Browns’ strength coach: Trent Richardson is “country-boy strong”


When Browns running back Trent Richardson was at Alabama, his feats of strength were legendary: Richardson bench pressed 475 pounds in the Crimson Tide weight room, and he wanted to do more but the coaching staff wouldn’t let him try. But Browns strength and conditioning coach Kent Johnston says Richardson’s strength isn’t limited to lifting weights.

You know that old term, country-boy strong? He is country-boy strong,” Johnston told the Canton Repository. “Trent’s the type of guy who, if he never touched a weight, he’d be a strong man. But he has really enhanced that by the work he put in at Alabama.”

Johnston says that Richardson has the natural athletic ability to be a great player, and Johnston sees his own job as being more about helping Richardson to stay healthy than about doing anything to make him any stronger than he already is.

“He has a strength and power ratio right now that can allow him to be elite, physically,” Johnston said. “I want him to maintain that, and I would like to work on things that can help him stay durable.”

Johnston is just the latest in a line of Browns coaches to be amazed by Richardson’s talent. If Richardson stays durable, the Browns should have an elite running back for years to come.

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  1. Glad to hear Trent has coaches who seem to be focused on channeling his strength and keeping him healthy. He can be a long-term asset for this team as long as they don’t burn him out. I’d love to see the Browns competitive again, and Trent is a guy who can help them achieve that.

  2. This kid reminds me of a Michael Turner with his physicality, and he has impeccable instincts when running between the tackles in those high-traffic areas. Problem is, everyone is essentially a bodybuilder in the NFL, and very few ball-carriers in this league have success while not possessing breakaway speed.

    *Also, the Browns better develop a significant passing threat to keep opposing defenses honest. They’re going to be stacking the box on Trent quite a bit…

  3. He had better be strong…he’ll have to carry this team for the next couple of years.

  4. Let him learn from the likes of Marion Barber III and Adrian Peterson… that extra yard and effort might seem important at the time, but the tole it takes on your body (specifically knees) is not worth it in a few years. Get the first down and give a good effort kid, but don’t wear yourself out because that big second contract (if you play up to your potential) won’t look so big after they cut you 2-3 years into it after you’re broken.

  5. @Jessethegreat peterson got hurt on fluke play at the line of scrimmage. peterson has made a living by getting all the yards he can get & has been a 4 time all pro by doing so. RBs are not weak recievers They are physical, ecpically adrian peterson. what would Jim brown be If he went down after first contact?

  6. I agree with the comment about opposing defenses stacking the box because they know the Browns have no receiving threat and a rookie QB.

    I just hope Trent can stay healthy, and be productive for them.

  7. I bet peyton hillis could bench 475 plus t-rich on top and look how that worked out for us. I’m excited to watch the guy play but I. Just hope he stays motivated… GOOOOO BROWNIES!!!!!!

  8. This is getting silly. Every time I turn around the Browns are hyping this guy. If you went by the Browns hype you’d swear the guy was already in the NFL Hall of Fame. What’s really happening here is that the Browns are trying to justify their embarrassing behavior on draft day and the fact that they acted like a 13 year old girl with a Justin Bieber infatuation.

    “Country-Boy strong”…… give me a break. That’s just embarrassing.

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