Chargers pass, Chiefs next for Brian Banks


Despite an invitation to next week’s minicamp in Seattle, linebacker Brian Banks isn’t waiting to see if the man who once recruited him to USC will be offering him a contract.  Per U-T San Diego, via’s Bill Williamson, Banks will continue to try out for other teams.

The process started Friday in San Diego, where Banks tried out for the Chargers.  Coach Norv Turner opted not to offer Banks a job, but Turner said of the man who spent five years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, “I certainly would not bet against him.”

Per Michael Gehlken of U-T San Diego, Banks will try out for the Chiefs before the Seahawks minicamp.  The Redskins, Vikings, and 49ers still want to take a closer look at the man who hasn’t played football in nearly a decade.

In an inadvertent homage to Rocky Balboa, Banks declared that the invitation to compete for a roster spot at the Seattle minicamp was, behind getting out of prison, the “second-best day of my life.”  We’ve got a feeling that, if/when he gets signed to a roster, there will be a new No. 2.

Possibly a new No. 1.

Regardless of how it turns out, a lot of people are rooting for Brian Banks.  We are, too.

21 responses to “Chargers pass, Chiefs next for Brian Banks

  1. I’d love for my Raiders to take a look at him. With the pending suspension of McClain, we could use a body at linebacker. What an awesome story, I hope this young man gets signed somewhere.

  2. If the tryouts don’t work out then head to college or JC and get up to game speed. Brandon Weeden just got drafted at age 29.

  3. I’m sure he’s a great guy and all and it would make a great story to see him on a team. But, what if the guy isn’t any good. I’m just saying. If these teams won’t even give him a roster spot to even make a practice squad. Why should we even care anymore? I think its more telling that he’s trying to enter the NFL instead of getting his GED or going to college.

  4. Mr.Banks, best of luck in your future,saw you on the news last night you have a great attitude I hope that the person that accussed you gets what they deserve,

  5. Just like canetic said, If he doesn’t get picked up by a team this year, entering JC would be his best bet, that way he is able to get back to playing form. It worked for Brandon Weeden, It could work for him. Besides, Linebackers usually have a longer shelf life in the NFL… Lewis, Spikes and Fletcher are some of the examples of long LB careers.

  6. it seems that I’m more angry at the chick who put him in jail for five years than he is. the guy has an incredible attitude. sign him vikes!

  7. getthegleam says: Jun 9, 2012 9:59 AM

    I’d love for my Raiders to take a look at him. With the pending suspension of McClain, we could use a body at linebacker. What an awesome story, I hope this young man gets signed somewhere.

    Im rooting for him too but we have added a lot of new bodies since last season in Wheeler, Burris, Stupar and Burnett and Travis Goethal, who was said to be in a position to take the starting job away from McClain before his season ending injury in preseason, is back too. Throw in McClain and Curry and thats 7 + 2 other camp bodies and Blackstock waiting in the wings to get resigned, which makes 10 LB’s, all of whom have not been out of football for years like Banks. I wish him luck though,

  8. canetic says: Jun 9, 2012 10:05 AM

    If the tryouts don’t work out then head to college or JC and get up to game speed. Brandon Weeden just got drafted at age 29.


    In the presser at Seahawks headquarters Brian explained that he played for Long Beach College for about a year after he was paroled in 2007. He said in 2008 the state changed the law so that people on parole with a sex offense in their record had to wear a GPS anklet. He said the rules regarding the anklet basically made it impossible for him to continue at LBS or any other college.

    He then explained that it was his understanding that his eligibility “window” started in 2007, when he started with LBS, and was limited to five years. The result being he has no more college eligibility left. He said due to this he decided to just “go for it” and attempt pro tryouts after his exoneration in late May.

    The entire presser is about 20 minutes and is on the Seahawks site. Banks doesn’t disappoint, after watching it it is pretty easy to see why so many people are pulling for him.

  9. bearsrulepackdrool,

    He went to prison early, I can guarantee you if you spent the same time in prison at the same age under really any circumstances, and you had a shot in the dark at your Dream, planning for a crappy life with a GED or putting yourself into debt with college for a small chance at success and a decent chance at lower-middle class earnings, wouldnt you go for your dream? I would, Id go for it ASAP and never look back.


    Thanks for that, didnt even know about it. Guy has a pretty good reason.

  10. Folkcrusader,

    I Ref HS Football, and had a Coach ask me to check a pad on a player. It was on his ankle and a huge pad. It was OK, but I could not figure it out. It ended up being an ankle tracker. LOL I have never heard of anyone else having to approve one to play, maybe he could not get prmission to travel.

    I hope he does good, not only because I am a Hawks Fan, but the guys seems like a great guy. I could see the guy making the PS this year, and maybe in a year or two be on the team for a few years.

  11. Great story and wish the Guy well. Somebody stated earlier that they didn’t know if he is even that good, well apparently the Guy has talent or atleast once did have a lot because its not like every person who was ONCE good at a sport gets invited to perform in front of the best scouts out there. I’m sure there is obviously enough tape or something out there otherwise there would be no chance. were talking the NFL!! Good luck Banks and hope everything works out for the best!!!

  12. I wish the guy all the best… but am I the only one who thinks Brian Banks should set his sights on making a JC or collegiate squad first? At the very least just for a year to get back into the swing of playing football… the guy has been locked away for 5 years.

    Just b/c he was a talented HS player 5 years ago, doesn’t mean he’s going to step out of prison and be NFL ready, as most of you clearly think…

  13. I can see the chiefs signing this guy we need depth at LB & even if he doesn’t make the 53 man roster he could at least be put on the practice squad! I mean we are giving the YouTube QB phenom Alex Tanney a shot why not this guy he has a lot of heart but even If he doesn’t get a shot with the chiefs hope some other team gives him a shot he deserves it!

  14. The accuser’s name is Wanetta Gibson. Let’s make her life miserable as she will not be forced to pay back the 700K+ she bilked from the school system in her bogus lawsuit, or be held accountable for taking 10 years of this man’s life. Wanetta Gibson.

  15. Of course the chargers passed on him just like they passed on Eli Manning and let Rodney Harrison and LT go they don’t want heart in SD AND APPARENTLY A SUPER BOWL !!!!

  16. In her testimony recant Gibson admitted “she and Banks were `making out pretty heavy’ on the day of the alleged rape.” But nothing more.

    Gibson said Banks didn’t force her to have intercourse or “anything like that.”

    If there was no intercourse how did this even get to court? There had to be some kind of evidence, right? If there was no intercourse and no evidence then no way he would plead guilty. Everyone loves a great feel good story, but it really seems like something is missing in this story.

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