Chargers add Ronnie Brown


Chargers coach Norv Turner recently said that running back Ryan Mathews reminds Turner of Ricky Williams.  The comparison becomes even more clear now, given that the Chargers have added the guy who used to share touches with Ricky in Miami.

The Chargers have announced that running back Ronnie Brown, the second overall pick in the 2005 draft, has joined the team.

It’s a one-year deal for a guy who languished on the free-agent market.  Though on the wrong side of 30, Brown never has been a workhorse back, which means that the tires likely still have some tread.

The decision to join the Chargers seems odd, given that the Chargers plan to use Mathews extensively.  Barring injury, Brown could get the same limited reps that he received in 2011, when he served as the understudy to LeSean McCoy.

The Eagles actually tried to trade Brown straight up for running back Jerome Harrison in October.  The trade was voided after Eagles doctors found that Harrison had a brain tumor.

But neither the Lions, nor anyone else, pursued Brown aggressively once he became available on March 13.

Brown also brings to the table the ability to run the Wildcat offense.  It’s perhaps the skill for which he became best known, until of course he tried to improvise in bizarre fashion last year for the Eagles.

16 responses to “Chargers add Ronnie Brown

  1. Used to totally respect Ronnie, even thought he was a franchise RB, but ever since watching the goal line lateral last year I haven’t looked at him the same. West side till I die.

  2. I also forgot to mention the late round pick Baker and I believe UDFA Hayes are both RBs so don’t know enough knowledge to know if they’ll even make the practice squad or if during practicing one will be better than Brinkley or Brown though I expect them two to stay.

  3. In case I need to break it down so people here can know why it makes sense. The Chargers only had Brinkley and a pair of a brand new 7th rounder/undrafted RB behind Mathews. However, Mc’Clain is now the #1 FB and as reported is expected to get touches. So the Chargers have a talented workhorse back, the #1 FB with the next carries as he was productive before if it works. That makes Brown the likely fourth amount of carries be he can also do other things with the ball and could do 3rd downs better than Brinkley most likely. Plus the team happened to re-sign Hester who has put on some muscle and although mostly will be playing special teams he’s still a valuable #2 FB likely able to play any down and move with the ball and we’ll see if he produces anything with his extra muscle (that Mathews reportedly has as well, along with his only 2nd out of 3 possible playing years ILB Donald Butler who finally fully recovered from a 12-15 month injury making him finally at his strongest and likely underrated on defense but that’s unrelated).

  4. Good move. Ronnie Brown can still play & it is never a good idea to go into a season without an experienced back up tailback. I knew they would sign someone & this works. Ryan Mathews will be a 3 down back, but even he will need a rest at times. McClain will get touches too, but he is a fullback. & the younger backs will get a chance to develop. Injuries will always play a part of football, so you have to, as best possible, prepared for all situations. Good work AJ:)

  5. I love that picture. Niners wouldn’t have won without that ridiculously stupid play. As a fan it’s like one of those desperate moments where you are seeking divine intervention to save your team and god gives you Ronnie Brown.

  6. It’s surprising that the Chargers would sign any back. Norval and humb0lt both believe that Mathews will pound the ball 500 times for 5,000 yards this season.

  7. Hate this move.

    The fans would LOVE LT back, and instead we get a guy who averaged 3.2 YPC last year? LT rushed for 3.8 YPC and had almost 500 yard receiving. Better on every stat across the board. Think of what signing LT would do to ignite the fan base. But they passed him up for a different guy over 30 who is way less productive.

    AJ had a great offseason but I have no idea what they see in Brown.

  8. Okay, we sign Ronnie Brown but not LT2 you freakin kidding me!!!! A.J. I am hoping for one more bad season, so I read the reports that you have been fired as the G.M. of the Chargers. How do you not bring back LT2!!? Suck up your pride for goodness sake

  9. I was hoping for Ryan Grant to back up Ryan Mathews. But I’m happy with Ronnie Brown. He was a stud just a few years ago; not sure why his production declined so quickly.

    AJ is doing his part to restore the Chargers as a dominant team. It’s up to Norv now. I am pretty confident this team has the personnel to win the division and play deep into the post season.

    Welcome the San Diego Super Bowl Express, Ronnie Brown. Rookies report July 25.

  10. I’m not a scout or a coach, but Ronnie Brown looked slow all the way through last year. Maybe he was out of shape, maybe he got old. From camp all the way until the end of the year he was either lost/confused or slow. I am a Ronnie Brown fan, and was excited that the Eagles signed him last year, but after watching how he performed here in Philly, I’m glad he’s gone.

    I hope for the Chargers sake that he just never caught on to the offense here, because there is no way Ryan Mathews plays all 16 games in any year.

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