Report: Mike Jenkins will report to minicamp

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Cornerback Mike Jenkins hasn’t been with the Cowboys since they drafted Morris Claiborne and touched off a ton of trade discussion, but it appears that will change on Tuesday.

Ian Rapoport of reports that Jenkins is expected to report to the team for the start of minicamp on Tuesday. It is the first mandatory work of the offseason and a sign that Jenkins won’t go the holdout route in hopes of forcing a trade from the Cowboys. He won’t be able to practice because of a shoulder injury, but Jenkins’ decision to report for work could help him get out of Dallas.

Once Jenkins is healthy, he can get on the field and show off his skills to teams interested in trading for him. We already know they are out there, but we also know that Dallas has shown no interest in trading him. That could change with a better offer, something that’s a lot more likely to come once teams know Jenkins is healthy enough to justify an increased price tag.

Jenkins’ decision could also be a sign that he’s ready to recommit to the Cowboys. Either solution would work out well for the Cowboys, leaveing them the winners of this little saga.

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  1. “…leaveing them the winners of this little saga.”

    Gee, thanks. As a Cowboys fan, I’m much more interested in winning the bigger sagas – especially the ones after Thanksgiving. *Sigh*…

  2. Jenkins isn’t ‘healthy’ (recovering from shoulder surgery) so he will be present, but will not participate.

    He won’t hold out because he has absolutely no leverage. if he holds out the Cowboys will just say, “Okay, so hold out.”

    Jenkins is not ‘recommitting’ to the Cowboys. His best bet is to come in, play hard, and create some tape for other teams that will make them want to give him a big contract.

  3. Not a cowboys fan, love how they always create all this drama about petty stuff and never focus on the big picture( insert T.O. or Tony Romo joke here). love reading about the cowboys it’s like a train wreck and i can’t look away.

  4. i don’t get why they would trade him. he’s good, young, very affordable for this year, and you really can’t have too many good corners

  5. Even a first round pick for Jenkins doesn’t help the Cowboys this year. This year is what should be important and Jenkins helps the team be better now.

  6. As a REDSKINS fan; It’s finally our year I can feel it in my bones,when I lie down in bed I don’t even lay awake and restlessly think about things,armed with the knowledge that the superbowl is ours this year I am so comforted that I immediately fall into a deep peaceful sleep

  7. Yep draft picks dont help us this year. And it is all about This Year! Either keep him or trade him for player for player (s). Who needs a good corner is his prime? Broncos, Vikings, Bucs, Colts, Skins just to name a few….so lets package jenkins, felix, spencer and /or a second rounder for …… J. Allen or Von Miller or one of the Bucs or Skins young stud olb or dlinemen they both have many! Oh im serious alright. Jenkins, Jones, Spencer are all former first round picks in their prime and very quality starters! So you offer three starters for One stud and see who bites! No I havent been drinking yet! hic*burp *

  8. As a Cowboy fan I think they should keep him. Injuries to Db’s happen all the time. Multiple WR & TE sets are more and more common. Having an extra corner is not a luxury it’s a must.

  9. If Jenkins deals with the reality that, while he’s a Cowboy, he’ll be nothing more than a nickel back, then, fine, I’m happy to see him. Hopefully, the prospect of starting somewhere else with a new contract will prompt him to quit giving up on coverage and learn how to tackle.

    If not, I think he’ll be a fine bullfighter. Ole!

  10. zack2482 says:Jun 10, 2012 1:03 PM

    Train wreck Cowboys? No, that is the Jets or Lions. Cowboys had an excellent off season. Now its time to show it on the field.

    Off season. Right. Last year the cowgirls were 8-8 and the Lions were 10-6 and made the playoffs. Three years ago the Lions finished 0-16. Most intelligent and knowledgeable people would consider that quite a turnaround not a trainwreck. But I see by your comment that you’re not intelligent and knowledgeable.

  11. It would depend on your version of what is a train wreck. Having a cornerback that was replaced by FA AND the Draft holding out, because he has a history of injuries we weren’t willing to pay for and having all the leverage on whether or not he plays this year doesn’t sound much like a train wreck.

    Now… My version of a train wreck would be

    Having your starting DT get in a car wreck doing 80 mph in downtown and then having to back track on statement after statement on what happened. (Lions)

    Having your first round pick, getting a dui for double the legal limit of alcohol while driving and then a video of his arrest and behavior went live, that would be a bit much. What was it Moon said, Blackmon has all the talent of Dez with brains. (Jags)

    Having players from your team, your defensive coach, your head coach, suspended for a play to hurt campaign you continue to deny all the while having a pro bowl QB that refuses to sign his tender due to wanting a better deal. (Saints)

    I can keep going, but if you think a player holding out that has no power to control what we do with the team is a train wreck… you need to define what your version is before folks define it for you.

  12. Oh and if you define your team going from 0 and 16 to 10 and 6 in 3 years thanks to the team you are trashing giving you the draft picks for a player that turned out to be a bust and kept us from drafting in 09 a 1st or 2nd round player then that’s fine. But this… this isn’t train wreck worthy and we’ve moved on from that trade with 2 really good drafts in a row.

  13. If Jenkins had half a brain he would show up on time and play his heart out.

    His actions and play show exactly why they signed Carr and drafted Clairborne….

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