Now in Green Bay, Phillip Merling says he’s matured


As the 32nd overall pick in the 2008 NFL draft, Phillip Merling was a big disappointment for the Dolphins, a defensive end who recorded just 3.5 sacks before being released after four seasons. But Merling says he’s going to be a different player in Green Bay.

Merling, who was also arrested for aggravated battery in a domestic dispute during his time in Miami, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that he’s changing things both on and off the field.

I matured a whole lot from when I got released until now,” Merling said. “You start to put things in perspective and football is important to me. I’m going to do my best to continue to keep playing the game.”

When Merling was a high draft pick, he now says, he became complacent knowing that he was going to make the team. In Green Bay, Merling has no such assurances, and he says that’s going to make him push himself.

“You can take it for granted, getting drafted pretty high. Things are kind of handed to you and right now, shhh . . . – nothing is handed to you,” Merling said. “I’m working from the ground up. I like it though. It’s a challenge and I’m ready to step up to it.”

If Merling doesn’t step up in Green Bay, he may be done in the NFL.

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  1. That clown is done! He had 4 years to prove who he is and even his admission that he was complacent is just proof of who he is!

  2. Month and a half in Green Bay and he says he’s matured… maybe it’s something in the water!

  3. Teddy gave him the “attitude adjustment”
    He had to grab his ankles when he signed. How does a guy get to be in his late 50s without ever dating a woman?
    It’s odd.

  4. Once again, thank you so much Bill Parcells for all you did for us while you were here.

    Merling was the first pick of the second round in 2008. Take a look at the list of second round picks that year that Parcells chose Merling ahead of.

    Parcells actually had 2 second round picks and with the other on he picked Chad Henne.

    In the 3rd round he picked Kendall Langford.

    In the 4th round he picked Shawn Murphy.

    None of those guys are with the team anymore, and none did anything special while they were here. Murphy didn’t even make the team in 2008.

    So yes, once again. Thank you Bill Parcells. Were so wonderful. You actually out Cam Cameron-ed Cam Cameron.

  5. By his own admission, he needs to be kept on edge all the time to keep him productive.
    Green Bay needs a full time babysitter/Turk to monitor this guy.

    Talk about high maintenance.

  6. Green Bay needs defensive linemen, Merling needs a new start. Sounds like a win-win situation to me. If he bombs, the Packers aren’t out anything. If he becomes inspired, a minimum salary is a bargain for a former high draft pick.

  7. Sound low risk/high reward pick up for the Packers. Anybody remember how bad Jason Babin was in Houston? A little change of scenery and scheme and look at him now.

  8. “Green Bay needs a full time babysitter/Turk to monitor this guy.”

    He won’t get one. There’s nothing for him to do in Green Bay to get in trouble. Even if there was he’s going to have to stay out of trouble on his own. He has probably run through his rookie contract and come to the realization that he’s not going to make that kind of money again in his lifetime. The prospect of saying ” would you like fries with that” will make a guy mature real quick. great move by Thompson. He has stacked the D line with competition. With all the rookies, veteran FA’s and returning IR’s it should be one Hell of a camp to watch.

  9. He waited until he got fired before he realized he needs to put in a little effort. It’s a shame how he wasted his time in Miami. Another high-end draft pick that fizzled for the Dolphins. I wish the teams would/could put a clause in contracts that recoup contract money (not just fines) when/if these idiots do stupid stuff like get a DUI, gun incident, drug use/PEDs, bar fight, wife/gf beating, etc. Maybe if they knew they could lose big coin, they might behave a little better when they aren’t being babysat by the team.

  10. Who doesn’t “mature” when getting kicked to the curb after wasting your previous opportunities?

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