David Diehl arrested for possible DUI

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A week after two NFL players were arrested for DUI, another one may be coming.

Last weekend, Vikings fullback Jerome Felton was arrested for driving drunk in a drive-thru lane at McDonald’s.  The next morning, Jaguars receiver Justin Blackmon was arrested in Oklahoma with triple the legal limit of alcohol in his blood, allegedly.

On Sunday night, Giants offensive lineman David Diehl was arrested after smashing his BMW into multiple parked cars, according to Sarah Armaghan of the New York Daily News.

Diehl was arrested on the scene, on Broadway at 31st Street in Astoria.  There were no injuries, and official charges are pending.  Police said Diehl may have been driving drunk.

79 responses to “David Diehl arrested for possible DUI

  1. He just won a Superb Owl. It’s nothing. Heck, look what Rothlesberger is allowed to get away with.

  2. whatever $’s it takes to fix all the damage should be deducted from the giants cap space…

  3. Why don’t we pay them a few more million dollars, so they have absolutely nothing more to do than blow money,party and be jerks.

  4. They need to STOP fining this guys and suspend them straight away !!!! Making them accountable to their Team Mates explaining their absence from the field !!!! Maybe their Team Mates might have more to say !!!!! Saying we don’t need you if your always suspended !!!!!

  5. If only NFL players could use taxi’s or had friends to call to drive them or limos they could rent to drive them around.

  6. Soon to come, an article from the NFLPA or some other lawyer/Union, claiming the NFL should have provided a ride home for Diehl…

    This is what is all that is wrong with Football.

  7. Good LORD! This makes me sick! What kind of example are NFL players setting for kids/adults all across the world??? It is a privilege to be in the NFL, not a god-given right. Man up and do the right thing. I hope Goodell starts suspending these idiots for like 4 games or something. Something needs to be done, and something needs to be done now. This is getting ridiculous! These guys are straight moron’s and need to pay the price of their stupidity and immaturity.

  8. I love the guy that said he won a ‘Superb Owl’. That’s just original. But I’ve met the guy on several occasions and he’s a good dude. Honestly surprised to hear this. But everyone makes mistakes. Driving while drunk is absolutely inexcusable, especially for a guy with that kind of money, but it happens. Tighten your sh!t up David. You’re better than that.

  9. A friend of mine recently lost his son who was repairing the back tire of his truck and was hit by a woman who was drunk and couldn’t brake in time. Now that woman(mother of two kids by the way) is on suicide watch. Why can people not realize how insanely stupid drinking under influence can be ?

  10. Wait a minute, a DUI while going through a McDonald’s drive through??? I have to give the “Doofus Award” to that one !!! LOL

  11. Actually, Diehl is playing this smart. You have to know the laws in your state, but as a general rule, never do the breath, or field sobriety tests. Both have been proven unreliable. Politely decline both, and just skip to the blood test. Now, if you are totally wasted, then you are in trouble. If you have just had a couple of drinks, and may be borderline, this is good advice. Will cost you time, but may save you a lot of time later and a lot of cash.

  12. That would take a lot of alcohol to bring his Blood Alcohol Level to be past .08, that’s one big dude.

  13. epmckenna says: Jun 10, 2012 11:43 PM

    “If only the NFL had something set up for players to get a free ride home when they’re drunk…”

    You mean the the program they have had for years and so many players never took advantage of?

    If only some players had enough brains to call for a cab. I know, I know, working a telephone is real hard and the players really can’t afford a cab.

  14. Thhis is becoming a problem. Luckily no one has died from these guys driving drunk. It has happened before, ask Stallworth. It is just a matter of time. I think this is one issue the NFL needs to punish big time for. Whats the NFLPA going to say…they agree with driving drunk? You guys are not above the law. Take a stand on this NFL and Owners!!

  15. I was arrested for drunk driving in October – I’m an alcoholic and its because I can’t control what I do if I drink – ever, period.
    The normal control someone exerts “I will not drive” is not there – I would endure any pain and foresake any money never to drive drunk, yet it actually and willingly happened.
    I think society would change if it’d replace sympathy with disdain and compassion with threats of idiocy – really you have to take the person out of it, and make automobiles and other things that won’t operate if someone is drunk – you have to realize thats just how it is.
    There’s less will in the drunk person than stars in their courses.

