Finley’s “freestyling” could make things interesting for the Packers in 2012


Packers tight end Jermichael Finley’s plan for the coming season is to stop fretting and start performing.

After a subpar contract year that resulted in a short-term deal that pays him well but defers a truly big payday until he shows more consistency, Finley isn’t thinking about the future.

Instead, he reiterates to Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Finley’s personal T-shirt slogan for the coming season: “freestyling.”

“Just go out and let loose,” Finley explained. “Don’t worry about anything.”

In the past, the worrying possibly has translated into untimely drops, as Finley may have at times obsessed over the connection between getting the job done and getting paid a lot of money to keep doing it.

If that’s what he had been doing, he won’t be doing it any more.

“It’s all about letting loose and just playing my game,” Finley said.  “Go back to high school a little bit and have fun with it now.  Leave the NFL for what it is.

“Obviously, the NFL is paying us for what we do.  You have to take it for what it is, man.  I say, ‘Go back and have fun like I was in high school.'”

It also sounds like Finley, who has been relatively quiet in relation to his initial NFL years, is going to revert to his past loquaciousness.

“When you’re trying to switch yourself up for somebody else, you’re not living,” Finley said.  “You’re not living your life.  You’re not comfortable in yourself.  Doing what I do, playing football, you have to be yourself.”

That could create some issues, if Finley is candid about things about which the team would prefer he not be candid.  But the team may have to accept that — and they may be willing to do it — if it means that Finley will be more productive on the field.

Finley also plans to spend three days in California after an upcoming minicamp working out with quarterback Aaron Rodgers, which should help address Finley’s concern that there was a lack of chemistry with Rodgers in 2011.

But if Finley “freestyles” too much, either with his play or with his words, the chemistry with Rodgers could be affected in a different way.

16 responses to “Finley’s “freestyling” could make things interesting for the Packers in 2012

  1. Jermichael Finley needs to stop worrying about Gronk and Graham and start worrying about himself. Maybe he should worry about Hernandez, though. NE’s second TE had more receiving yards last year than Finley has ever had in a single season. Finley doesn’t seem like the next big thing the way the fantasy football media made him out to be (which is where a lot of the real football Finley hype came from). Antonio Gates, even in games where he has a bad wheel, still scares me more than Finley.

  2. That’s right, JerryMichael, playing in the NFL is all about hanging loose, maxin’ and relaxin’ on the field.. It’s just like high school ball. You make sure you go out there and have as much fun as possible.

  3. As a pack fan he better step up quick and quit showboating after every time he makes a catch or otherwise McCarthy won’t put up with that and he will b gone after 2 years

  4. “It also sounds like Finley, who has been relatively quiet in relation to his initial NFL years, is going to revert to his past loquaciousness.”

    Loquaciousness…. Great use of that word.

  5. I strongly believe that this season will be an awesome year for Finley,hope he has little to no drops this year,if so that would be huge for the offense and for the rest of the team!:) 13-3 and SB47 Book It #GoPackGo!!!

  6. Great QBs LOVE when receivers don’t do what they’re supposed to do. They think it’s WONDERFUL when a receiver is supposed to be in one place, but puts himself somewhere else. That will totally make Rodgers happy.

  7. Finley’s play hasn’t even matched half of the level of the (fantasy football) hype he has received the past 3 years. Also, every year since his rookie year we have heard the same b.s. come out of finley’s mouth about how he was going to have an upcoming monster season. This idiot needs to spend less time reading the fantasy football mags, he needs to quit acting like the true TE studs just because he catches one out of every 6 passes thrown his way. I recall GB drafting another “physical speciman” named Tony Mandarich who turned out to be a bust.

  8. This guy is an idiot. And to think I was hoping he’d be the second coming of Antonio Gates. At least he got the injury part of that down. He’s a clown that has shown 2 important things. 1 being he’s an awesome athlete, 2 being he has terrible hands. I was extremely upset when Quarless went down, because he was a less expensive version, and gave Finley negotiating power. The pack will wait and see how he recovers before giving Finley anything long term. That was a genius move by the pack.

  9. I’m a packer fan 4 life…and Finley is one of my favorite packers definitely a top 5 of current players on team…so many haters everywhere but its all good we appreciate the hate…LOL…Go Packers

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