So far, T.O. is all talk when it comes to suing the Wranglers

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Terrell Owens will sue the Allen Wranglers.  Unless he doesn’t.

That pretty much summarizes the status of Owens’ threat to sue his most recent former employer.

He threatened to sue the Wranglers if they didn’t give him by Tuesday $160,000 and retract comments about his failure to show up for an event at a children’s hospital.  The Wranglers told him politely (or not) to shove it.

As of Thursday, Owens reportedly told the Wranglers that a suit would be coming if he didn’t get what he wanted by the end of the day.  The end of the day came and went, and Owens has yet to sue.

Perhaps Owens realizes that if he sues the Wranglers he’ll wipe out whatever slim hope he may have left to get back into the NFL.  Or maybe he realizes that filing suit would be a waste of time, because the Wranglers surely don’t have the money to pay him, via settlement or verdict.

Or maybe he wants to milk this thing for as much attention as possible before making a decision.

We’ll choose all of the above.

10 responses to “So far, T.O. is all talk when it comes to suing the Wranglers

  1. raynman49 says: Jun 9, 2012 8:11 PM

    Maybe we’ve finally seen the last of this clown. I hope.
    That’s all we can do, right?!? Hope!!!! When will this circus act die, or just go/fade away?

  2. If he’s telling the truth he should sue only if he is on an NFL team by week one, his bye week, or by the time he has another NFL contract in 2013 (even though it is a longshot).

  3. For all the T.O. haters (including this site’s editor) he doesn’t seem to want the attention right now.

    He hasn’t Tweeted since June 2, 2012.

    I hate to sound naive, but he might actually be conducting himself in a business-like manner for the first time in his life. It’s unfortunate and INEXCUSABLE, but he had an implicitly enabling agent in Drew Rosenhaus and should’ve fired him years ago. Why??? You can’t have too many “yes men” in your life and Rosenhaus is overrated!!!

    Javon Walker fired Rosenhaus after the 2005 and got two big contracts after doing so!!!

    You don’t need Rosenhaus to get a big contract!!! There are other agents that drive the market and teams that are desperate for players in order for you to cash in!!! Trust me because you, Terrell Owens, and I don’t need to trust Rosenhaus!!!

  4. Poor T.O.

    He’s become completely irrelevent …. even to the Allen Wranglers!

    Yeah, we’ve got our popcorn, Terrell, and you’re down to 16,ooo reasons to stay alive.

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