Kevin Boss: I’m on the right side of the Chiefs-Raiders rivalry

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The Chiefs and Raiders have been rivals since before they were in the NFL.

That rivalry has flagged a bit in recent years as each team spent some time kicking around the bottom of the barrel, but their games always carried a little bit of extra juice. Thanks to a player who defected from one side to the other as a free agent this offseason, there might be a little something extra in the air when they renew acquaintances in Week Eight.

Tight end Kevin Boss was on the Raiders last year and signed with the Chiefs to give them more depth at tight end with Tony Moeaki. In an interview with KCSP in Kansas City, via, Boss claimed to know only one thing about the rivalry between the former AFL franchises.

“I was in Oakland for such a short period of time that it wasn’t really something where I really understood the whole Chiefs-Raiders rivalry,” Boss said. “I just know now that I’m on the better side of the rivalry. … It’s been a great transition and it’s really been a blessing in disguise to have been moved on to greener pastures.”

Well, it would seem that Boss could add ways to infuriate the Raiders fan base to the list of things he knows about the rivalry. You really wouldn’t expect Boss to say anything else, although his comments do suggest he legitimately didn’t like his year in Oakland all that much. Assuming Moeaki is healthy, he and Boss should give the Chiefs offense a dimension it was lacking last season.

Whether they do or not, we’re cool with more fanning the flames of the Chiefs-Raiders rivalry. Or any other rivalry, really.

50 responses to “Kevin Boss: I’m on the right side of the Chiefs-Raiders rivalry

  1. Boss went from one of the best organizations in the NFL to a team in flux with Davis dying. Not a surprise it was probably a culture shock to him.

  2. He didn’t like his time in Oakland because he didn’t play a lot. He was brought over in more of an Al Davis guy rather than a Hubris Jackson guy. How about he has a great game against us, then he can talk crap. He sounds bitter, and he needs to get over his time in Oakland. It just didn’t work out. Move on, and either prove Reggie McKenzie wrong or shut up/

  3. I’m quite sure last year was a crappy year for you, you did very little on the field and…..the team that treated you like yesterday’s trash won the Super Bowl without you…….luck with that pal…..

  4. what a clown, this is a guy who practically begged to go to Oakland when the Giants moved on from him, what’s he gonna say about K.C. after this season when they let him walk? where’s his next “greener pastures”

  5. As a Raiders fan I would be depressed if Boss could consistently catch the ball. Dude has brick hands.

    He blocks like a wall, runs great routes, will go over the middle, and is a wonderful safety valve for a QB in trouble. Kevin will make a jaw dropping highlight reel catch, then follow it up with five drops. I believe he had about twenty catches and maybe just as many if not more drops last year.

    I believe that he is very religious due to his skill of making 65,000 people yell “OH GOD” at once.

  6. Fan them flames Boss, as a Chiefs fan the rivalry needs a bonfire under it, it has petered out over the last few years. Win or lose this used to be one of my favorite division games I just don’t see the hatred from either fanbase recently.

  7. the giants didnt toss him out like trash….they made him an offer that he was just about to agree to when the raiders swept in. he’ll probably regret that move for the rest of his lfe.

  8. He got stuck in the middle of a total franchise restructure. With the passing of Al, Kevin was pretty much done in Oakland.

    Being in KC now, he said all the right things. Week 8 should be interesting.

    Myers, Gordon and Ausberry will be the RAIDERS TEs this year.

  9. Fact is, Boss didn’t do any much for the Raiders last year, so he won’t be missed. Good luck with playing time too. I don’t see the Chiefs running a lot of double tight end sets, unless they’re stupid. Breaston, while not great, is a better option as a 3rd wide out than Boss as the extra TE.

    I have a feeling you’re going to be eating crow big time, Kevin. The Raiders have quietly replaced overpaid and underperforming “name” players like you with more productive lesser known guys (i.e., Wheeler, Bartell, Spencer, Schmitt, etc.). You’re going to find out which sid eof the rivalry you’re really on.

  10. Can’t really blame him too much. Hue’s personnel decisions last year were occasionally baffling, and Boss was caught in the middle.

