Woody Johnson doesn’t want to talk about Darrelle Revis’s contract

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Two years ago, when Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis refused to report to training camp unless the team gave him a raise, Woody Johnson eventually opened up his checkbook and made Revis happy. Now there’s talk that Revis could hold out from camp again, and Johnson is refusing to say whether he’d be open to giving Revis a raise again.

Johnson told the Star-Ledger that any contract issues will be handled privately by General Manager Mike Tannenbaum, and that he has nothing to say about Revis other than that he expects Revis to be with the Jets during the 2012 season.

We don’t talk about contracts and anything like that,” Johnson said. “Maybe Mike can give you more insight to the specifics of anything that might have to do with the contract situation, but I expect Revis to be playing for us in 2012.”

Johnson stressed that Revis is important to the team, but he also stressed that it’s important to build a complete roster, and you can’t give every player a raise every time he decides the contract he signed isn’t good enough.

“I really always anticipate the best, so I don’t really look for problems,” Johnson said. “We’re trying to build a whole team, we have a lot of things we have to put together to build a winning team, not just one player. Albeit an important player. We have 53 players, 53 people that are going to make the team, and everybody’s got a different situation. We’ve got to make it all work.”

The New York Daily News reports that if Revis holds out, his current contract gives the Jets the ability to extend the deal for “three years at modest numbers,” while if Revis plays his final two years without holding out, the Jets can’t franchise him in 2014. That means the Jets have more leverage than Revis now, while Revis will have more leverage two years from now. And that may be enough to make Johnson think he doesn’t have to worry about Revis’s contract this year, even though he knows he’ll eventually be back at the negotiating table with the team’s best player.

26 responses to “Woody Johnson doesn’t want to talk about Darrelle Revis’s contract

  1. I’m as big a Revis fan as the next Jets fan, but his attitude is getting old. Surely there is value for one of the top three CBs in the game today. Ship him!

    I don’t want people on my team that don’t care about the betterment of the team.

    While having a shutdown corner is nice, Rex’s defenses have done fine without him. I’ll take some 2013 draft picks instead.

  2. I personally think Revis should sit out the season or request a trade to the eagles. As a fins fan I would love it allot 😉

  3. Id get rid of this overrated cancer. Its the annual Revis isnt get paid enough nonsense. Let the fruit rot on the vine is my suggestion. And fine him an insane amount for each day of camp he misses.

  4. Jet fans have got to be tired of the “Me” guys on this team. Still shocked they gave Holmes that contract. Management regrets that one. Maybe time to find Mevis a new home.

  5. Why would Revis care if they add three years to a contract that must be ripped up before he shows up for training camp / regular season???

    Revis has all the leverage because (1) the Jets set a precedent in 2010 by flying around the country begging him to return despite Revis still having two years remaining on his existing contract, and (2) with Rex and Tannenbaum on the hot seat (with Tebowmania vs. the Sanchize drama hanging overhead), there’s no way that they’re going to allow Revis to miss games in a contract dispute.

    If the Jets don’t cave, Revis will sit out the season like advisor Uncle Sean did during the 1990s. Therefore, you can bet that the Jets will inevitably cave when Revis holds out of training camp again with two or five seasons remaining on his current deal.

  6. kh221 says: Jun 7, 2012 10:20 AM

    Revis will soon be crying on tv about feeding his family. He is a team cancer.

    Of course he will be crying about feeding his family. His idol is Ty Law and his uncle is Sean Gilbert.

    I swear if the Jets just got rid of O Tannenbaum and got a real GM, they’d be much better off. That guy is a weasely weasel. Like a frat boy 20 years later type.

  7. Woody Johnson and Peter O’Toole both have the best double-phallic names I’ve ever heard…what can I say – it’s the off season…

  8. This is no different than any other player doing this. Revis has NOT come out and said he is missing camp nor has he said what he expects….We also dont know what he was told by Woody and the team regarding this last deal.

    Its funny how sooo many people trash athletes for doing things the owners ALLOWED them to do. We all have an option in our careers to do exactly what Revis is doing. We all complain we dont make enough because honestly, it is NEVER enough to us. If the owners allow this, how can we get mad at the players?

    Honestly, the man will be paid and paid by the Jets.

  9. @ mac3333 – please tell me how Revis is overrated and a cancer? His teammates NEVER have anything but good things to say about him and his play on the field shows just how great he is.

  10. The thing that would piss me off the most if I were a jets fan is this guy has made 32.5 mil in 2 years and is complaining yet again. Now thats more money than most players get fully guaranteed over the course of a 5 or 6 year deal.

  11. footballhistorian says:
    Jun 7, 2012 11:54 AM
    Woody Johnson and Peter O’Toole both have the best double-phallic names I’ve ever heard…what can I say – it’s the off season.

    I’m sorry. That’s funny!

  12. Did Mevis give back money after he missed a few weeks after getting burned on that Randy Moss catch? Oh wait, he pulled his hamstring while trailing Moss by 5 steps.

  13. So Revis thinks he’s “outplayed” THIS contract too???

    All the Yets have to do is show him the replay of him holding his hammy after getting burned by Randy Moss.

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