Back from fishing

It was a great day on the Buckhannon River with 10 family members and, in the end, 18 fish.

Yep.  Somehow, I caught 18 fish.  (A few of them were so small that they might technically constitute not fish but bait.)

The water was cold and the sun was bright and the little white rubber worm with the twistee tail had the bass going bonkos.

That’s my seven-year-old nephew, after we hooked a smallmouth that strangely looked a lot bigger up close.  (My seven-year-old nephew also burned Florio Jr. on a “go” route and made a great catch while running full speed of a bad throw from yours truly.)

I’ll probably sneak up there again on another Sunday or two before the season gets rolling.  The rest of the week, I’ll be grabbing an oar along with the rest of the crew, which features a new addition we’ll be announcing soon.