Tuck now calls Coughlin “Cheese”


Once upon a time, we referred to Giants coach Tom Coughlin from time to time as the Soup Nazi.  He now has a much more flattering food-based nickname.

“I asked him if I can get a loan,” Tuck said at the White House on Friday, via Ohm Youngmisuk of ESPNNewYork.com. “That’s one of the reasons he was giddy all week.  I told him I’m going to start calling him ‘Cheese’ now, first of all, because he has a lot of it and second because he keeps smiling.”

Coughlin reportedly will get $20 million over the next three years, which puts him close to the top of the NFL pecking order.  Tuck thinks he should be even higher.

“He deserves to be the number-one paid head coach in this league,” Tuck said.  “I’ve had an opportunity to play for only him in my NFL career and hopefully that stays the same.”

Coughlin, 65, has shown no signs of slowing down.  It sounds like few if any of the players want him to, which reflects perhaps the most remarkable change in attitude that any locker room has ever had for its coach.

Then again, a couple of Super Bowl wins in five years plus a team that has the talent to contend for more will have that effect.

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  1. I hated Coughlin at first. Then after his first Super Bowl win, I have nothing to say… Now… Two Super Bowl wins… I shouldn’t be allowed to talk. God, I can’t wait until week 7 and call for his head on a platter!

  2. Loving the core of this team. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Keep the continuity going boys.

  3. Dude would have been fired a few years ago if his 07 Giants didn’t go all the way that year. He was on the hot seat and without a SB win, he was probably canned. Then his team somehow, I am not sure how, won another, and they reward him like he is a saint. They were so close to not going to the SB last year, and they should have lost that game to my Cards when Sheli fumbled the ball but the ref somehow thought that he was “grounding himself”, even though it is obvious he tripped and fumbled the ball. Game over, you lose, no Playoffs. Just sayin, luck can be on your side at the right times, and this guy (Coughlin) is lucky. Not a great coach

  4. This is why I feel so fortunate to be a Giants fan, because there’s a balance between respect, hardwork, discipline and hob-knobbery that no other team possesses.

    Coughlin for President.

  5. Shotgunnaz with the stupidest comment of the week. Going to pretend he wasn’t a fast winner with an expansion team?

    Utter foolishness and complete nonsense written by a clueless ignoramus.

  6. This guy has been put through the ringer and still is standing tall…..Good job Coughlin!

  7. They beat the same team twice. I know people will say its the Patriots. Yeah well, it was the Bills at one point too.

    Congrats, Cheese.

  8. .
    I don’t know how the Giants won those 2 super bowls going from BUST to facing the Patriots…..
    Both wins so bitter sweet, terrific tom < Droopy lip Eli!
    To win a super bowl when you barely played good enough 3/4 of the season is pure insanity, beating the pats both times make it so sweet.

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