catch you had. That’s what your legacy is going to be. There’s nothing you can do to change that.”

    And Santonio was like, “I’ll take that as a challenge!!!!”

  33. Glad we got rid of him but thankful he caught one for the other thumb.

    That will be the play our ancestors watch in awe if they don’t get nuked or zombied.

  34. As much as I enjoy piling on the jets, this is a joke.He took himself out of a padless OTA? I have also noticed as of my posting that there are no comments from jets fans most of whom are equally disgusted.

    OchoCinco is available. Say goodbye to “Tone”

  35. Will Jericho Cotchery be a Steeler longer than Santonio Holmes will be a Jet?

  36. As a Bills fan I say keep up the good work Mr. Holmes. Don’t forget to start pushing for Tebow as the starter before the start or training camp 🙂

  37. As a Bills fan I say keep up the good work Mr. Holmes. Don’t forget to start pushing for Tebow as the starter before the start of training camp 🙂

  38. You’re right on, emulex.

    The Rooneys learned human resource lessons from the mistakes that they made during those pre-Chuck Noll years as perpetual losers. Since then, they have drafted and developed players that were talented and willing to do things the Steelers way (Leave ego, bring character).

    Like Plax, Holmes wasn’t ready to grow up and wanted big $$. I’m so glad that he’s firing up the Jets locker room again.

    Maybe the stress will help Rex lose 200 lbs.

  39. Now that T.O. and Ochocinco are out of the game, Santonio knows it’s up to him to take up the slack. He’s gotta ‘diva’ three times as hard.

  40. Somewhere a Pre-1980’s football player is disgusted reading about this poor millionaire being over worked……

  41. Santonio Holmes: see Ochocinco, Burress, Owens, etc. of those looking for work.

  42. there’s a guy on here with a screename “patsdefense”????

    they have a defense?

  43. Oh…this is just a taste kiddies….

    By last week of September they will be building up to a nice QB controversy…

    JETS = TMZ

  44. The story about Holmes attending the Jets west got 6 comments….

    Mini (overblown) meltdown story gets 83 comments….

    Negativity brings alot more traffic to your media outlet. I get it, but why can’t the media just report the news instead of trying to create it. Dick Cimini would like you to think that Holmes shouted and got in the WR coaches face. When other beat writers said they didn’t even notice it.

  45. I’m gonna tell Holmes but every coach and trainer I have ever heard has said at some point while I’m in earshot-

    Holmes, this isn’t kindergarten, pick it up and pick it up quick before you get broke down and broke down hard. This isn’t your momma’s house, you don’t get to relax. You’ll get into shape by being worked into shape, so get to work or get the ____ out.

  46. cowboyscanada says: Jun 7, 2012 10:33 PM

    Im not sure which team is a bigger joke!? Saints or the Jets….


    The Cowboys

  47. What a lazy overpaid diva scumbag. I’m sick of hearing about this guy. We get it he’s a lazy out of shape locker room cancer with the work ethic of a slug.

  48. Mighta been the QB at the other end of Holmes ONLY great catch who made him look grossly over-valued. Just sayin….

  49. I feel sinful enjoying watching a man realize that he’ll NEVER be *that* good again…

  50. “I was talking to the coach, letting him understand it was too many reps today,” Holmes said

    This is all there is to know, flush the turd.

  51. AHHHH poor Santonio has to work some and feels so picked on….I need to wipe the tears from my cheek.

  52. jimjets says:Jun 7, 2012 11:06 PM

    there’s a guy on here with a screename “patsdefense”????

    they have a defense?
    Yeah, one that was actually good enough to get them to something called a “Super” Bowl. Imagine that!

    Only a Jets fan whose team went 8-8 would question the defense of a rival that made it to the Super Bowl.

  53. “But Jets coach Rex Ryan apparently wasn’t too bothered by Holmes wanting to do less work today.

    ‘He’s a veteran guy, he knows his body,’ Ryan said.”

    No wonder the players love this coach…all i ever see him do is praise them and make excuses for them..Nice job ryan, keep telling revis hes the best so he can mil more money outta ya, and keep letting santonio feel like hes got the run of the mill cuz hes the best receiver in the game…

    Coughlin would never put up with this crap!

  54. I’m a Jets fan of over 20 years, and this guy disgusts me. He’s more trouble than he’s worth. Maybe if he was a star QB or elite CB, you’d put up with this crap, but not a pot smoking WR who does nothing but bitch and moan. If I was the GM, his ass would be out the door, big cap hit or not. Move on…….

  55. Ever notice how many problems Rex Ryan has with his team and their antics?

    Remember when the NFL world couldn’t believe the Steelers let Holmes go for a mere fifth round pick?

    Tone is a great athletic player, but does this skillset override the negative chemistry?

  56. I think I’ll go tell my boss he’s working me too hard.

    Wait, maybe not such a good idea…..

  57. don’t worry jet fans, I’m sure it will all work out. tebow can sit him down and pray with him for guidance. Sanantonio will see the light and become a locker room asset. the leadership of Ryan will steer the ship. Holmes will give 110% effort every day as he learns the team comes first. Sanantonio will learn to love Sparano’s run first, kick field goals offense because it will lead to wins. you will finally dethrone the Patriots and Giants and be victorious in the Super Bowl erasing 40 years of pain, suffering, and embarrasement.

  58. Holmes being targeted because he’s not a member of the Tebow fan club? Are you serious? Holmes is a “target” because of his diva act dating back to last season. So, from now on anytime he does something even slightly immature/selfish it will be news worthy.

  59. Reading about Santonio complaining about how unfair it is that he has to work hard, it just saddens me as to the state of some of the players that we put on pedestals in the NFL (and allow through our purchases to continue to live their easy, comfortable lifestyles). I could sit down now and easily write down the names of 100 friends I have who would gladly switch places with him; and would gladly let the position coach run them into better shape..12 months of the year….for a lot less money.

    Then I read about Justin Smith calling the new ‘player friendly’ CBA practice rules ridiculous because he “just wants to get out there and hit somebody”. I’ll buy that guys jersey.

  60. jasleach says:Jun 7, 2012 11:24 PM

    Ben RAPElisburger to SanTAINTio Holmes to end the superbowl.
    How did these two douche bags get so lucky !!


    Sometimes evil wins. Sad but true.

    The worst part for me was watching the replays and the still photos from the back of the end zone that clearly showed Holmes’ right foot is off the ground and was against the bottom of his other shoe and never actually touched the turf.

    You think it’s hard for someone like you and me to watch the garbage these guys get away with… how would you like to be an Arizona Cardinals fan and know that you were robbed!!!!!!!!

  61. roygerela says:Jun 7, 2012 10:05 PM

    Glad we got rid of him but thankful he caught one for the other thumb.

    That will be the play our ancestors watch in awe if they don’t get nuked or zombied.



    Roy my friend I have bad news for you. “Ancestor” means someone who lived before you… not someone who lives after you…

    For example, your grandfather is your ancestor… your grandson isn’t. Tricky isn’t it…

    You might wanna get a dictionary shipped in to the great city of Pittsburgh and open it.

  62. I’ll always be grateful to Santonio for that catch in SBXLIII. And I’ll always be grateful to the Steelers for letting him go when they did.

  63. Remember when the Steelers were “crazy” and “stupid” for trading away Santonio Holmes for a fifth-round draft pick? Turns out they were ahead of the curve like always.

    When will people learn that questioning the decisions of the best front office in the NFL is a danger to their credibility?


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