Titans to factor schedule into quarterback decision

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The Titans plan to split reps 50-50 down the middle when they hold a quarterback competition between Matt Hasselbeck and Jake Locker in training camp. Most observers expect Hasselbeck to emerge as the Week One starter, and coach Mike Munchak’s recent acknowledgement that the Titans will factor their early-season schedule into the quarterback derby would seem to support that notion.

You always look at what’s coming up,” Munchak told John Glennon of the Nashville Tennessean. “You do that when you’re adding players to your roster. And when you’re drafting, you’re thinking about who can help early. … Those are really not the main things, but you have to factor everything in.”

The Titans host the Patriots in Week One, travel to San Diego for Week Two, face the Lions in Week Three, and play the Texans at Reliant Stadium in Week Four.

Munchak does promise to side with the quarterback “that’s going to help us win,” above all else. If Tennessee believes Hasselbeck is the best option to defeat four strong early opponents, then he’s whom the Titans will choose.

8 responses to “Titans to factor schedule into quarterback decision

  1. As a Texans fan, all this means is that Matt Hassleback starts until Week 9 as long as the team is 5-3 or better. If the team is 3-5 or worse than they will play Jake Locker for the rest of the season. Matt Hassleback is the quarterback as long as the Titans are contending for the division title and playoff berth.

  2. Hasselbeck has always been a consummate professional and the Titans will probably give him the keys to the offense to start off, but I think the leash should be very short with him. At some point this team has to put all their eggs into Locker’s basket and stick with him through thick and thin to give him a fair shot at establishing himself as the QB for Tennessee’s future.

    Let Locker start Week 1…good competition will only make him better.

  3. Am I the only one thinking the Titans could seriously start the season 0 and 4 or 1 and 3 and then finish 10 and 6 or so to still make the playoffs? (One of my favorite seasons ever, in 2002, the Titans started out 1 and 4 and ended up making it to the AFC Championship Game.)

  4. They would have to beat either the Bears or Packers and win every other game except their next game against the Texans. Don’t see this team doing that this year.

  5. If season is going well they’ll continue to start Hasselbeck, once 1-3 comes around we will see a lot of Locker.

  6. kayakattack says:Jun 10, 2012 10:53 PM

    So when do we just start being honest and note that Locker is a bust?

    I would not call him a bust-yet. Did the Titans reach a bit in drafting him that high-yes. What can you do though, the league now revolves around the passing game so the QB position is now 3-4 times the concern it was a decade ago when you could win with a decent QB and a strong running game.

    If Locker has game then he should step it up and unseat Hasselback in training camp. As things are, I believe the Titans will let the old man take the lumps from strong competition earlier and then turn over the reins so as to not potentially have a shell shocked young QB.

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