Colt McCoy doesn’t think James Harrison hit was a cheap shot

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Steelers linebacker James Harrison was suspended for a game for the helmet-to-helmet that concussed Browns quarterback Colt McCoy last year, but McCoy has no hard feelings.

McCoy said on the Dan Patrick Show that he did not think Harrison’s hit was a cheap shot, and that Harrison was simply going after the quarterback aggressively, as he’s supposed to, while McCoy was scrambling.

“I’m outside the pocket,” McCoy said. “I’m trying to make a play.”

McCoy said he never heard from Harrison after the hit, but he isn’t bothered by that.

“He is an outstanding football player,” McCoy said of Harrison. “I think everyone will agree on that. He plays in our division, they’re a rival against us so I didn’t expect to hear from him.”

Although he doesn’t remember the hit, McCoy said he has watched it several times. And after seeing the replays, he’s not mad at Harrison. Which probably matters to Harrison not at all.

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  1. You mean Colt McCoy is smart enough to realize that both of them were trying to make a play, and that there was some unintentional helmet to helmet contact?!?

    Maybe Goddell needs to take a shot to the head, to knock some sense into him.

  2. I wouldn’t publicly criticize Harrison either. Knowing Colt’s luck, he somehow would get into the game against Pittsburgh this year, and Harrison would have ended him.

  3. The Play wasn’t a cheap shot. Props to McCoy for stepping up and owning up to it unlike other baby qbs in the league. He ran out the pocket and Harrison laid him out. End of story.

  4. If you remember during the Saints and 49ers playoff game, Donte Whitner gave a violent helmet to helmet hit on Pierre Thomas, that knocked him out the game. It was the same type of play but no suspensions. Colt was a runner, so Harrison’s hit was legal.

  5. The only people who will complain about that hit are the morons from Murdermore.

    They have enough problems with their team ducking the OTA’s but they will show up here with their drivel.

    Purple uniforms? Who does that?

  6. Colt must still be concussed to believe that. Or maybe he doesn’t want to give Harrison anymore motivation when they play them.

    As almost always, Harrison lowered his helmet with the crown perpendicular to the ground and at head level prior to impact. That’s a cheapshot.

    It’s pretty simple: See what you tackle and lead with your shoulder.

  7. Not the end of the story.

    Harrison lowered his head, and he’s been lowering and leading with the crown of his helmet almost his entire career. He could have snapped McCoy in half if he’d tackled properly, but he used his helmet as he normally does.

  8. Gotta respect McCoy, he’s not the most gifted quarterback and he plays on a bad team, but he never makes excuses and always says the right thing. Good for him.

  9. Only 1 explanation for this: Harrison concussed McCoy to the point that he forgot what actually took place.

    Well played, Harrison.

  10. I don’t agree with your last line. It should matter to Harrison that someone he was accused of cheap shot-ing is coming out publicly in his defense.

    Lord knows it doesn’t happen very often.

  11. Perfect form tackle on a runner. With his tackle, Harrison has actually made the game safer than anything that dope Goodell could implement. QBs scrambling around like chickens with their heads cut off will now think twice about doing so. If just one throws the ball away to save his melon thinking that he could be the next McCoy, then Harrison did a service to the NFL.

  12. My first thought is that his brain is still mush. However I prefer to think that he is just telling a competitor good job on a play.

    For those people bagging on Goodell about clamping down on helmet to helmet hits. It is the players and former players that are causing this, not Goodell. I am sure he would prefer to let them beat themselves bloody, it allows him to beat them at negotiations easier.

    Was the tackle a cheap shot, NO. Was it an illegal tackle – YES. Remember that there has been a rule about tackles while leading with your head and making crown to helmet shots. Did it deserve a suspension, probably not. However he didn’t get a suspension for just that hit, he got the suspension for repeat violations.

    Harrison should care, if the people that he injured come out and say that his hits weren’t cheap, that should go a long way to help with his point that he isn’t a dirty player.

  13. Kudos to McCoy for his show of character. Harrison had the right to lay it on him but his lack of character took advantage of the situation. I personally do not fault the play. But the Browns staff sending that kid back onto that field afterwards warrants action by Goodell more so than Harrisons’ hit

  14. I love that he’s not crying like most QB’s would… but you know he’s only saying that as to not anger the beast. He knows he has to see him twice a year…

    Well played Colt.. well played.

  15. James Harrison is an awesome defensive player, and one of the reasons I enjoy watching Steelers’ games (even though they aren’t “my team”). However he HAS delivered illegal hits in the past, and been punished for them. He’s certainly within his rights to be unapologetic and make public defiant comments regarding illegal hits/fines/Roger Goodell/etc. Right or wrong, Harrison’s past actions and statements put him under extra scrutiny.
    All that being said, I don’t think the hit he put on McCoy was illegal.
    As for Colt McCoy, talent wise he’ll never be a Drew Brees, Eli Manning, or Tom Brady. But you won’t see him flopping on the field trying to draw a penalty, complaining to the ref’s during games, or crying to the media about hard hits (unlike some star QB’s). I don’t think it’s fair to hold him responsible for comments his dad made after the game (I seriously doubt his dad ran it by Colt prior to talking with the media). While it wasn’t real smart for his dad to do it, I can understand he reacted like most parents would want to (no matter if their kid was 13 or 30 years old) after watching their son get destroyed on a hit, suffer a pretty obvious concussion, then receive a pat on the butt as they’re sent back into the game.

