Raiders sign fourth-round draft pick Miles Burris

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A day after Oakland started signing draft picks, another one is in the fold.

The Raiders have signed fourth-round pick Miles Burris, a linebacker from San Diego State.

Burris was the second player drafted by the Raiders, who didn’t have a selection until the final pick of the third round. He was a two-time All-Mountain West Conference linebacker at San Diego State, and he had 9.5 sacks as a junior and 8.0 sacks as a senior.

Oakland has also signed defensive end Jack Crawford, defensive tackle Christo Bilukidi and linebacker Nathan Stupar. Their two remaining unsigned draft picks are guard Tony Bergstrom and receiver Juron Criner.

11 responses to “Raiders sign fourth-round draft pick Miles Burris

  1. Burris will be a rookie to keep an eye on in 2012. Much like Ford, Veldheer, Wiz and Moore have been in the past couple seasons.

    The RAIDERS are on the rise, Big Reg has them headed in the right direction.

  2. Burris was decent at San Diego State. Some Bolts fans thought the Chargers would target him, but any thought of that got erased when Melvin Ingram fell to San Diego at No. 18.

    In the NFL, Burris will be about on par with Kirk Morrison. Serviceable but not great.

  3. @humbolt: It remains to be seen how both Burris and Ingram fare in the league.

    I do know the RAIDERS are on the rise while the chargers have been settling in for a steady decline.

  4. Burris will be about on par with Kirk Morrison.

    I’ll take Captain Kirk over Slowlando McClain right now. But since the above analysis is from humbolt, his opinion is as much value of a treadmill to a fat person.

  5. What would all the fat heads do without a Raider article to come spew garbage about?

    I like to talk football with real fans. I realize I’m probably talking to 8th graders, but you guys are fubar in your knowledge.

  6. A guy at the gym (in Tahoe) overheard me mentioning the name Burris the other day. He interrupted to tell me he played with Burris at SD State. His exact quote was

    “That kid was a beast! He came in as a freshmen and put up 295 on the bench 22 times!!!”

    Can’t wait to see this kid play…

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