Back from fishing

It was a great day on the Buckhannon River with 10 family members and, in the end, 18 fish.

Yep.  Somehow, I caught 18 fish.  (A few of them were so small that they might technically constitute not fish but bait.)

The water was cold and the sun was bright and the little white rubber worm with the twistee tail had the bass going bonkos.

That’s my seven-year-old nephew, after we hooked a smallmouth that strangely looked a lot bigger up close.  (My seven-year-old nephew also burned Florio Jr. on a “go” route and made a great catch while running full speed of a bad throw from yours truly.)

I’ll probably sneak up there again on another Sunday or two before the season gets rolling.  The rest of the week, I’ll be grabbing an oar along with the rest of the crew, which features a new addition we’ll be announcing soon.

19 responses to “Back from fishing

  1. I’m printing this bad boy out and putting it with my massive collection of Peter King’s coffee and daughter’s lacrosse stories!!

  2. Glad you had fun! I went out catfishing last night but struck out. You guys work your ass off on here so its good you sneak away for some R&R every so often.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. What a wonderfully Mayberry photo!! Too bad Rosenthal left; he’d have made a great Barney to your Andy. Glad you had a nice day!

  4. be a man and use a flyrod. otherwise you’re just emabarassing yourself.

    but seriously, good on ya, and double goodonya for fishing with kids.

    but seriously, get a effing fly rod

  5. Florio’s June schedule:

    Monday – talk about football
    Tuesday – talk about football
    Wednesday – talk about football
    Thursday – talk about football
    Friday – talk about football
    Saturday – talk about football
    Sunday – go fishing

    Somewhere warm the ink is drying on a contract for Mike’s soul.

  6. If you look closely you can easily see that either Florio or one of his 18 year old co-ed interns photoshopped out his black socks. I had a computer geek friend look at the photo and he thinks the rod, fish, kid and the background were all photoshopped into the photo. He says this was originally a picture of Florio messing around with puppets at an agricultural fair in rural West Virginia.

  7. Fishing is the best. Keep what you want to eat, release the rest.

    Now you just need to do what the real men do – go saltwater fishing.

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