Nate Washington still thinks Roman Harper is a dirty player


After Tennessee lost to the Saints 22-17 in Week 14 last season, several Titans players aired grievances about the Saints crossing the line of fair play.

Wide receiver Nate Washington was one of the loudest and Saints safety Roman Harper was the target of his complaints. Washington called Harper a “dirty player” after Harper facemasked Damian Williams and laid a helmet-to-helmet hit on quarterback Matt Hasselbeck during the game. With Harper now being accused of getting paid for “whacks” in the Saints’ playoff win over the Lions, Terry McCormick of Titan Insider went back to Washington to get his thoughts.

“I don’t know if I could tell that that was something he was trying to do in order to be rewarded for it on a financial end. I’m not gonna say that,” Washington said. “But some of the things I was watching from film, and some of the things he did from our game, it was just downright dirty. It’s already a brutal game, it’s already a gladiator sport. To go out there and give it your all and to have someone there pulling the stuff he was pulling, it makes us look bad as a league as a whole. It’s already something where you can go out there and get paralyzed, and to have someone out there playing like that, it makes it even worse.”

There have been dirty hits from players on every team at one time or another and there will continue to be dirty hits in the post-bounty NFL, so Washington is wise not to connect any dots. With the information we’ve learned about the Saints, though, you can bet Washington isn’t the only person looking back at plays like that and wondering.

9 responses to “Nate Washington still thinks Roman Harper is a dirty player

  1. Harper was fined $22,500 by the league after that game, so it’d be pretty ridiculous to claim that he did it for $1000 bonus.

  2. Have you posted the comments that Frank Gore made about The Defense after the NFC Playoff Game last year?

    You know how he said something along the lines that he “didn’t’ feel as though players were playing dirty and they played the game as though it should have been played?

    You tell Nate Washington GET OVER IT and quit being a baby.

  3. I think Roman Harper is dirty too.
    Thumbs up=dirty
    Thumbs down=clean


    Im a saints fan and im going to thumb u up. You know how many great players were considered dirty. Ill give you 1….Lawrence Taylor! and hes still respected as one of the best. So u can have that dirty argument…Even Polamalu is voted Dirty. IT doesn’t tarnish what he does on the field so BLAH

  4. @mitchdms, you really think he did the cost-benefit analysis on this? These guys have the bounties because they like the violence, and they like inflicting damage on people. Gladiator sport isn’t for people who think long term, they are purely living in the moment. It’s a disgrace

  5. dakingsocrowne, it does when he makes stupid mistakes that cost the team 15 yards at a time. Harper drives me nuts.

    That said, also worth remembering, Nate Washington was teammates with Cortland Finnegan, so he’s in no position to call anyone anything.

  6. choicess,

    I believe two things. There is no way the Saints paid for cheap shots because a) 15 yard penalties ruin defensive games, and b) the league fines for flagged plays and for would-be penalties that refs miss. And I do believe that this “program” also fined players for penalties and dumb plays.

    Harper is an aggressive player, a big hitter, and he has a tendancy to get burned in pass coverage. Unfortunately, that leads him to make stupid decisions in the heat of the moment. That is the trade-off with guys like him.

    But I would bet my life and more that those plays have absolutely nothing to do with any pay-for-performance pool. There would be no logic in terms of the money or the penalty yards. It would make no sense.

  7. Harper is dirty..well known fact but I still laugh when i think about him getting chased down by Sam Bradford after an interception–yes..Sam Bradford!

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