Matt Schaub says he’s ready to go


Seven months after a foot injury ended his 2011 season, Texans quarterback Matt Schaub still isn’t a full participant in Organized Team Activities, and he won’t be on the field during next week’s minicamp, either. But he says he’s 100 percent healthy.

I’m ready to go,” Schaub told John McClain of the Houston Chronicle.

Schaub, who is recovering from Lisfranc surgery on his right foot, has been working on agility drills on a side field with other players who aren’t fully participating in practice, and he appears to be in good shape.

Texans coach Gary Kubiak said he’s holding Schaub and receiver Andre Johnson (who had arthroscopic knee surgery a month ago) back as a precaution, but he has no concerns about their health.

“We know what Matt’s capable of, and we’re expecting big things from him,” Kubiak said. “He’ll work as hard as anybody. He and Andre are going to have to stay at it.”

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  1. Two teams are really relying on fragile quarterbacks to give them a shot at a super bowl: Philadelphia and Houston.

    Both are playing a little russian roulette with their seasons.

    The risk could be worth it, but I hope their fan bases realized this going into the season.

  2. You can’t help but wonder if Schaub’s injury last year cost them a Super Bowl.

    It sure seems that way.

  3. I’m not sure if they’re the best team in the NFL, but they are the most balanced and barring no injuries the Texans don’t really have any weaknesses.

  4. I wish this guy would GO away from Houston. Classoc choke artist. This guy never converts the big third down and ALWAYS makes critical errors in the worst moment. Good that this guy is in his last year. Sadly the Texans over rate him….they’re willing to accept anything thats better than the nightmare that was David Carr…this guy is going to hold him back Matt Schaub is todays Scott Mitchell.

  5. As Texans fan, I am glad to know that he is healthy. Being realistic about the upcoming season without buying into the hype, if the Texans go 8-8 and do not make the playoffs then this should be Matt Schaub and Gary Kubiak’s last year with the Texans. Kubiak is currently 47-49 in 6 seasons with 1 playoff berth so another season of underachieving is not acceptable. This is definitely a make or break season for both.

  6. If Shaub was playing in the divisional round they would have beat Baltimore.

    Im not a Houston fan. Just my observation from last season.

    And your one of the favorites to come out of the afc this upcoming season.

  7. Hope he stays healthy. Schaub bided his time and it has payed off for him. Similar with Kubiak. Kudos to McNair for giving a coach the time to actually build a team without jumping the gun and replaces him in a league that demands instant results.

  8. Rick Smith should have moved heaven and earth to sign Peyton Manning. We could have gotten a nice haul of picks for Schaub if we’d tried.

  9. Read an article from a league insider that after the first Denver trip Mannings camp contacted the Texans and that is where he wanted to go. They promptly said “Thanks but no thanks.”

    If the owner McNair is one thing he is loyal. He has always stated he wanted the Texans to be built organizational wise like the Patriots and Steelers.

  10. They have a loser (47-49) head coach, who although has probably done a good job with making Schaub look decent, is an OC, not NFL head coach material

  11. By comparison, Josh Freeman (Buccaneers QB) is possibly one of the best QB’s the team has ever had, statistically speaking. Although those stats appear to be average, or slightly better, the reality is that teams rarely run into “average, or slightly better QB’s.

    The Texans would be wise to simply stay the course with Shaub. In the longrun, it’s better to have a “brad Johnson,” who will guide you there eventually (at least once) instead of possibly never.

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