  16. “Although he doesn’t remember the hit, McCoy said he has watched it several times. And after seeing the replays, he’s not mad at Harrison. Which probably matters to Harrison not at all.”

    Thanks for the superfluous editorializing you Mr. Smith. Harrison is not the sole root of the problem: it’s team medical staffs who have conflicts on interest about diagnosing the severity of head hits. Maybe the Browns medical staff should be apologizing to Colt and not just Harrison, but that would diverge from your agenda of demonizing Harrison, you hack.

  17. jakek2 says:
    Jun 8, 2012 11:50 AM
    Perfect form tackle on a runner.
    I greatly disagree with this. A perfect form tackle is when you hit your opponent in the midsection with your shoulder, wrap your arms around him, lift him off his feet, and drive him back and down.

    Harrison is a damn fine LB, but he keeps using his head to make tackles. He could have snapped McCoy in two making a proper tackle, and he wouldn’t have had to deal with fines, dirty player accusations, or possible suspensions. Stop the head hunting.

  18. Colt, will you ever tire of proving me wrong?? I thought you didn’t have the grit to play in the NFL, but you’ve demonstrated courage and character in every way possible. Kudos to you!

    The loss of offensive weapons last season, primarily Hillis, wasn’t Colt’s fault, and it’s too bad he didn’t get a real chance to follow through on a promising rookie year.

  19. Yeah, let’s up the level of violence in other sports too. In MLB they should start letting the batter carry the bat with him around the bases to knock fielders out of the way. And if a fielder beans a runner in the head with the ball it’s an out.

  20. If only his dad was as stand up a guy as his son is in this instance. A father has no right to keep gravytraining his sons existence the way this guys dad does.

  21. I’m sorry; I thought helmet-to-helemt hits were illegal.

    Stupid me.

    Next thing you know, I’ll be saying something retarded, like “You can’t tackle leading with the crown of your helmet”.

    My bad, Colt.


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  23. I’ve posted this before, but it apparently bears repeating again:

    It is physically impossible to tackle a ballcarrier correctly without leading with your head. Regardless of what Roger Goodell thinks, it cannot be done. Period. An athlete ALWAYS leans forward when they run, therefore a football player will ALWAYS lead with his head when making a tackle. (To tackle someone without leading with your head would require a player to run backwards and then sit on the ball carrier. Is that the type of football you want to see played in the NFL?).

    As for this BS about “tackling with the shoulder” a.k.a. arm-tackling, that’s a great way to 1) dislocate your shoulder, 2) get run over by the ball carrier as he breaks your lame-ass tackle and 3) get your butt chewed out by your coaches. If you don’t understand that, then please stop posting here and making a public display of your ignorance of the game of football.

    Also, the “crown” of the helmet is the VERY TOP of the helmet; i.e. where one would wear a crown (duh…). You could probably watch every game in the NFL over the next 10 years and not see someone tackle by leading with the crown of their helmet. It’s dumb, dangerous and has been outlawed and coached against down to the high school level since at least the 1970s. People who accuse James Harrison (or any NFL player for that matter) of leading with the crown of his helmet are simply ignorant jackasses who have absolutely no clue what they are talking about.

  24. OK Steeler haters and trolls, McCoy said Harrisons hit was NOT CHEAP! So go back under your rock or bridge and think of something else to complain about!

  25. @qball

    Your comments are as incorrect as they could possibly be. I’m sure you can’t comprehend that, but that is your problem. Same goes for writer’s last sentence.

  26. @stew48

    My comments are spot on. Unlike you, I’ve actually played the game and I know what I’m talking about.

    If you disagree with my observations then you should try making a substantive rebuttal to them, as opposed to responding with mere vacuous invective. Of course, if you are incapable of doing so, then please accept my apologies for imposing the burden of critical thought on you.

  27. Harrison laid him out and that’s the end of Shurmur’s Dawg and Pony show in Cleveland. Good luck Weeden.

  28. These people who say Harrison has made illegal hits please name 1 hit that he has made that was illegal. Harrison has made hits to the chest that was fined. Everyone harps on Harrison but no one talks about how many times he is choked by OTs on damn near every play. Nor is the same helmet to helmet or hands to helmet hits that gets Steeler players fined called when they are done on Steeler players.
    This is the double standard that is causing the NFL to turn into the WWE.

  29. Steelers fan here. The hit was dirty. Period end. Harrison seen the chance to helmet to helmet him and took it. Props to Colt for not whining about it. But, there is no question that shot was dirty.

    I will argue until i’m blue in the face that his hit on Massaqoui was legal and not dirty since Massaquoi ducked into it. I argue when there is reasonable doubt. There is no doubt in my mind that he meant to knock Colt out. The loophole that he was a “runner” may be enough to prevent any huge suspension or fine but, it is not enough to convince any unbias person (aka anyone other than the terrible, embarrassing, “got six?”, homer, steelers fans).

    Unfortunately, he is dirty. But, at least he didn’t murder anyone….sorry Ravens fans but, I couldn’t resist. I know you were probably thinking…”hey, a Steelers fan that I like.” hahaha….but, seriously….Ray killed that guy.

  30. there was face mask to facemask contact.if u dont see it u r blind.super slo mo it and really see.earl cambell in that old highlight against the rams is a crown of the helmet hit and maybe tatum on earl campbell same year.aside from those ive seen very few ever and none by harrison.document and send video to prove otherwise because opinions mean nothing.i dont want to hear that you think or you believe blah blah i want evidence on video diagrammed and proven.

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