Steelers can put the screws to Mike Wallace in eight days

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Steelers receiver Mike Wallace, who reportedly won’t sign his $2.7 million restricted free agency tender until he has to, likely will have to in the next week or so.

If he doesn’t by June 15, the Steelers can replace his current offer with a tender in the amount of 110 percent of Wallace’s base salary in 2011.  And since he received a base salary of $525,000 as a third-year pro in 2011, the Steelers will be able to retain his rights for all of 2012 for a mere $577,500.

The authority comes from Article 9, Section 2(f)(i) of the CBA.  Though the reduction wouldn’t happen automatically, the Steelers would have the right to do it, if the Steelers so choose.  And the window is open for only one day, so they can’t hold it over Wallace’s head in the hopes of getting him to sign a long-term deal.

If Wallace is willing to give up more than $2 million by holding out beyond June 15, there’s a good chance Wallace will hold out into the regular season.  After losing more than $2 million by not signing before June 15, losing only $33,970 per week would be peanuts.

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  1. Die hard steelers fan here, u see how
    Much interest he got in free agency and that should show u he not worth what he wants very very few are so if he decides to sit let him sit he only hurting himself in the pocketbook and the steelers have rarely ever paid out big money and they are looking at the future when brown and sanders are free agents next year. I like the steelers position on this either sign or lose even more money, all pro athletes make way to much anyway.

  2. He needs to just suck it up and get paid, prove himself this season and show he can be a consistent top rates WR….. Or not and make squat

  3. Pittsburgh is in a unique spot where they have lost so much this offseason, yet are still fully capable of competing for their division and conference this year…as long as they keep what they still have together. They need Wallace more than Wallace needs them.

  4. So much fantastic new talent coming in plus the new Haley offense, if Wallace isn’t excoted to be a part of that he’s stupid. We don’t need him and it’s clear from free agency that no one else wants him. Sorry Mike, you just haven’t proven yourself yet.

  5. Steeler fans should pray this doesn’t turn out like the Chargers and what The Lord of NO Rings – GM AJ Smith – did to All-Pros – Vincent Jackson and Marcus McNeil. Just deplorable from a nitwit with a huge ego.

  6. This is going to cause a problem! Can’t wait! 🙂 Wonder what their fans will say after the Ravens sweep these clowns (without Suggs).

  7. Wallace’s agent needs a crash course on Pittsburgh’s ownership and track record with holdouts. (Hint: They don’t blink. Ever.)

    If he already knows he’s going to lose that fight, then he has a client that is forcing him into being a loser. This doesn’t look to end very well, IMHO.

    Mike Wallace is running out of time.

  8. They’ll do it… and tear it up whenever they eventually sign a deal…

    He’ll go Derelle Revis on them in two years anyway if he’s any good.

  9. “Steelers can put the screws to Mike Wallace in eight days”


    Pittsburgh should let Roethlisberger handle this.

    He has lots of experience in this area.

    They just need to figure a way to convince him that Wallace is really a drunken co-ed in disguise & have them meet each other in the bathroom.

  10. this is a classless move by the steelers….they know hes worth more but they know they can squeeze they are.
    i hope he puts as much effort into this season as the steelers put into giving him a contract

  11. While the Steelers are tough in negotiations, this has no resemblance to Plax & SanAntonio. It does resemble Ward’s tough time. Since the Steelers want to keep Wallace, an exceptional talent and no outside problems, it is my guess they have already told his agent there will be no reduction, we just remain where we are in the long-term deal. It also would be nice to not have to read the trash from the ignorant haters every time there is a Steeler article.

  12. Here’s to hoping they can get him to sign the offer and he’s there to compete in training camp. He good… REAL good… but they can’t break the bank for him and he should know that. Since no one else offered to do the same, he needs to suit and play and do his best going forward.

  13. Wallace wants a big contract, which means he has to perform very well this season. With a new OC and a new offensive system to learn, I would think not practicing and not being with teammates would hurt his ability to perform well on the field–at the least put him behind his fellow receivers.

