Bills’ Michael Jasper: At 375 pounds, my weight is no longer an issue

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A year ago we brought you the story of Michael Jasper, a seventh-round draft pick of the Bills who had dropped 73 pounds, from 448 to 375. Jasper didn’t make it into any regular-season games in his first year in the NFL, but he’s still with the Bills, and he says he’s in better shape than ever and ready to compete for playing time on the offensive line.

Jasper, who played his college football at tiny Bethel College and was often twice the size of the defensive linemen he blocked, told the Buffalo News that his first offseason in an NFL conditioning program has transformed his body.

“I’ve been here since late January, getting in shape. I’ve done some amazing strength work with [strength coach] John Gamble,” Jasper said. “Weight is no longer a factor. I’m in shape and I’m doing what they ask me to do.”

Not many people can call themselves lean at 375 pounds, but the 6-foot-4 Jasper (who’s listed at 394, which is what he weighed at the start of training camp last year) says that for him, 375 is fit.

“I was looking at old pictures of me in college to now,” Jasper said. “I’m still a big human being, but as far as the girth in certain areas and the muscle strength and the leanness, it’s pretty awesome. I enjoy it.”

After playing his college football in the NAIA, Jasper still has a ways to go before he’ll be ready to start in the NFL. But as he gets fitter, he’s getting closer to the field.

16 responses to “Bills’ Michael Jasper: At 375 pounds, my weight is no longer an issue

  1. “as far as the girth in certain areas … I enjoy it.”


  2. Dude is pretty fit at 375…assuming he is Water Buffalo. If he is a human being, he is, in fact a fat tub o goo that needs to drop at least another 50 lbs to be effective.

  3. I’ve always liked Jasper and I hope he can somehow make the team. If he can he could be a huge (no pun intended) asset for the O line.

  4. you left out the most impressive thing in that article…

    at 380lbs–“Before the draft, he ran a time of 5.38 seconds in the 40-yard dash, had a 32-inch vertical jump and broad-jumped 9 feet, 5 inches.”

    To put those numbers in perspective, the first guard taken in this year’s draft was David DeCastro, a 316-pounder taken 24th overall by Pittsburgh. He ran 5.34 seconds in the 40, had a 29.5-inch vertical jump and broad-jumped 8 feet, 2 inches.”

    this guy is a freak and if he accelerates his learning curve will def have a place in the NFL.

  5. Jasper didn’t block defensive lineman in college, he played as one. He didn’t become an offensive line man till he joined the bills. And he made the switch because he is very agile for his size. There are plenty of videos of him working out on the net, he is far far far from being a tub of lard as some of the ignorant posts suggest. Great find by the Bills scouting department!

  6. 375 isn’t a health issue while he’s still doing his thing in the league but when his career is over he should keep training just as hard and/or lose weight (not that I’m a doctor). Best wishes to Jasper in the NFL!

  7. That’s great news for Michael Jasper. I never heard of him before but it’s good that he’s losing weight. It’s a scary thought when thinking of what occurred with Korey Stringer and the fact that weighing that much could really hinder his chance of living a life after football. Hopefully the big fella will continue working on it. Good Luck Michael!

  8. Saw this guy last year.. He is a monster! He can dunk when he was over 400.. That big and that athletic .. This guy could be trained up and become the road grader the bills have been looking for. Late pic, small contract, if he doesn’t pan out you really dont lose much.

  9. When the Bills were scouting Jasper, they kept everything on the low. When draft time came around the Bills snatched him in the 7th, knowing as an undrafted player he’d be sucked up right away and they’d lose out. Jasper was extremely athletic at 448 when the Bills worked him out. The scouts were saying that they never seen someone so large move so fast. Not just was he quick at his heaviest weight, they couldn’t believe how powerful he was. Now at 375 with the same or more muscle, he’ll be quicker and stronger. Originally put on the D-line as a DT, Nix has moved him back to his college position as a Guard/Tackle. The coaches are expecting big things from Michael, he should be one of the 53 as a backup, for now.

  10. Is this guy going to sue the NFL in 20 years because the Bills didn’t tell him that hes a heart attack in waiting?There are a lot of big guys in there 20’s, not to many living into there 60’s, I hope he gets his weight down to about 300, the team will use him and then dump him, and where is the team medical staff on this issue of weight? Bill p.s. Take a look at the Fridge in South Carolina, he has a ton of medical issues.

  11. Just when I thought NFL freaks might plateau and couldn’t get any bigger, stronger, or faster, a guy like Jasper shows up and changes my whole perspective. This dude’s athletic stats are phenomenal for a guy that huge. He’s young so he might actually not have many health problems until he retires so I hope he has a plan in place for slimming down once the NFL is no longer in his plans. I will definitely keep an eye out for this guy now and root for him.

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