Bruschi: Tebow can help more by saying less


It had become a joke among friends in recent days, that for my first post at PFT, I was going to lead it with “Tim Tebow,” whether it had anything to do with the New York Jets personal protector/backup quarterback or not.

I figured it would be good for business on my first day.

Tim Tebow it is.

A pair of respected former players recently said the best thing Tebow could do for the Jets is to not be so visible, or audible.

Stop talking to the media so much,” former New England linebacker Tedy Bruschi said. “You need to disappear, okay, Tim Tebow?  You’re not the starting quarterback, it’s Mark Sanchez’s team.  I want my voice to come from my head coach and my quarterback — my starting quarterback.  That message has to be consistent.

“I don’t want all this competition brewing, and every time you speak and anytime you talk about competition or anything like that, you’re twisting things.  I want one voice.  One quarterback, not two.”

On the same NFL32 broadcast, former Jets offensive lineman Damien Woody echoes those sentiments, suggesting Tebow “not worry about all the media stuff and TV.  Leave that stuff for Mark Sanchez.”

Listen, these are all noble sentiments, with a valid intent.  But they ignore one salient fact about the Jets’ acquisition of the former first-round pick — this kind of attention is exactly what they wanted when they traded for him.  So if it turns out to be a distraction, it’s self-inflicted, and they have no one to blame but themselves.

50 responses to “Bruschi: Tebow can help more by saying less

  1. Bruschi, A “respected former player”?? This guy is a complete blow hard who gets on my nerves every time he speaks. I wish he would stop talking as a member of the media as much as I wish Tebow would stop talking.. Period. Bruschi, please go AWAY.. MORON

  2. You’re a quick learner. Picked up the company line quickly. “Hate the Jets at all costs, every day”. Florio is watching. You’ll get an extra bone when you fetch.
    Bruschi, the ex Pat who admitted he hated the Jets just last week on ESPN.
    Fair and balanced here. Right!

  3. ahhh but Mr. Gantt, what we have here is a glaring example of the constant dichotomy between what owners want, and what players want- and YOU seem to be the one ignoring salient facts.

    Using the word “they” when stating that the jets wanted this attention- you are basically implying the entire organization. For the 80+ players on the roster now, this couldn’t be any further off-target.


  4. Welcome aboard! Be sure to don your armor; this can be a rough lot.

    If you’ve been reading this site for a bit, you would know we welcome the Tebow story. Now, if it started with “Farve”, “Redskins”, or “Peyton Manning” then we would have revolted.

    PS. Watch your grammar!

  5. It’s not all on just him. He attracts the attention of an over hyped media who are ready to pounce on anything Tebow. This first post of yours is a perfect case in point.

  6. I’ve never been a Bruschi fan but the guy is right.

    The best thing Tebow can do for the Jets is to talk less, that’s a very sensitive situation there.

  7. @bobdawg602 is right.

    I’m so sick of Teddy Bruschi. Scowling face. Volume louder than everyone else on set. Condemnation flowing from his mouth towards everyone he speaks of. He seems like the guy that left something on the field and will constantly compare whatever he’s talking about to how things were when he was on a Super Bowl winning team. But don’t mention that he knew the plays that were coming.

  8. Is it ironic that Bruschi is telling Tebow to stop talking to press and drawing attention to himself, but Bruschi, a part of “the media” won’t stop talking about Tebow?

  9. While I am sick of all the Tebow talk I am happy this story was posted because when I heard Bruschi’s comments I wanted to vent to someone. Never in my life have I heard one person try to so hard to make it his life’s work telling other people what they MUST do.

    He doesn’t say “I wish tim wouldn’t talk to the media”. He flat out tells Tebow what to do, just like he flat out told Ocho Cinco what to do. He has a way of taking his opinion and making it gospel. He and Hoge are my two least favorite people at the mothership. Get off the high horse Ted.

  10. But Bruschi is right. Despite Tebow being a bible-beating tool, he went to NY to gain the media attention. If he REALLY loved God, he would keep his mouth shut and not draw attention to himself. Instead, he soaks up the media attention. Typical Christian hypocrite.

  11. Yes, but doesn’t Teddy Bruschi talk an awful lot too?? Let’s face it Tebow is getting his 15 minutes of fame and he wants to cash in. That’s why he went to New York. He also doesn’t want to sit idly by while another QB has the starting job… I don’t blame him.

    Bruschi is doing the same thing in that he keeps bringing up Tebow to boost his own name recognition.

