Darrelle Revis: I want to retire as a Jet


There’s been a lot of speculation about whether Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis will hold out this summer.

In a lengthy interview with Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger, Revis said that he has never asked for a new contract and that he will try to honor his current contract “the best way I can.” The obvious way to do that is to play under the terms of the deal, but Revis admitted that he’s looking for a multi-year extension that keeps him with the Jets for the long term.

“I want to retire here,” Revis said. “I think Mike (Tannenbaum) knows that. I think Rex (Ryan) knows that. (The Jets) drafted me, they gave me a chance, so yeah, I want to be here and never play for another organization again. If they feel that, if Mike feels that I’m that type of person to be here, then they will compensate me. If not, then it’s the business of it.”

Revis is much more likely to get paid at this time next year. If he were to hold out, which is pretty much his only card to play other than continuing to be one of the best defensive players in football, the Jets can add three years at $3 million per onto the end of his deal. Come next year, though, Revis will be entering the final year of a deal that does not permit the Jets to use the franchise tag on Revis. Revis seems to understand that.

“I could come here every day and make a hassle, ‘I want to get paid,’ but if they don’t want to do that — if Mike doesn’t want to do that — then they don’t want to do that,” Revis said. “It might be that way. It might be they want to do it, but they’ve got to figure out the best situation to get it done.”

Revis’ best situation is obviously getting a deal done now and avoiding the possibility of an injury that would make it less desirable for the Jets next year. The Jets would be awfully silly to do that given the leverage they have over Revis at this point. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen, but all of the Revis chatter that’s popped up of late is really just an appetizer for next year. That’s when the Jets will have to sign Revis or risk losing him as a free agent after the 2013 season.

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  1. “Darrelle Revis: I want to retire as a Jet”

    ….. for the right price!

    (There, fixed it)

  2. Sorry, but with roughly $120m to spend on your team, I’m not giving $12m to one corner.

    Go ahead and take Welker or Jennings or Colston out of the game. Elite offenses have 4 and 5 other guys they then go to.

  3. He wants to retire as a Jet but he wants to re-work his contract for more money every year until then.

  4. I guess he doesn’t want to retire with a Superbowl Ring if he wants to retire as a Jet.

  5. As a huge Jets fan, I don’t think they should be allowed to play at Met Life stadium. They should be forced to play at MSG.Why is that you ask? Because when the circus comes to NY, that’s where they perform.

  6. “I want to retire a Jet……. as long as they make me the highest paid defensive player in the league and allow me to re-do my contract whenever I’m in the mood.”

  7. Take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty.

  8. This is the best:
    “Revis said that he has never asked for a new contract and that he will try to honor his current contract “the best way I can.”

    he will TRY to honor his current contract!?!?! are you kidding me?

  9. This is becoming the standard way of saying “give me more money or I will leave, and it won’t be my fault because I wanted to retire there. ”

    Taking a page right out of Osi’s book.

  10. “The Jets would be awfully silly to do that given the leverage they have over Revis at this point.”

    What leverage do you keep referring to, Josh??? Is it the 3-year extension that will be applied if Revis holds out?

    The Jets have zero leverage because Revis won’t show up without a new deal being struck – whether the current contract expires at the end of 2013 or 2016.

    The “leverage” that the Jets have with that contract clause isn’t worth the paper that it’s written on.

  11. Hey, he knows they cannot franchise him after next year so he is giving them a chance. Him and his agent worked this out very well in his favor.

  12. If you holdout for a new contract and accept the language of the new contract then pull another holdout you are a “Revis.”

  13. Revis is the best Cornerback in the AFC hands down. The only receiver that gets the best of him is Stevie Johnson. Otherwise, he has shown that he can dominate at the position and looks to dominate for years to come. Yes the Jets would be stupid to let him go anywhere else, but this contract revision every two years is ridiculous. This is Darrelle Revis though, a shutdown corner who makes very few mistakes. His only drawback is the price of owning his contract, which seems to not be a sure thing. He never stands by his word or his signature for that matter, he doesn’t believe in playing out contracts.
    If I were in charge of handing out contracts for the Jets, I’d give Revis a new one. I would give him the large money on a six year contract, but add a clause that would make him pay it back if he ever pulled this crap again.

  14. What a joke. What’s the point of signing a multiyear contract if you’re going to holdout every other year because you’re “not paid enough”. This mental midget should just sign a 2 year contract to re-asses market conditions for CBs instead of whining about non-holdouts or that he will TRY to honor the contract.

    ZERO sympathy.

  15. This is the best:
    “Revis said that he has never asked for a new contract and that he will try to honor his current contract “the best way I can.”

    he will TRY to honor his current contract!?!?! are you kidding me?


    In fairness to Revishis current contract was written as a band aid with the intention of redoing it into a long term deal. He was given 16.1 million over 2 years with the intention of redoing it after last year.

    The Jets are in rough spot. They cannot franchise him. They can gamble and not redo his contract until next year but if they do he can just play out his last year and ask Jerry Jones, Daniel Snyder or another owner to pay him a lot more than the Jets can pay. Or even worse he can join the Pats.

    Revis is arguably the greatest CB of all time and the best defensive player in the game right now. He makes the Jets defense work. He allows them them the option of using all their exotic blitzes because he and Cromartie can take out a teams top two WR’s. He does this without a pash rush and without quality safeties or help. Take Revis off the Jets and the defense is average at best.

    He is certainly the best Jet of all time. he deserves a contract. Maybe not as much as he wants but the Jets need to get it done before big dollar dreams motivate him to move on next year.

  16. i hate divas, but it seems to me that if you read between the lines he is saying “extend me now or risk losing me next year when i test the market” the fact that he cannot be franchised after next year works in his favor.

  17. That’s a better explanation . Perhaps he is not Mevis, may be a good idea for Jets to take the initiative and offer a reasonable contract that will allow them to build players around him and win a Championship.

  18. As long as the Yets are willing to overpay him like he expects in his later years, this will happen. 0 percent chance of it happening though.

  19. “Darrelle Revis: I want to retire as a Jet”

    Damage control. He realizes that the public perception (the reality) is that he’s an egotistical and greedy A-hole. This is nothing more than his transparent attempt at damage control.

  20. Personally I’m sick of Me-vis. He may be a great CB, but he appears only to care about himself.

    I think the Jets should let him hold out this year and next then see who wants to sign a CB who hasn’t played in 2 years.

  21. He’s not holding out, he has no leverage this year. He just never going to commit to saying that cuz it will hurt negotiations now or future talks. Him and his agents always have to act like there is always a possibility, that a players only tactic. Next year is more likely of a holdout if a deal isn’t done by then. The leverage swings back to Revis next year and has no reason not to. The media is trying to make it more than it is as usual by asking the same question over and over, cuz he can’t commit. Unless the media stops asking questions (not happening) and understood the situation it’s always going to sound like this guy never shuts up.

  22. Whats all this talk that the Jets dont have any leverage? The Jets have all the leverage.

    If he sits out this year, its career suicide. It adds another 3 years to his deal. He would have to play next year if he held out this year. The only way he holds the cards is if he is willing to sit out for the next 4 seasons. Which he knows would be the end of his career.

    The Jets also have all the leverage since two years ago,he Jets had a super bowl caliber team. And they were not a super bowl caliber team without him. Going into this season, it is pretty obvious the Jets have many holes and are not asuper bowl caliber team with or without Revis.

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