Saints made new offer to Brees last Friday

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If the Saints and quarterback Drew Brees currently are truly close to getting a deal done, they’ve been close for nearly a week.

As reported by multiple other outlets, the Saints have recently made Brees a new offer.  According to a source with knowledge of the negotiations, the team made the new offer on Friday.

If the goal of the Friday offer was to get Brees to show up for a three-day mandatory minicamp that opened Tuesday, it didn’t work.  The source also said that Brees’ camp has yet to respond.

In theory, agent Tom Condon could call G.M. Mickey Loomis on Friday (or, you know, right now) and say, “We accept.”  But that’s not how it usually works.  Deadlines drive the final positions.  With the offseason program winding down, there’s no reason for either side to move toward its actual bottom line because the other side will wait until the eleventh hour and then squeeze for more.

So with the deadline for doing a multi-year deal coming on July 16, that remains the date to watch.  Something also could happen after the late June hearing before Stephen Burbank on the question of whether Brees would be entitled to a 20-percent raise or a 40-percent raise under the franchise tag in 2013, if both sides sufficiently fear losing the $3.9 million that hangs in the balance by waiting for Burbank to issue a decision.

Either way, there’s currently every reason to believe that Brees and the Saints will have a long-term deal in place by the middle of July.

31 responses to “Saints made new offer to Brees last Friday

  1. If Im Drew Brees Im demanding a trade, the Saints organization has completely disrespected him by not breaking the bank, even though he deserves it as much as any other quarterback in the league. This is a guy that came to a pathetic franchise and to a city torn by Katrina and delivered a Superbowl to a perennial loser, and brought the entire of city of New Orleans together. They have embarrassed and disrespected Brees in front of the entire NFL community, any team that needs a quarterback will gladly give Brees a blank check book, I’d love for Brees to leave and watch the Saints wither and go back to being the “Aints”. SCREW THAT Drew, go get your money somewhere else, I heard the niners are a quarterback away from a superbowl.

  2. Drew Brees has hit his zenith. The Stains know something we don’t, thats why they aren’t breaking the bank

  3. Saints don’t like to characterize the situation as a “stare down” with their QB. Brees gets livid when his stance is described as a “stare up” with the team. He has spent his whole career trying to prove he isn’t too short.

  4. Save your money Saints! Cam Newton and the Panthers are the new sheriff in town and the Saints fans will be wearing bags on the heads once again. Your little mini run is over drunk Saints fan. Back to reality!!

  5. Tom Condon insulted Mickey via email.
    Stopped communications for few weeks.
    Communications resumed recently.
    Saints increased their offer ever so slightly.
    Still a bit apart from Drew’s demands.
    Some technicalities yet to determine with the tag.
    Drew’s busy PR’ing and Jimmy Johning.
    Come Late June/First of July deal gets done with not too much sweat.

  6. Its funny how last year the Saints and more importantly Brees kept implying how the organized team activities they ran during the lockout where so useful and helpful last year. Now this year Brees doesn’t care because he thinks he should be the highest paid QB in the league. Just ask Aaron Rodgers how those helped in week one!!

  7. The contract says he is to be paid in beads and dabloons…..

    You know how dey do down in da parish….

  8. @ pantherpro.

    Talk a little more crap Mr one ball when your team finishes better than a 6-10 record and when your crap team does not get diestroyed 45-17 in the season finale. You are kidding yourself if you think that Newton will act any different when his rookie contract is up.

  9. As long as they don’t try and say it’s for family security cause my family would be pretty damn secure on 19 million as much as it would be on 20.

  10. steelernationisthepinnacleofexistenceyouarenothing says:Jun 7, 2012 11:14 PM

    Steel City! WOOO + Lakers is only a bonus


    So you like the steelers and the lakers? Let me guess you are also a Crimson Tide and Yankee’s fan? Root for your home town team, loser…

  11. Just pay him! He will not let you down. He is one of the best and he needs to be with the team in the off season. Get him with the team ASAP !

  12. I think Drew’s decided screw you… disrespect me like this after what I did for you, screw y’all, no more negotiations, screw you, trade me now, ’cause I’ll never sign with you, ever, after this. At least that’s what I’m hoping he’s saying… classless clueless Saints, leave that sinking ship, Drew. Leave now.

  13. @eastsideballa <<< Another scared NFC fan,see the national media cant stand the idea that 2 lil ole local reporters broke this story before they did….I love it..If the Saints offered Brees last friday why are we just seeing that info here? LMAO

  14. Deal is done! Drew opens Sandwich Shop Uptown and sells home in San Diego. His family LOVES NOLA and the 97 Million he will receive the next 5 years. Benson likes to announce big exciting news at the right time.

    Saints Fan since 1968!

  15. “Just ask Aaron Rodgers how those helped in week one!!”

    Yep. Rodgers and his wide receivers played a near perfect game. The Saints had a turnover and were playing in one of the more hostile stadiums in the NFL against one of the best teams in the NFL and there they were at the end of the game on the one yard line with a chance to send it into overtime. Total Pack domination.

  16. I get that Drew Brees is the main reason the Saints went from horrible to winning a Super Bowl. But he’s turned into another pro football player with an over-inflated ego (demanding an explaination from Goodell? C’mon man!). Obviously, I have no idea about the details of his contract negotiation. And I certainly am not giving the Saints organization a free pass to be cheap.
    If it really is just a matter of “a few million” separating the 2 sides, they need to meet somewhere in the middle. The Saints are in for a rough year and need Brees back asap.

  17. eastsideballa says:
    Jun 7, 2012 10:50 PM
    If Im Drew Brees Im demanding a trade, the Saints organization has completely disrespected him by not breaking the bank, even though he deserves it as much as any other quarterback in the league.

    So…you obviously have never heard of a salary cap?

  18. It sounds like another pig is emerging in the NFL–like Roger Clemens, Brett Favre Manny Ramirez-the list goes on and on –I would trade this greedy player to the worst team in teh league–bears make it –bulls make it -but pigs rarely do. Another prima donna.

  19. Saints made an offer they knew he would refuse. They planted the story that they made him an offer. When he refuses, it will cause the perception that Brees is greedy. It is a perception that a few here have bought into. I am not buying it! That’s just my conspiracy theory. If the Saints screw this up, it’s the Saints’ fault, not Brees.

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