  14. proftblfn says:
    Jun 7, 2012 8:30 AM

    Typical Steelers, always looking to cheap out on the on field talent
    Steelers are cheap?? Yeah, that’s why they’re always right up against the salary cap. You make no sense jackwagon!!

    Cheap are the teams that had 30+ million to spend….Bengals, Bucs, etc.

  15. @seahulk9, @proftblfn

    Classless? Are you kidding? They have the guy for 2.7 mil and are working towards a longer deal, but Wallace is the one stomping his feet demanding more. It’s not classless at all – its standard football practice.

    As far as always looking to cheap out – what exactly are you referring to? If a Steelers player proves his worth the Steelers have no problem paying them – look at Roethlisberger, Polamalu, Woodley, Miller, Taylor, Hampton… all drafted by the Steelers, played well, and then were rewarded with the contracts they deserved.

    Worry about the secondary that was one of the top passing defenses in the league last year? Nah, I think they’re set. (and I’ll pre-empt your comment about the Broncos game last year – that was an unfortunate set of circumstances and not their best game, but they hardly need to “worry about their secondary”)

  16. seahulk9:
    Your comment is about as intelligent as Wallace and his agents moves up to this point. Go out and tank this year, put up half the numbers and show everyone what a great attitude you have(sarcasm thought I might need to explain that to you!). That’ll get you a BIG payday next season! NO ONE was willing to pay him this year so if he gives a half hearted effort this season who do you think will pay him next year? I can let you in on that secret…NO ONE! Listen everyone talked about how much Santurdio was going to be missed…but he wasn’t! Neither will Wallace if he decides to leave, I think he is more easily replaced than Santurdio! You’re only as good as the team around you, and you are one of 22-32 guys that play regularly and make things work. Don’t have a terrible second half of the season and playoff game, learn to run routes like a pro football player, and maybe just maybe you’ll get your payday. Being an a$$ just goes to show each of 32 teams what you are, why they were right not to sign you this off season and that from an attitude perspective they shouldn’t be interested. Grow up hone your craft and be a professional that will get you paid not pouting with your agent like a 5 year old! Wish someone would pay me 2.7 mil to play a game!

  17. Steelers wont reduce his contract but they have played this entire situation perfectly. First, when they offered him only a first round tender everyone said he was as good as gone. That didnt happen and now their only on the hook for $2 mill instead of nine, reducing Wallace leverage in the process. I still think best case scenario is have Wallace play for 2 mill this year then pick 2 out of the Wallace/Brown/Sanders trio next year. Competition breeds excellence.

    Ive said it before and Ill say it agian, its such a great problem to have too many WRs make the Pro Bowl in their first contract. Remember the name Toney Clemons, hell be a household name in a few years as well.

    I still dont understand some of these other comments thou. When Wallace was on the market fans were standing on the table shouting for their teams to give up a first round pick for him. Now hes an “overrated one trick pony?” And the Steelers are cheap?? Just a few months ago they had to cut veterans to make it under the cap, now their cheap? Come on, if youre going to post an insult at least be consistant, true or funny.

  18. He leads the league in catches over 40 yards over the last 3 years.
    Take away the those catches and he is near the bottom in catches resulting in 1st down.
    This is the problems with agents (especially Favre’s agent); they are as greedy as their client and don’t reason with them.

  19. So let me get this straight…teams seldom reduce the tender amount even though they can, they seldom take money off guys’ deals when they can due to non football injuries, and they seldom actually collect fines from guys under contract who don’t report to training camp. But they are the only bad guys who are greedy. Gotcha.

  20. Definitely agreed that Mike needs to PLAY this season, and play well if he really wants a snowball’s chance at that mad whack-daddy bonanza contract.

    Right now he’s headed for the #2 or #3 (#4?) position on a team with a ton of wideout talent and new offense being installed.

    Right now the only loser is Mike Wallace. What does he have to gain by holding out, and then playing a “hmm hah!” partial season with little effectiveness in a scheme he never learned?

