Ronde Barber: Greg Schiano is very demanding, and we need it


Ronde Barber is in his 16th season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Greg Schiano is in his first season as the Buccaneers’ coach. And Barber says he’s seeing a level of discipline and intensity from Schiano that he’s never seen before.

And Barber says that’s exactly what the Bucs need.

“He’s very demanding, and I think that’s a good thing for this football team,” Barber told Andrew Siciliano on NFL Total Access. “He has come in and really put an emphasis on a lot of details. We line up for stretching and we’re on the line — that’s something I haven’t had since I was in college ball, but he has high expectations for us and you really just have to appreciate what he puts into the job. I think we have a lot of guys right now who are buying into it. He has a saying, the quicker we buy in the quicker we win. And it feels like we’re doing that right now.”

The reason the Bucs need someone who’s so demanding is that they’re coming off a bad season with a “players’ coach” in Raheem Morris. Barber likes Morris, but he realizes that last year, the Bucs responded to Morris’s more laid-back approach to coaching by putting a lackadaisical product on the field.

“We were very uncompetitive, and it got a good friend of mine, our coach, Raheem, fired,” Barber said.

Schiano won’t let the Bucs get away with being very uncompetitive.

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  1. I’ve gotta say that Coach Schiano is saying and doing all the right things so far. My favorite coaching hire of the offseason… it’s going to be interesting to see if this translates to wins on the field.

    If so, Tampa may have blundered their way out of the Chip Kelly mistake, and into the Schiano hire.

  2. Whenever a player refers to a coach as a “close friend of mine” you know there were boundary and discipline issues. You Gould respect/fear your coach, not be trying to grab a beer with him after a game.

  3. .

    Uncompetitive is about as bad as it gets. I’m hopeful that Schiano is given a fair opportunity to succeed.


  4. Dear God did the Bucs ever dodge a bullet with Chip Kelly. It seems he runs a loose ship at Oregon, and more of that in Tampa could have ruined the franchise for years.

    Oh, and Ronde is a Hall of Famer while Tiki is flabergasted, but can lie to people who don’t know who he is and go to the HOF as a visitor and say “See, thats my bust”

  5. I will give him a few years, I would like instant success but thats a rare thing to be honest..

  6. I hope Ronde is right but all I keep hearing in my head is the name Ray Perkins. For you so called Bucs fans that only jumped onboard during the Super Bowl years I highly suggest you go back and look at how Perkins ran the team, ran his training camps and how the team did. So far Schiano seems to be making every single mistake hard-nosed college coaches make when they come to the NFL.

    Oh and Ray Perkins had a winning record in college vs DI teams, Schiano didn’t even achieve that much. Schiano somehow made his way to the NFL by having a losing record vs DI teams in the weakest BCS conference constantly leading his teams to, at best, mediocrity.

    Hopefully all the NFL assistants on the staff will be able to work with him and turn him into a winner at the NFL level, but in my opinion for that to happen Schiano needs to really know the history of former college coaches and how they achieved success at the next level and this isn’t how they did it.

  7. You can say what you want about the Coaches, but the players play the game on the field. If they don’t make plays, it doesn’t matter who called it or what was called. The Bucs have brought in some great talent but if it is enough remains to be seen. It is difficult to go from the worst defense arguably ever to a sustainable one overnight. Schiano & Co, have a lot of work to do. I am already disappointed to see Quincy Black still on the field. The Linebackers are the weakness of the team, and it will take more than Lavonte David to fix it.

  8. I love this guy’s approach. Unfortunately, with spoiled, overpaid millionaires playing the game, (if they don’t win soon) the players will turn on him, quickly.

  9. @onebucplace:

    I really don’t understand the comparison of Schiano to one of the lamest coaches in Bucs’ history, Ray Perkins. I would argue that the ownership under the Culverhouse family was more of an issue back then. There have been plenty of coaches that had stellar college careers only to fail in the NFL, so it really doesn’t matter what his record was @ Rutgers. Most people tied with that program say that he actually got them on the road to relevancy once again.

    I say let the guy have a chance. By all accounts, his approach is working so far, and he has assembled a great group of assistants. One of the biggest acquisitions was Mike Sullivan. Anything is better than vanilla Olsen, who practically threw a bone to opposing defenses week in and week out. We saw where a lack of discipline took the team, and there is a way to demand results from the players and maintain mutual respect. So far Schiano is doing it the right way.

    Lastly, what the hell is up with the pft censors. Time and again, I have contributed a non-offensive comment meant to further the discussion only to have it removed. Really angers me, and if it continues then I will go to other news sources, as there are plenty of options out there.

  10. @pb420

    I actually don’t disagree with most of what you say — I think Morris was much more done in by Greg Olsen who is easily the worst offensive coordinator in the history of the team. I say this since the team has probably as much offensive talent as it has ever had yet he completely ruined the offensive by calling idiotic plays (ie, you have a 260lb QB and a 250lb RB and you call a shotgun play on 3rd-and-1 or better on say a 3rd-and-5 against a blitzing team Olsen would call a reverse, which of course would leave your WR getting tackled for a 7 yard loss — he was very very very very stupid).

    One of my only points of hope is that the Glazers hired Schiano and hopefully they truly did their research and got the right guy. However all the ass kissing of Schiano by the press is a bit much — everyone seems to love he’s a tough guy and he’s playing it up but look at how 99% of these types of college coaches do in the NFL.

    My main point is that it’s very good to change the atmosphere in the locker room but you have to understand you’re not in college anymore. These are men and not boys and thus you can’t treat them same — you can be stricter without doing things just to prove a point. Just know your history, know what works and what doesn’t. It doesn’t mean you have to run things the way Morris did, but don’t turn into a Ray Perkins either where you kill your team in practice. Over the top “tough guy” coaches seldomly hold the respect of their players for very long.

  11. Schiano has much more going for him than Perkins ever did. There is no comparison. And Schiano had an overall winning record in college…especially over the last 7-10 years.

    Besides…coaches with more nfl experience get fired in droves each year…more than college coaches who make the jump.

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