  16. The NFL needs a taxi fleet on call in every major city, then the players wouldn’t feel guilty shelling out $50 for a cab.

  17. Don’t worry, it will be forgotten soon enough. The media has too much invested in portraying the Giants as the “classy” team in New York.

  18. epmckenna says:Jun 10, 2012 11:43 PM

    If only the NFL had something set up for players to get a free ride home when they’re drunk…

    Heard on an interview with an ex player that they do, the players just refuse to use it…

  19. Long day of drinking, started out at charity golf tournament in Westchester, then watching Croatia take out Ireland 3-1. Nypost has funny article about his day

  20. Too bad the “I’m a NY Giant” line probably won’t work as well as saying “I’m a Raider” in Oakland…

  21. SH!T happens !! One time….. We can only hope he learned his lesson……..Thank God nobody was hurt.

    This story will really be upsetting if he followed in the footsteps of all the other NFL Idiots by not having a valid license or any insurance.

  22. “multiple parked cars”? How do you smash into more than one car? Did he back up and try again?

  23. It’s ridiculous to think the NFL should set some program up to take grown men home after drinking too much. There are already taxi services set up and I’m sure he has a phone where he could have called a friend or family member. These guys just think they’re above the law and for some reason fans think so too. If they can’t function like rational adults then they shouldn’t be allowed to play. The NFL shouldn’t be required act as a babysitter.

  24. Why is it NFL players need some special program for sober cabs and safe drivers..? How about the rest of the world?

  25. NO ONE has EVER been convicted for POSSIBLE DUI. So Diehl gets the “benefit of the doubt” headline, but not Blackmon? Hmmm…

    Wasn’t he actually arrested for refusing the breathalyzer?

  26. BTW this is worse than Justin Blackmon

    Diehl witnessed his buddy Kareem McKenzie on the NY Giants do the same thing, Diehl is 31 years old, and been in the NFL for almost a decade.

    Justin Blackmon is just a young kid who hasnt figured it out yet. Diehl has.

    They both should be suspended.

  27. Damn it David. We know you were pumped about Croatia dominating Ireland, but call a f**kin cab or
    a friend!!!

    He will bounce back from this. One of the hardest working on the team.


  28. As a Giants fan, I say suspension is necessary. Would stink to lose our Senior O-Linemen, but the League has to send a message. What if someone was in one of those parked cars? He’s really lucky (just like Blackmon) no one was hurt.

    This is all assuming that it was a DUI.

  29. Like I said last week “one and done” and I’m
    not talking packers play off game

  30. It is the leagues fault for the latest rash of DUI’s because if those players weren’t so popular they wouldn’t have felt like they needed to celebrate and wouldn’t be out so late drinking in bars with groupies which they wouldn’t have if they weren’t under contract to the NFL. Sue the NFL.

  31. Roger Goodall will address this, but currently he is busy trying to figure out how he can destroy the evidence if any of the Patriots are arrested for DUI.

  32. Possible DUI? Did you read the evidence? If he wasn’t drunk he’d be a half-wit.
    Maybe he will blame it on concussions.

  33. Here is what will happen.
    Diehl will eventually call a press conference with his wife, coach and agent seated next to him. He will admit regret, pays his fines and face minor discipline from the Giants.
    After this the incident will mostly be forgotten.

  34. baroneski29 says:
    Jun 11, 2012 1:54 AM
    He is actually a smart dude. Oh well. No big deal.


    ha ha ha

    OK if you say so…

  35. wow…No mentioning of using jail to teach him a lesson.

    I have to LOL at how obvious our media is when it comes to certain players. Fox 5 kept trying to help Dielh’s image by claiming how charitable he was. They claim he spent the day at two charity events…Little did they know both of the events were events where LOTS of drinking take place.

    Driving around in a golfcart getting drunk and playing golf sounds quite charitable to me.

  36. Astoria is a nightmare to drive, lots of buses, trucks, elevated subway tracks and tons of Greeks. Rich Greeks with cash $$$ but no $$$ for Greece ! HAHAHA

  37. This is really disappointing as a man and a Giants fan. You can only apologize and pull a mea culpa on something like this once…and Diehl has already done his.

    Read his (your) words after the first time caught. Were they all lies? If you are sick, maybe professional football is not the right job for you right now.

    I’d be surprised if the Giants kept him on the roster.

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