Niners get official permission to leave San Fran early

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The lights will be going out at (I Need A) Candlestick Park early, but fortunately not during a game between the 49ers and the Steelers.

Earlier this week, the powers-that-be in San Francisco officially allowed the team to ditch its lease at Candlestick Park prematurely.  They’ll exit after 2013, and they’ll move into the new facility in Santa Clara in 2014.

The team will pay minimal rent in 2014 for the to-be-vacated premisew.  The Niners also will make a $1 million donation to the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department.

Other concessions include an agreement that the 49ers and San Francisco will lead the effort to land a Super Bowl at the new venue.

18 responses to “Niners get official permission to leave San Fran early

  1. Hopefully over the next two seasons the 49ers can close the place out in style with a few more epic playoff games in a stadium that has seen far more than most. It would be fitting to close the place out with the home team hoisting the Halas Trophy.

  2. Vernon Davis strongly believes 49ers should be Superb Owl favorites when Alex Smith is benched

  3. Eh, San Francisco has certainly gotten its moneys worth out of the Stick. What has it been-like 50 years? Far cry from teams getting new stadiums every 15 years nowadays.

  4. The history in that stadium cemented the 49ers into NFL lore. From the fans who have been attending games since Kezar the team playing in any other city but SF is unthinkable.

    A sad day when politicians and business owners can’t compromise to benefit the public that supports them. So long as the SB Victory parade is held down Market St. then at least the team will retain some semblance of their namesake city.


  5. I will miss Candlestick. I wished the 49ers could
    have worked out something at Candlestick Point
    or Hunters Point. But Santa Clara is the future. At
    least will still be the San Francisco 49ers and staying in the Bay Area. Super Bowl or Bust! GO

  6. If any of these lawsuits brought on by former players cause the league to pay out millions and the rules change the league into a much milder game. The stadiums will be much smaller and games could be played in high school facilities.

  7. Santa Clara 49ers. With 101/280 traffic for a Monday Night game, you might as well be driving to Sacramento or flying to LA.

  8. I dunno maybe if the Raiders are still looking for a home and the City government gets that desperately needed rectalcraniotomy procedure done might the 9ers head back to the City and the Raiders take over the new park?

    I’m certainly no fan of the move but the City Government failed to get it done after the voters passed the initial proposition. They’ll still use the Stick for concerts an the like where they can keep everyone penned in and off the streets.

  9. @filmoreslim

    Actually you have 101/280/880 or 680 all converging near the site along with CalTrain, ACETrain and VTA light rail. It’s going to be much better than the Stick access wise.

  10. I will miss Candlestick Park and believe many Niner fans will too. The stadium has had some great memories made there, along with some bad.

    I would be extremely upset if my team the Buffalo Bills rid of their memory filled stadium…
    Walking through the fan tunnels and about to go to the seats, I get this amazing rush as soon as I see the field… Knowing that on this date in history Jim Kelly threw a dart down the sidelines to Andre Reed right there on that field. Bruce Smith sacked Dan Marino for the 7th time on that 10 yard line. Steve Christie hit the game winning field goal from this 40 yard line. The memories go on and on, from time spent with my brother through the coldest games, to the first time i was able to share my love for the game with my son. I could never imagine watching the game anywhere else, and I’m sure there are many Niner fans that feel the same about their stadium.

  11. “ZOMG! Santa Clarita 49ers?!?!? why the HELL are they moving to So-Cal! screw LA! Stupid cheap Yorks! I’m gonna be a Raier fan now!!!Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!”

    -typical clueless San Francisco sports fan who will miss collecting bottles and can in Hunter’s Point, I mean Candlestick….

    there’s no land left in SF! get over it

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