  21. Please, please, please to all Steeler Haters who post about every Steeler article, come with something that at least makes sense. It is obvious that you are envious of us Steeler fans by trying to interact with Steeler Nation. There is a reason why the Steelers have the best NFL record since the 1970 merger, why there are 6 Lombardi’s in house, why they are a consistent playoff team, why they have had only 3 HC’s in over 40 years, and one ownership family in 80! It’s called talent evaluation and- more importantly- knowing what that talent is worth. The Steelers will pay for talent but will also let talent walk if it can’t agree on value. I trust the Steelers will get this worked out.

  22. No steelers fan really cares if we keep Wallace or not. He’s a solid WR but a dime a dozen. We can find players just like him in ever draft and can be easily replaced.

  23. seahulk9 says:

    this is a classless move by the steelers….they know hes worth more but they know they can squeeze they are.
    Says an “objective” observer clearly in touch with what’s been happening here. Try leaving the teal glasses on the table, hulk. He’s worth what the market is willing to pay. And Wallace hasn’t had a nibble during the free-agent period. Why? Because he’s telling everyone he wants Larry Fitzgerald money. Wallace isn’t worth Larry Fitzgerald money.

    The Steelers made him a good offer, but he’s pouting because he wants more money than he’s worth. He’s threatening to sit out the season like a spoiled brat. The Steelers have a long-standing policy of not negotiating with players who sit out and act like horse’s patooties. And we, as fans, are good with that. We survived the loss of Plaxico Burress, Nate Washington, and Santonio Holmes. We can live without Mike Wallace. In case you haven’t heard, there’s no “I” in team.

  24. i get a kick out of all the non-steeler fans comments…

    guess what… go back to the days of the great 70’s… like… “Franco who”…

    It is a ‘business’ and NO ONE runs an NFL club better (than the Rooney’s). They constantly spend the lest and get the most.

    It is what it is.. and Football players make so much.. i don’t feel sorry for them. Look how they’ll jump at the chance to come back. (Randle El)

  25. Same scenario as Vincent Jackson in 2010, minus the DUI and 3 game suspension. He holds out until week 11.

  26. jackericsson says:Jun 7, 2012 12:06 PM

    Please, please, please to all Steeler Haters who post about every Steeler article, come with something that at least makes sense. It is obvious that you are envious of us Steeler fans by trying to interact with Steeler Nation. There is a reason why the Steelers have the best NFL record since the 1970 merger, why there are 6 Lombardi’s in house, why they are a consistent playoff team, why they have had only 3 HC’s in over 40 years, and one ownership family in 80! It’s called talent evaluation and- more importantly- knowing what that talent is worth. The Steelers will pay for talent but will also let talent walk if it can’t agree on value. I trust the Steelers will get this worked out.


    Let’s not forget the first 40 years of Steeler history when they were the laughingstock of pro football.

    Funny how every Steeler fan wants to use the word “Lombardis”, not “NFL championship titles” because they hate to admit that other teams have more championships than their team does.

    Steeler fans wouldn’t have to take so much grief if they weren’t always trying to portray their team as being the best and most successful in NFL history. That’s simply not true. 4 other teams (Packers, Bears, Giants & Browns) have more titles than Pittsburgh. Just because the NFL didn’t call the title game “the Super Bowl” before 1965 doesn’t change this fact, although you can’t convince Steeler fans of this.

    You can bet had the Steelers won any titles before they were called “Lombardis” their fans would lay claim to them.

  27. Since Steeler fans seem to take multiple affronts at any comment about their team – Hey – I am not a Steelers fan, actually hate them – being an Oakland Raider season ticket holder back in the 70’s – and truthfully – wish you do not sign WR Wallace. 🙂

  28. @eggersthejerk …

    Personally, I think going 40 years without a single playoff win is what makes the Steelers’ story so exceptional. They went from the bottom to the top–that’s what inspires me. I’ve never heard any Steelers fan deny our history. But why would we be talking about pre-1972 on threads about what’s happening with the team in 2012?

