Screw it, I’m going fishing


Many people ask me whether I ever stop working and spend time with my family.  (This presumes, of course, that my family actually wants me to spend time with them.)

Today, I’ve decided to shut it down for a few hours to head to a cabin in the middle of nowhere that my wife’s family has owned for 70 years.  There will be fishing.  Maybe some football throwing.  Possibly a round or two of Frolf.

I’ve decided to take the pedal off the metal for a little while because:  (1) it’s a beautiful weekend in most of the contiguous U.S.; (2) things in NFL circles are a little slow today; (3) we already have posted 15 stories since 7:00 a.m. ET; and (4) I’ve got three guys who can help me fill the gap, even though they’ll each be taking some time today to do other stuff.

That changes tomorrow, when we’ll have another person pulling the oar.  (I specifically buried that disclosure as a reward for anyone who made it this far into a relatively meaningless story.  Then again, most of my stories are relatively meaningless.)  I’ll make the announcement tonight, right after watching the season finale of Mad Men and finding out whether anyone is going to fall down that damn elevator shaft.  (I thought it was going to be Lane, but as it turns out he had a much shorter fall.)

Anyway, where was I?  Oh yeah, I’m going fishing.  But I’ll be back.  Unless the fish win.

Or unless they’ve installed a malfunctioning elevator at the cabin.

40 responses to “Screw it, I’m going fishing

  1. That changes tomorrow, when we’ll have another person pulling the oar.
    You mean I never even got an interview????


  2. Have a great time Mike…we all love you and hope you land a BIG ONE.

    Its Adam Shefter and Skip Bayless that we all wish would just be flushed down the toilet FOREVER. What pure garbage those two are.

  3. Have fun, catch some big ones and if you don’t mind, before you go, could you change the featured video?

    That guy staring at me is creeping me out.

  4. A personal post deserves a personal comment,

    Enjoy the cabin, its always nice out there away from everything isnt it? Hey, regardless of how you finish off your fish, with a stick, skinned alive, suffocating, do you think you will have any extra fish? I like me some fish. Seriously though, think you will have any extra fish?

  5. At least ur not covering the chronology of Tom Brady’s hair, or Dancin with The Stars. I’ll alert the rest of the media of your disruptive social intercourse. Enjoy!

  6. Enjoy it. You have earned it. You bring a lot of info to us fans without having to look all over the intrnet. If you catch a big one I’m sure we will all want to see pictures!

  7. I know what the disclosure is: the long awaited return of Gregg Rosenthal to “pull the oar”. He’s been hitting the gym lifting weights.

  8. no one else is dying on mad men this season. before the series ends someones gonna jump though.

    poor lane

  9. Who are these “many people” who ask you if you spend time with the family? More unnamed sources??

    Have fun. I assume Dungy will be with you to tell you how great the fishing was when Peyton was there, and Peter King will be building the campfire so he can blow some more smoke…

  10. You went to Carnegie Mellon, you wife’s family owned a cabin for 70 years, and you were driving a ’68 Volkswagen van until last year???

  11. I’m going to take credit for your mini-vacation. I knew that I would eventually drive you to drinking or vacation!… Glad vacation won out…hey have a drink while you’re up there!

  12. aholdson28 says:
    Jun 10, 2012 11:42 AM

    Nothing beats perch fishing on the shores of Lake Erie…those of you who have done it know that…have fun Michael


    Way to get all weird and call him by his full name. Creep…

  13. All this… it’s just business.

    What you’re talking about, that’s life.

    Have a unforgettable time with your family. We’ll be here to call you names when you get back.

  14. Have fun Mike!!

    Living over here in Germany now for the past decade.. I am in the process of getting a little fishing place up in Sweden. Enjoy your time on the lake and make sure you have a cooler with plenty of “cold ones.”


  15. Mike, have a great vacation!! you have gained total cred for knowing how to actually throw a frisbee – the best party toy for those who don’t get it and a little piece of Zen for those that do. May you have calm air and tossing partner who does not burn worms (Sorry, McCheezy). We throw here on the Outer Banks of NC – Come on Down, Mister!!

  16. I hope your day fishing was a good as mine was on the Chesapeake Bay with my Hubby and step sons. No keepers, but they were biting every time we put the lines in the water. I love (Ravens) football, but I love family more. Enjoy the time with the family.

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