Jon Beason ready to play wherever Panthers want him


The Panthers got good medical news about one linebacker this week when Thomas Davis’ thrice-torn ACL got a positive review.

Carolina is planning to give more work to Davis at next week’s minicamp, where Jon Beason will also be taking a step forward. He’s been medically cleared for a full workload at the minicamp after rehabbing the Achilles injury that cost him 15 games last season. Beason feels fine, although he concedes that he hasn’t really pushed himself yet.

Once he does and shows the Panthers he can take it, the issue will shift to where Beason plays in 2012. The plan right now is for rookie Luke Kuechly to play on the weak side while Beason remains in the middle, but the Panthers aren’t writing anything in ink with so many question marks at the position. Beason’s fine with playing any spot the Panthers find for him.

“If that happens I approach it the way I always have when asked to move from safety to fullback or fullback to linebacker, outside to inside or vice versa,” Beason said, via the Associated Press. “I’ve kind of dealt with this situation my whole life. I look at myself as a true football player. I think I can go play offense too.”

That probably won’t happen, although there would be some novelty to the rare moment when a defensive player on offense loses the size battle to the quarterback. That’s okay for the Panthers, who will settle for seeing all their linebackers on the field at the same time and figuring out the best combination for the season.

10 responses to “Jon Beason ready to play wherever Panthers want him

  1. That’s refreshing the hear. It seems like too many players are not willing to play a different position in the NFL. I was brought up with the attitude that you play wherever the team needs you and you do the best job you can without griping about it. It amazes me how many players are getting paid a tremendous amount of money and then refuse to play where and how the coach wants them to. Maybe, as a Redskins fan, I’m just used to the bad personnel decisions made under Vinny Cerrato, like Haynesworth and Archuleta. :{

  2. That brings back memories of the Fridge, William Perry! I’d like to see Beason charge though at fullback for a TD or two this year.

  3. I honestly think we’ll see a hybrid D this year. I couldn’t imagine them just rotating our big 4 of Beason, Anderson, Kuechly & Davis…plus with Ron Edwards back it gives us leverage to play some 3/4. With Jordan Senn coming back we have 5 great to decent LB’s which is great, thats where leadership HAS to come from

  4. I pray all Panthers stay healthy. They have an amazingly tough schedule this year. NFC South is a real man division and no easy slot like the AFC West. Best of luck in 2012 to the Panthers.

  5. Just because you played FB in high school doesn’t mean you can play it ib the NFL… and of you’re playing safety, the other team is throwing deep every play! This guy lost his mind somewhere before talking smack about Alex Smith!?

  6. Beason can and has played outside. He’s competent there, but he’s far better @ MLB. He’s a true 4-3 MLB.

  7. That’s the kind of team first attitude that very likely keeps him in the middle leading the defense.

    As a Panthers fan I could not be happier about our LB corp, no matter what spot they all end up playing.

  8. Agree with latchbeam …..this fool has no clue what he’s talking about. .u better want to play anywhere they tell u cause u won’t have a job, WELL not what the panthers are paying u. U be getting far less with any other team if they released u, so really he has no choice to play where ever they tell him to..let’s be real He’s no Patrick Willis not even close.

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