    I’m extremely respectful of the titles won by the Bears, Browns, Packers, and Giants Have slammed other commenters for making light of them. Just because we’re proud of our team’s legacy doesn’t mean we don’t respect anyone else’s. We call them “Lombardis” because that’s what our team has won. What do you want us to call them?

    When you go to Giants’ threads and they’re celebrating their championships, do you see them posting, “Oh, but the Packers have more titles.” No, you don’t. When the Packers fans are bragging–and they do it constantly–do you see them posting, “But don’t forget the Yankees.” No, you don’t. Somehow that doesn’t seem to be an issue for you.

    You hate on us because you want to hate on the Steelers, not because we’ve loved our team anymore than the Packers fans or Giants fans or any other fan has loved theirs. Next time just man up and own your hate 🙄

  29. Deb, some real deal yinzers like yours truly were Steelers fans before 1972. You, however, just a wannabe yinzer had yet to be born – zip it!

  30. Hilarious that Ravens fans are so happy that they won their 2 superbowls last year. The ravens havent been relevant in 11 years when it comes to the playoffs and subrebowls, and the year before the steelers beat them in the regular season and bounced them out of the playoffs on their way to the afc championship. And all the titles that gb and chi won, they were playing in a league with a vastly smaller amount of teams, it was like winning a divison title back then. The other teams wish that they had close to the stability and consistency that the Rooneys have established, just check with the other owners. And how can anyone be cheap when they are at the cap limit every year? People let their jealousy cloud their reality and make themselves look foolish on a regular basis. All the teams that are real champs, NE PITT NYG, they might not like each other, but there is mutual respect, not like the baltimore and cincy clown shows that peak with winning a division once a decade.

  31. I’m sure that egger and other haters will never accept whatever rational you pose, Deb. They don’t get how our fan base loved and defended our perennial losers way back when I was a kid just as they do today.

    As for Mike, he can be sure of one main issue.
    The Rooneys learned many human resource lessons from the mistakes that they made during those pre-Chuck Noll years as perpetual losers. Since then, they have drafted and developed players that were talented and willing to do things the Steelers way (Leave ego, bring character).

    If Mike shows some trust in the club in the short term by accepting the $2.7 mil offer, he has much more to gain in the long run.
    If he plays great next year, he can ask for and probably get long term deal closer to Larry Fitz $. Unless he learns to go catch every high, low or wide ball thrown within 5 yds of him, he’ll never reach that dream.

    He can lose big if the Steelers decide not to play nice to save $2 mil. He would probably be less happy and likely to be productive. I’m hoping that Mike realizes that if he stays a Steeler for a long time, his odds of playing in a Super Bowl are much better.

    If he helps us win one, he just may decide to remain in the Steeler family for his career.

  32. This reminds me of the moron that thinks because he put a roof on his house that it’s now worth more money than the market dictates. Wallace was able to test the market and he found out what he was worth. Truth be told Antonio Brown out performed Wallace in the 2nd half of the season and Wallace had a flat playoff game while everybody was watching. Oh and for all of you Steelers haters, remember our GREATNESS should make your team better as it always gives you something to strive for. Feel Free to thank the Steelers organization through me.

  33. Ok cmon mike wallace wake up!! Yes u have proven u can play football but for the steelers to pump a ton of money into u they wanna make sure its consistent. U know how many 1-2 yr stars have been in the league only to fall outa the star status!!! Go out have a big yr and u will make ur big contract. I get my butt outa bed every morning at 5am and work 12 hr days in the freezing cold or steaming hot weather to make $50,000 a yr as a construction worker. Ur still being offered $2.5 million to go out and play football dude. U guys are way over payed to begin with and the hard workin people on this earth are way underpayed. So appreciate what u got and take it. I wish i could make a couple million a yr cause god knows i work my butt off just to survive. Dude sign the deal and b happy bfore ur pushed outa pitt wth ur attitude. This city was founded on hard workin people who go out and do what they gotta do to provide for there families. And we love our steelers….. I think the salary cap shows the steelers pay up when they see talent.

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