    Then Reggie came in, saw how ridiculous our salary structure was, and started cutting the overpaid fat. Boss was part the purge.

  11. You didn’t know the rivalry may be a small reason why your not with the Raiders anymore.

    Maybe he should have become familiar with his employer. And then contribute to the team. Neither which he did.

    A very replaceable loss on Oakland’s end, have fun in the middle of no where.

  12. I agree you are on the right side of the rivalry now. You can drop passes against the Raiders instead of for them.

    “1twiztidmofo says:
    Jun 10, 2012 1:28 PM
    Fan them flames Boss, as a Chiefs fan the rivalry needs a bonfire under it, it has petered out over the last few years. Win or lose this used to be one of my favorite division games I just don’t see the hatred from either fanbase recently”

    You are soooo right, we really need this to get back to the way it was.

  13. What is he suppose to say like really is he going come out and bad mouth his current team? Of course he is going come out and take a shot at the raiders. He is a walking concussion and was over paide by the raiders they had to cut him it made bussiness sense..

  14. Not a big loss on the Raiders part and not a huge gain for the Chiefs. I do like that the Chiefs signed him only because we needed another decent TE.

  15. raiders -chiefs game are great games to watch….in recent years arrowhead had the jinx on us until seabass hit the kick. We haven’t lost there since 2006……with that said Boss is neither a chief, or a raider…he is a guy lucky to have a job….he needs to learn to catch, and needs to get tough….everytime he caught a pass last year, he had to leave the field right afterwards because he got his bell rang. The guy can’t take a hit.

    He is soft…so if you are on the right end, it just means you fit in with being soft. So be it. C-ya.

  16. Boss, when on the field, wasn’t used at all last year. That’s more on Hue than Boss. But he still got cut by a team with no talent at the TE position. Just like Routt at the CB position. Salary cap problems or not, what do the think that says about them as players?

    I do hope that this rivalry gets going again though. These teams are meant to hate each other.

  17. Oh right, last year Raider fans were convinced Kevin Boss was the new Zach Miller. Then again these were the same fans who thought Routt was as good as Asomugha. They get worse year after year and yet, the collective delusions of grandeur get bigger and bigger.

  18. Boss left NY to chase the big payday. He thought after two 35+ catch seasons he was the second coming of Keller Winslow. The Giants knew they could replace that paltry production and let him walk. Bet you he wished he stayed in NY. Anyhow best of luck in KC Kevin, Enjoy the BBQ, because everything else sucks there.

  19. The raiders were the ones that made him a known player with that ridiculous contract. Lol @ them for creating this guys inflated ego

  20. Funny how both Stanford and Kevin both talk about how good the chiefs organization is but they were never good for the raiders in the first place. Boss had a couple good games but that was it.Stanford was NEVER good. Both of these players switched to the chiefs to show the raiders that they are good. We improved both TE and CB from these two idiots.

  21. Could have picked up another ring in NY. Keep chasing the dollars boys, it’s what your agent wants after he tells you you’ve been disrespected with that last offer. Money isn’t always the best reason to do something.

  22. Nobody in RAIDER NATION thought Boss was close to the player Zach Miller is or that Stanford was better than Nnamdi.

    Just haters spewing nonsense. Shake yourself haters.

  23. It’s surprising in that with all of his concussions that he knows where he is at any given time! Yeah Hue didn’t use him right. Hue didn’t seem keen on TEs. Never really had one with the Ravens or Bengals. But, when given the opportunities to shine he would get hurt. (knee, hamstring, concussion etc) Knowing his injury history, he’ll only play one of the two games against the Raiders this season. #RAIDERNATION

  24. Chiefs fans and Raiders fans can thumbs-down this all they want, but I’ll say it: Nobody cares about the Raiders-Chiefs rivalry. The only reasons this will get more thumbs down than thumbs up is most of the NFL world isn’t bothering to read this article

  25. Every player always says the new organization is better, most of the time they have an even worse season. Boss your lucky your still playing.

  26. Al Davis over pays you, you can’t stay healthy, had some key drops late in the season, and then you talk sh#t…real classy! If my ex-employer over paid me to do nothing I would keep my mouth shut and be thankful for the free money. POS!

