Doug Baldwin doesn’t see much separation between Matt Flynn and Tarvaris Jackson


The Seahawks have made a lot of noise about an open quarterback competition, but plenty of people have been taking that with a grain of salt.

Generally speaking, teams don’t spend $10 million in guaranteed money for a player who isn’t clearly better than Tarvaris Jackson. That’s what the Seahawks gave Matt Flynn and that’s why most people have felt safe assuming that Flynn would eventually be the starting quarterback. If this derby is going to be decided only by on-field merits, though, that might not happen.

Wide receiver Doug Baldwin told Liz Mathews of ESPN 710 Seattle that it is hard to see any distance between Flynn and Jackson after the team’s OTAs. Rookie Russell Wilson has also been mentioned as part of a three-way dance for the quarterback spot, but Baldwin didn’t put the unlikeliest candidate into the mix with the two veterans.

Baldwin also told Mathews that the battle isn’t as clear-cut as people think, which some people would read as a bad sign for Flynn. This is the period when Jackson should have an advantage, though. He’s the incumbent and working on familiar ground while Flynn figures things out on his new team. By training camp, Flynn will have closed some of that gap. If he’s still tied or behind at that point, that’s worth a little more worry about the investment.

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  1. I think that TJack showed big heart last year, and wasn’t that bad. He’s a young QB in his 2nd year as a starter who has struggled at times, but has shown flashes as well. Shouldn’t be a slam dunk in Matt’s favor because he played well in 2 games, and they paid to sign him. It’s about competition. May the best man win…

  2. Matt will be consistent, Jackson has proven he never will be. Maybe Flynn never reaches expectations, but the Seahawks would be foolish to not give the reigns to him this year.

  3. over and over and over with that one joetoronto…… still sounds stupid to me every time i read it.
    now i will actually comment in the topic. if tjoke starts this year i quit this franchise(kidding ) please dont put us through this again..we cant treat tjack with alex smith gloves here people…flynn or wilson its time for a change.

  4. Perhaps the Dolphins (Joe Philbin) knew something after all when they passed. Even though the media portrayed as a blunder when Flynn went wit more [stupid] money.

  5. if Baldwin is right , hawks are in real trouble.Jackson is no better than a decent backup.the gm better hope flynn is the real deal or it’s the unemployment line for him.

  6. I know people don’t wanna hear this, but if you want consistent QB play, go with the Caucasian persuasion. If you want WR, or RB, go black. It’s been proven time & time again, unless Cam Newton or RGIII makes it a lie, white QB are the better option. Most black QB’s are running gimmick style. They don’t last in the NFL.

  7. Mr. Baldwin just wants his homeboy T to get the job. I’ve seen this over and over in the NFL.
    I remember members of the Ravens wanting Troy Smith to start….give me a break.

    There’s an elephant in the room and everyone wants to ignore this…’s racist and everyone knows it.

  8. What exactly is Baldwin supposed to say? Flynn is far better than T Jack? If he did, he would be seen as putting pressure on Flynn or throwing T Jack under the bus. And if he were to say Jackson is better Seahawk fans would start to freak out.

    Its a nothing comment.

  9. Every report has said Tarvaris is still throwing large amounts of turnovers! The post from ‘wannabeqb’ says it all! No WR would say this QB is better when they want to have a good repore with the starter if & when it’s chosen!

  10. @nepaseahawk…. I wasn’t even gonna comment on this article. I was happy with just reading the comments, but in one breath you slam another commenter for a “tired old line” and with the next one you use a “tired old line” and bash Alex Smith. Get real numbskull. Does it hurt that bad that we’ve been beating you for years with Alex? Last year may have been a break out year for the Red and Gold, but they’ve been making fools of the ‘Gulls for years. It is good to see that it hasn’t made you bitter. Lol!

  11. How have you been making fools of Seattle for years? By picking in the top 10 over and over? If you listen to this whole interview Baldwin says it’s tough to tell because they aren’t in pads, and they DB’s can’t play press coverage. You will see the biggest difference between Tjax and Flynn when there is a pass rush. Tjax will curl up like a girl and Flynn will get the ball out.

  12. Look, Tarvaris is just hitting the prime of his career and with a season under his belt with the Seahawks after sitting idle behind Favre for two years, I fully expect him to put together a nice season if given the chance. The guy went 5-3 as a starter in the second half last year and pulled out wins over two of the Final Four (Baltimore and the Giants; although he was injured in that one). I’m not saying Flynn won’t win the job, but if Tarvaris does perform better in that competition and Pete stays true to his word, you could see a really nice year put together by the Hawks with Tarvaris at the helm.

  13. If Baldwins words are supposed to be an indictment on anyone it would be TJax. He has all the advantages in the matchup, experience in the system, familiarity with the receivers and hes more of a dynamic athlete than Flynn is.

    Wait for the preseason, thats where the real battle is gonna take place. Let the best man win.

  14. tangysizzl, you have hit the nail on the head. Baldwin wasnt complimenting Jackson, he was saying that even though Flynn just got his hands on the playbook, he is already even with Jackson. That doesnt bode well for Jacksons future as a starter in Seattle. Lets be realistic here. Jackson is a decent guy to have around as a back-up player, but he has proven ineffective as a starter in the league. Tavaris is just short on the skill needed to make a team a contender. Good player, but not great.

  15. I don’t think this means anything. Let’s think about it for a second, put yourself in DB’s shoes, would you want to make one of the QB’s in a competition look bad, then he gets the job, I mean come on he is just taking the political route, which is very smart on his part. Go Hawks!!!!!!

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