Ware says he still gets occasional stingers

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As more and more players are suing the league for head injuries while playing in the NFL, one of the league’s highest-profile players shrugs at a chronic neck problem.

Per the Associated Press, Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware said Wednesday that he still experiences occasional “stingers” after a scary neck injury suffered in December 2009.  Specifically, he gets a tingling sensation in his arm, and it will remain numb for a couple of minutes after contact.

“Then I’ll have all my strength, and it’s like all right, wait a little while, and go back out there and keep playing,” Ware said.  “But sometimes that can take away from maybe one play or a big play you can make, or two plays in the game where it’s key situation when you know you’re wanting to be out there and playing.”

Ware missed a practice last week, and the Cowboys said he had a strained neck.  Ware disclosed Wednesday he was undergoing X-rays and other “precautionary” tests.

“I’m not worried about it,” Ware said.  “Really just make sure everything is all right and checking up and making sure it doesn’t happen this year.  You never can be 100 percent saying it’s not going to happen when you’re out there playing aggressive, but you’ve got to take the precautionary things in the offseason to make sure that it doesn’t happen again, and that’s what I was doing.”

To minimize the stingers, Ware has been fitted with new shoulder and neck pads. But he’s pragmatic about the future.

“I think about long-term health all the time, because you know with football, your body takes a bruising and just got to get out there and just play anyway,” Ware said.  “When your body tells you you can’t play anymore, that’s when you’ve got to stop and just can’t keep doing it.”

He’s right.  Still, the body rarely just shuts down when it’s time for an athletic career to end.  The stingers are signs that something isn’t right, and Ware needs to be concerned about this string of minor injuries, because they could be a warning that a bigger injury is coming.

11 responses to “Ware says he still gets occasional stingers

  1. If he has any doubts about his future in regards to this injury and the long term health concerns after football, then its time to retire. . You cant count on the NFL to help him out with anything once he leaves the game

  2. Well, he doesn’t really “shrug”. It’s more like slowly raising his shoulders, while carefully tilting his head to one side. But not too far to the side.

  3. @spytdi No Cowboys fan would say that about Ware. Hell, I don’t know any fan of any team that doubts that man’s heart and ability.

  4. spytdi says:
    Jun 7, 2012 1:27 AM
    The stingers only come around when the play actually means something. -signed Cowboys fan
    YOu sound like a idiot. Must be a Redskins fan

  5. No one has a gun to any of these players head. They’re free to leave at any time if they’re concerned about their current or longer term health.

    Like all players.., he’s playing by choice. I’m a little sick of this attitude presented that they’re putting their lives on the line, when they aren’t. It’s Football. It’s a tough, hard game.., and if you’ve had enough.., feel free to step back and let someone else play.

  6. Ware is the one reason you can be proud to be a Cowboys fan in the past few years. Constant, big heart, athletic beast and well spoken. I hope they fix him up, he is a true talent in the game. — Signed a true Cowboys fan.

  7. Being a giant fan, I have great respect For Ware as a player and the great role model he is for Kids.

    Neck injuries are not to be taken lightly.
    I,d like to see a great player like this walk off the field instead of being carried off.

    Good luck and God bless !!

  8. If I were a Cowboys fan, I’d be very concerned. It is pretty obvious that he has a bulging cervical disk, and that thing could pop any time. He needs to take a year off for neurosurgery like Brad Johnson and Peyton Manning.

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