Brian Banks partially accepts Seahawks minicamp offer


Brian Banks will be going to Seahawks minicamp, but he isn’t letting it get in the way of his chances of landing with another team.

Banks committed to USC as a high school linebacker before his life was derailed by a conviction on rape charges that turned out to be fabricated, but he won’t fully commit to Pete Carroll this time around. Bruce Tollner, Banks’ agent, told the Associated Press that Banks will take the Seahawks up on their offer of an extended tryout during next week’s minicamp after Banks visits another team.

Banks will work out for the Chiefs on Tuesday and then head to Seattle for the final two days of Seahawks minicamp. The Seahawks took a look at Banks last week and extended him an invitation to join the team for minicamp.

The Chargers also put Banks through his paces at their facility, but declined to offer him a contract or second visit. The Redskins, Vikings and 49ers have also been mentioned as teams interested in seeing if Banks can write the happily ever after to a fairy tale wearing their uniform.

26 responses to “Brian Banks partially accepts Seahawks minicamp offer

  1. I wish the bills would take a look at him and stash him on the practice squad a year or two on the squad he could be decent depth player

  2. So I have been seeing these headlines about Brian banks and asking, who is that? First one I have read…. Was wondering where he played his college ball?

  3. I’m sure he’s not 100% football ready, and its going to take the right coach to notice or recognize if he has enough potential. Best of Luck!

  4. It’s certainly a shame that he had to go through what he had to go through. However, I’m glad teams are giving him a shot, and I certainly wish him the best of luck.

  5. Any remaining property/assets of the $1.5 million that went to the so-called victim’s mother should be confiscated and turned over to Banks.

  6. I think any girl who falsely accuses someone of rape should be beaten to the verge of death. You see it all the time ( Parrish cox) a girl has a few drinks has sex with a dude and wakes up the next day ashamed and instead of being accountable she cries rape.

    A really good friend of mine got accused of rape and was found guilty. A few months later it comes out that she lied. She told friends and they told their parents and they told her parents who made her tell the police. The damage was done my friend has to register as a sex offender, he cannot own firearms or vote. He has a hard time finding a good job or a place to live because he has to declare on every application that he was convicted of a sex crime. The worst part is, is that absolutely nothing happened to the girl. NOTHING. She regretted her actions and instead of owning them she lied and said she was raped.
    I think sexual crimes are the worst of any offense including murder. Rape of children especially. The punishment should be execution no exceptions. The punishment for falsely accusing someone of rape should be just as severe. Just like in an actual rape you are violating someones livelihood.

  7. @nflfollower You sure don’t live up to your name. The man was falsely accused of raping a woman 10 years ago and she finally recanted. He had a full ride to USC at the time as a line backer. He finally got out and NFL teams have been giving him try outs to help him out as it was his only dream.

  8. nflfollower, he didn’t play in college. He committed to USC, but was accused of rape and spent I believe right around 10 years in jail before the woman admitted she lied.

  9. The smart thing would be for him to shame UA into giving him back his scholarship! Let him get his education or after a year of college ball let him go to the pro’s.

  10. jacobslatter says:Jun 10, 2012 7:37 PM

    Any remaining property/assets of the $1.5 million that went to the so-called victim’s mother should be confiscated and turned over to Banks.

    It’s gone. The girl was a minor when it happened, and the money went to her family…who were probably the ones encouraging her to lie so they could sue the school district where the alleged rape took place.

    As is the case with a lot of average people who suddenly find themselves with a huge amount of money, it just didn’t last. I read an article about the “confession” that she gave. She arrived for that meeting on a bus. $1.5 million, and ten years later, she doesn’t have a car to drive. Pretty much tells you how well her family tended the fortune.

  11. she cleared his name AFTER he was already released from prison.. That women should spend 10yrs of her life behind bars at a supermax DOC. His prison is no joke, a bunch of alpha males locked in a box with no one else but angery alpha males. No idea how he could forgive her for that..

  12. Oh, and from seeing interviews, I wouldn’t worry too much if the football thing doesn’t work out. He is no dumb jock. He is intelligent and articulate, and would be a great motivational speaker. Also, once he’s done the whirlwind of trying to get on a team, there will be a book deal, and given he lives within an hour of Hollywood, probably a movie (Blind Side 2?).

  13. Bad move. He’s giving up one third of his best chance of making a team. And it shows a lack of commitment to the offer. He should be there for all three days in order to absolutely maximize what may ultimately be his only opportunity.

  14. Cant blame him..I mean really who the hell in their right mind would want to live in seattle?Why not see if he could make it on a real NFL team not some team no one cards about like the Seahawks

  15. I”m hoping this kid finds a home and gets his life where he deserved. Still cannot believe that chick is free and still has that money.
    Go Brian. We’re rooting for you kid.

  16. Good luck to the dude in either place. Good and/or innocent people should always have a shot at a second chance.

    Also regarding the 49ers, I disagree. The 49ers couldnt have been very interested in him once the original charge turned out to be made up, considering how Jim Harbaugh signed COX after it became clear he isnt innocent.

  17. I’m happy this is a person who will earn a million on potential book/movie deals. he deserves it and its an incredible story. best of luck in football, regardless of what team ur on!

  18. This guy went thru hell because of a lying hoe. Her east coast version were the stripper at the Duke lacross party. Remember how that played out ?? Th bottom line, is if you want some trim, keep booze and drugs out of the play, it’s just more reasons for these $$ grabs to happen.Yeah, send her to jail for the same sentence he got, 5 years in the can plus 5 more on electronic watch. Hope he gets a movie and book deal on his comeback and faith. Like big time cash out for him.

  19. They should throw that woman and her entire family in jail. They knew. They just didn’t wanna give the money back. Instead, they waited until they blew all of it and now they’re poor again. I’m not making this up, either – read up. It’s a demonstration of how horrible people can be. It’s an abomination.

    This young man should’ve already been in the NFL after a promising college career. He’s a gifted athlete and an honest, hardworking man. I truly hope he can find his way onto a team somehow. He deserves it maybe more than anyone after what he’s gone through.

  20. @norcalmafia

    For someone who proclaims to say they have no interest in the Seahawks, you spend ALOT of time posting and trolling on the Seahawk team articles (complete with misspellings and bad grammar). Does this give you some sort of misguided self-esteem boost as you know you really can’t support your own team? Realistically, you know the future is not promising.

  21. I can’t imagine he’s in football shape or hasn’t lost the skills. Realistically it sounds like a PR move for the NFL teams to get some publicity for a feel good story for a guy who deserves a chance. However, he’s been out of football (high school) for over 10 years.

    That said, I hope nothing but the best for Brian Banks. Listening to the interviews I was impressed by how articulate he is considering where he grew up and where he was for the past 10 years.

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