  27. Raider fans knew he was no Zach Miller (and Stanford Routt as good as Nnamdi?? Lolz) and we will miss him… Not at all.

    My advice to you Boss: stay away from the Chief fans’ tailgate parties – they just might mistake your meat-sock arms for hot dogs.

  28. I get it. Who in their right mind wouldn’t say something good about being on a new team and getting a fresh start. But don’t talk sh*t because you didn’t make the most of your time in Oakland. The Raiders offense looked better last year than it had in the last ten years. Sorry you wasn’t a part of that, but don’t be bitter. Keep your mouth shut and do something on the field with the Queefs before you decide to run your mouth about a rivalry that you know very little about.

  29. Boss,

    What you really wanted to say is Raider fan is trash and the Coliseum is a stench hole!! We feel you!

  30. Even a blind man knows the difference between these two franchises.

    One has stable, well respected ownership with excellent facilities and an up and coming roster of young, talented players.

    And then you have the faiders, whats turned into the worst franchise in the league. It ain’t the 80’s anymore people.

    I’m sure Boss, and any other player worth a damn would run kicking and screaming away from the trainwreck in oaktown. Who could blame them?

  31. This was in the Newark Star Ledger on Agust 7, 2011. Let’s see if Boss has good things to say about the Chiefs when they cut him after the season.

    Boss also had plenty of good things to say about the Raiders, their training-camp site in Napa and their offense’s potential.

    “I’m excited about the opportunity,” he said. “Zach Miller had a lot of success here and I always felt I had the ability to be a guy that catches 60, 70 balls a season, and they have a lot of young talent out here and I’m excited to be a part of it.”

  32. How typical! He was disillusioned with the Giants and of course now with the Raiders….next year it will be the Chiefs! So what! I just don’t give a damn!

  33. If he really thinks he is going to catch any passes with Tyvon Branch guarding him, then he is still concussed from last year.

    He’s just butt-hurt because A REAL GM, Reggie McKennzie saw little value in him, as did the Giants. He also is one concussion away from prob having to retire.

    Him & Routt will be duds over there.

    Routt trying to keep up with Denarius Moore…..

    FLAG 15 yard penalty, first down!
    next 3rd down
    5 yard penalty, automatic first down!
    red zone
    Illlegal hands to facemask, automatic first down!

    get used to it KC

  34. slickster35 says: Jun 11, 2012 9:12 AM

    And then you have the faiders, whats turned into the worst franchise in the league. It ain’t the 80′s anymore people.

    Did the Queefs win a playoff game in the 80’s? It’s been close to 20 years since the last one.

  35. Boss, just man up, shut up, and let the playing do the talking. Please tell us wee to send the get well soon cards.
    I laugh with both amusement and bemusement when Queens/Queefs fans say the “faiders.” When was the last time they have been relevant in the AFC West? When was it last they went, just went to, the Super Bowl? The only AFC West team that has a legitimate challenge to the greatness of the Raiders is the Broncos.
    Also, no matter what the practices of Al Davis were/was he won an AFL Championship and three NFL Championships doing it his way. Just how many has other AFC West owners did this? No team stays on top forever but the fans wish it were that way and dream of it all the time. We are perennial optimists in the Raider(s) Nation. Just because teams like the Chiefs and Chargers play year after year in a hopeless abyss, does not mean we will going you in your cesspool of sorrow.

    I long for the day I can say I respect Chiefs and Chargers fans but they are so ignorant that I am left with a lack of it. Perhaps if you just concentrated on your own teams and provided some respect for the team that owns the AFC West, you would in turn receive said respect. Until this mystical day, die and eat sh_t (crap) you dogs.
    “The greatness of the Raiders is in its future.”
    -Sage words by a great man indeed.

  36. Corrections:

    Boss, just man up, shut up, and let the playing do the talking. Please tell us were to send the get well soon cards.

    We are perennial optimists in the Raider(s) Nation. Just because teams like the Chiefs and Chargers play year after year in a hopeless abyss, does not mean we will join you in your cesspool of sorrow.

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