AFL strike scraps Pittsburgh-Cleveland game

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The last time AFL players went on strike, players from the Pittsburgh Power walked out.  On Friday night, they didn’t have to.

The Power traveled to Cleveland to play the Gladiators.  The Gladiators players went on strike, the AFL opted not to hire replacements for the game, and the Power won by forfeit.

“Despite many offers from the League, a group of players with the Cleveland Gladiators have opted to go on strike,” AFL Commissioner Jerry B. Kurz said in a press release. “Because of the circumstance at hand, the Cleveland Gladiators have forfeited the matchup.”

(Reached for comment, the Power collectively said:  “Hooray?”)

All other Week 14 games will be played, according to the AFL.  “The remainder of the 2012 AFL season and postseason is not in jeopardy,” Kurz said.  “Unfortunately, a small group of players entered a work stoppage.”

They need to work it out.  Given that the AFL gets more notice nationally when it doesn’t play games than when it does, they shouldn’t alienate whatever fans that may have.

7 responses to “AFL strike scraps Pittsburgh-Cleveland game

  1. Give me a break, over $100 bucks? Lol, ok for one, why does anyone care about this league? It’s horrible to listen to and watch, it shouldn’t even be on the NLF channel because it’s NOT the NFL and two forget it, point one is enough!

  2. I used to love the AFL back in the early to mid 90s, then they just changed all the rules so the games end up 80-76 now — it’s very stupid now, just depends on who has the ball last. Not really sure what the point of the league is anymore — it’s nothing like real football and it’s played by a bunch of nobodies. Finally the players are some of the dumbest people on earth, why would you go on strike about anything, you’re already replacement player level talent — be glad you get anything — most people would have to pay an arena to go out with some friends and toss a ball around.

  3. Kurt Warner would say shame on those striking he doesn’t support AFL players striking who knows you may make it to NFL. Kurt Warner is only AFL player to ever to be big. Really AFL should be love of the game not talking about millions if all there making is $100 dollars per-game. As for AFL being on NFLN I don’t mind I don’t watch it maybe once playoffs start & Arenabowl it is football NFLN shows some CFL games as well.

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