Jay Cutler thinks Matt Forte will sign his tender before July 16th

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Bears quarterback Jay Cutler knows what Matt Forte means to the Bears offense.

During an interview on ESPN 100 Radio in Chicago, Cutler said that the team needs Forte “to get where we need to be” and opined that Forte knew that as well. As a result, Cutler believes that Forte will sign his franchise tender — recent reports indicate that the Bears want him to do that before further negotiations on a long-term deal — and join the team at the start of training camp.

“I would be shocked if he doesn’t sign his tender by July 15, or whenever it is, and he shows up. It would really be a surprise to me,” Cutler said. “At the end of the day, I think Matt knows it’s business. He’s still getting seven-whatever-million dollars to play this year. So he’s gonna show up.”

Earlier this week, Forte told the NFL Network that he wasn’t trying to become the highest-paid player in the league. That’s good, because there doesn’t appear to be any chance that the Bears are inclined to offer him that kind of contract.

We don’t know if Cutler’s right about the tender, but he’s definitely right about the Bears needing Forte if they want to be all they want to be this season. Michael Bush is a good back, but Forte can do more things than Bush and the team would be looking very good in the backfield with both of them.

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  1. before the pay the man comments start coming in.. this guy has been offered multiple big payday contracts (don’t remember the lengths but I think they were 4 years). He doesn’t want them he just wants more more more, somewhere around Chris Johnson money (hey that worked out great didn’t it?) With jay cutler coming back from a year where he played great before getting injured, now having a quality receiver in marshall, and michael bush on the backup forte isn’t going to be 50% of the offense again and he should really consider signing the next reasonable 3 or 4 year deal the bears give him.

  2. Note to Jay; don’t count anyone money but your own. Cutler received an extension with time remaining on his rookie contract. So unless he is willing to make up the difference between the Bear’s offer and Forte’s request he should worry cohesion with the receivers.

  3. If Forte doesn’t sign, Kahlil Bell will step up. He did well last year. Bush can have the bulk carries, and Bell can take the out-of-the-backfield catches and change-of-pace role. Even that Armando Allen kid had some good runs late in the season, and Harvey Unga is an intriguing supplemental draft pick from awhile back.

    If Forte doesn’t sign, I think the Bears will be all right. They’d be better with him, but I think they’d be ok without him.

  4. Forte does everything for the Bears, and they treat him like crap, bringing in backups who make more than him.

    He should sign, ball out, and the first time a muscle even gets bruised or feels tight, sit out the next game.

    I know this also hurt his teammates, which have nothing to do with this, but he has to send a message to the Bears: “I will not put my body in danger until I get the long-term deal I have EARNED.”

    Go GMEN!

  5. Sign the tender, Matt, get to camp. If they re-did crying Briggs contract to his satisfaction, both sides can’t be too far apart.

  6. First, Jay should worry about his situation and leave Matt’s alone.

    Second, it isn’t camp it’s OTA.

    Third, the Briggs comparison doesn’t hold because shelf life for the positions is significantly different.

    I understand angst among Bears fans but Matt has at best one shot at a pay day. Playing next year under the tender could take that away.

  7. New GM Emery has a plan. I think most Bears fans would be happy with what he has done so far this off season. Not sure if its a long term deal or he gets forte to sign the franchise but Emery will have forte on the field week 1.

  8. @jonesjack

    1.I think we are all aware it is not camp yet.

    2. The comparison has nothing to do with shelf life, it has to do with the way the front office deals with contracts.

    3. That being said, there is need for a different rookie pay scale for running backs, otherwise you just use the hell out of these guys for four years, then tell them they are too used up to get a long term deal.

  9. I hope they sign him and then a left tackle. Passing game and run attack mean nothing without lineman that know their left from right.

  10. Forte was the team the past couple of seasons.

    Although I understand why they don’t want to pay him (age/a lot of wear), I just can’t understand why they can’t do the respectible thing and re-sign the guy to a good contract.

    He’s one of the very few RB’s that most of us can say “was the team.”

    Also, one of the few players that can say he earned it.

  11. He should go out there and play hard, collect his 7 mill, & hit free agency & hope for a good 3 or 4 year deal. I do wonder why the Bears are being that way though, offer him something!

  12. If I were Forte I would not sit out too much training camp. His risk of injury goes up too much. But I would sit out all the preseason games without a second thought.

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