  12. Let me translate for the intellectual juggernauts present: Tebow cries team, team, team, every time he opens his mouth; unfortunately, all his actions indicate me, me, me. He’s been the center of attention his whole life. Now that he’s in the NFL, where his qb skills are obviously never going to produce that kind of attention, he’s got to get his did somehow. It’s sexy Rex’s job to silence that nonsense; this would never fly in New England, for instance.

  13. I don’t like Tebow, but I really don’t like Bruschi. I wish Bruschi would shut his mouth more than Tebow.

  14. H8 Teddy all you want.
    This guy played in 5 Super Bowls! Lost to Favre in 1996, won 2 SB then had a stroke and came back to win a 3rd, and played in a 5th in 07′

    all he did was make plays, deal with it.

  15. I blame the media.
    Keep sticking a microphone in someone’s face and ask them questions, what do you think is going to happen?
    If he blew them off, we would then be talking about what an inconsiderate jerk he is.

  16. Shut up Tedy with one D. We know you hate the Jets, but when the “Media” (Yes you included) continue asking him questions, the only other thing to do is the Jets FO to tell him to quit talking.

    Not you, or Damien Woody.

  17. Bruschi is an idiot. Almost every time he opens his mouth something stupid comes out.

    He is one of those guys that can’t exist outside of football, a guy who bought into all the rah rah BS. Always seems to have a lot to say about what people should be doing (see his open speech to Ochocinco last year).

  18. Bruschi should take his own advice in this case. Some people are going to like Tebow and some people are going to hate Tebow. Him being quiet has nothing to do with that. Now Bruschi however just wants to get his name associated with Tebow.

  19. The only reason the media likes Tebow is so they can tear him up when he messes up. They build him up and up so they can rip him to shreds. I’m not a Tebow fan I could take him or leave him. It’s just sad bc they know what they are doing, it’s not about his QB skills(nonexistent) it’s about him being a golden boy who they are all chomping the bit to catch him in any wrong. It’s pathetic.

  20. First off for all you clueless wonders out there, his name is spelled Tedy, not Teddy….

    Second, the man has forgotten more about the game of football than any of you will learn in your lifetime.

    Third he is one of the best to have ever played his position, and that is after most “experts” predicted he had no chance in the league. The man was one of the hardest workers the game has ever seen. He was a true leader and fighter (as evidenced with the adversity he had).

    When he says something like this it is because of his knowledge and experience. That is where it comes from, not out of his backside like most posters here on pft.

  21. As an obvious Jets fan, I am thrilled that neither Tebow nor Sanchez has said or done anything to rock the boat. Nor have they given the press ANYTHING to chew on other than supporting each other and the team.

    So stay tuned as everything talking head in sports lines up to create their own brand of BS like Bruschi has done just so THEY can remain relevant.

  22. Bruschi was an admirable player, but what hew did as a player is irrelevant. As an “analyst” he’s a hypocritical idiot and is rightly being called out by the national media (i.e., NFL radio) for his tebow comments. Like Papa said, what is Tebow supposed to do? He answers questions asked of him by the media, and he does it in a rational manner (unlike, say, his coach). Did Bruschi react the same way when Bledsoe was interviewed after he came back from injury to find Brady had displaced him? I don’t think so.

    Like someone else said, I REALLY don’t like Bruschi as an analyst.

  23. But they ignore one salient fact about the Jets’ acquisition of the former first-round pick — this kind of attention is exactly what they wanted when they traded for him. So if it turns out to be a distraction, it’s self-inflicted, and they have no one to blame but themselves.


  24. When Bruschi was a player, he never kept his mouth shut. I would swear the guy approached reporters more than they approached him.

  25. If there are 2 QBs and not 1 … it’s not the fault of the backup. Mark Sanchez has been given every opportunity to entrench himself as the starter. If Sanchez has failed to do it, Tebow isn’t the one creating the controversy.

  26. Bruschi’s objectivity when it comes to Patriot football is totally absent. And when it comes to former AFC rivals, I still can’t listen to him. I just don’t like the guy. I remember watching an NFL Films show on the Colts finally beating the Pats in the 06-07 AFC Championship, and all of Bruschi’s comments came off as grudging, like, “Yeah, well, they finally quit being themselves, and came to play like we do, and then they were able to beat us.”

    So I don’t care what Bruschi has to say about the Jets QB situation. Like the article’s author said, this is what the Jets wanted, and also, Tebow’s a nice kid – he’s just not gonna avoid someone that wants to talk to him (even if it might be better for team chemistry to maintain a low profile).

  27. I agree wit the 1st comment on here can’t stand when he talks .he always takes things personal when something comes up about the patriots ..Skip Bayless Needs to fire his u know what… FYI Teddy ur super bowls are tainted and will always be no matter how much u argue and abuse ur power on espn saying other rise..Go Niners

  28. There is much silliness in a bunch of the upthread comments.

    First, I perfectly understand people who don’t like Bruschi. Personally, I could care less. However, it is rather asinine to criticize him for voicing his opinion. Whatever your personal feelings, he is now an ESPN analyst on the NFL. It is his J-O-B to have and air such opinions. You may not agree with some or all of his opinions, but critique the opinion, not his having one.

    Second, and again, regardless of you opinion of Bruschi, respond to the merit of what he said. While it may be true the the Jets brass wanted the attention that Tebow brings, it is a pretty universally accepted fact that constant comments by a second string QB like those Tebow continually makes are NOT good for the team on the field (i.e., his teammates and how they all work together). It is fine if he wants to contend for the starting job. However, being the starter isn’t just about making the right decision on the field and making accurate passes. It’s about being the leader of the team on and off the field. If you are constantly subtly undermining the incumbent starting QB, if your play ends up somehow earning you the starting job, you will find it a short-lived and hollow achievement. You won’t be able to achieve longer term goals (like winning a Superbowl) because a lot of your teammates aren’t going to trust you because they will have seen that your loyalty to their best interests is questionable.

    Three, as a group, the sports media are barely a single-celled organism. They simple react to stimulus. You say it; they print it. Therefore, it is dumb to place any significant blame on the media. Tebow has complete control over this process. All he has to do is to stop talking to the media for a while. After several days of trying to get a quote from him and him just walking on by without saying a word, they will give up and find something else to fill column-inches.

    When you consider all of this, you reach the inescapable conclusion, that Bruschi may or may not be a jerk, may or may not be smart, but at least on this issue, he is right.

  29. Hey Tedy,

    How about YOU shut up ! It’s the media that is asking all these questions. What’s Tebow supposed to do when the media asks him a bunch of questions at his locker … go tell them to “bleep off” !

    As almost always, the media “creates” all controversies like this, all in the name of promoting themselves FIRST and foremost (imagine THAT !!!)), and then to sell newspapers, garner bigger rating (viewers) on TV, and get “hits” on a web site. It’s just the way it is.

    Of course if Bruschi didn’t want to get a little “pub” of his own here, he would have just sent Tebow a text, instead of, you know, BROADCASTING his thoughts to the world !

    Hypocrite !

  30. Proof of the growing epidemic of stupidity in this country is found right here with comments on this non-story. Tebow gets paid to be a backup quarterback. The Jets get paid for being a football franchise. Bruschi gets paid to speak to the media. One of these 3 is actually doing their job and it’s not Tebow or The Jets. The fact that some of you don’t like it is proof the Teddy is doing a good job. It’s not like he’s not saying what everyone else, except Jets homer fans and Tebow worshipers, are already thinking. It’s like as soon as someone gets a job with the Jets they stop seeing a microphone the don’t like. The only other member of the Jets franchise that talks more than Rex, Tebow and Revis is that dude Anonymous Source.

  31. Yeah airing ur opinion is one thing but throwing a tantum on tv is other, especilally trying to argue ur superbowls were not tainted ….he always wants to be right and herd. Go Niners

  32. It’s not like Tebow is running around and constantly looking for media attention. He realizes that the media will jump on everything he says, and instead of fighting it, he’s just accepted it. Tebow could say only three words to the media after practice and Bruschi & friends over at ESPN would find a way to turn it into an hour long segment.

  33. As has been said, Tebow isn’t just talking for no reason, he’s answering questions posed to him by Tedy and his fellow news media people. If you want him to shut up, then stop asking him questions. NFL players are required in their contracts to make themselves available to the media after games and after practices. He’s just doing his job.

    If he actively seeks media attention or airs his thoughts without provocation, then you can dog on him for it. Until then, Tedy and the rest of these clowns should find someone else to rip on.

  34. eurometal15 says:
    Jun 11, 2012 11:19 AM
    Tebow could say only three words to the media after practice and Bruschi & friends over at ESPN would find a way to turn it into an hour long segment.
    You just basically made Bruschi’s point here. When Tebow talks, he’s like EF Hutton…media listens. Backup QBS whether by their choice or the media’s choice or the team’s choice should mot put themselves in that position or be placed in that position. Tebow knows the media pounces on his every word. Whether he courts that or not I don’t know. I’m not a hater or lover of Tebow. Perhaps the NYJ wanted him there partly for this reason, perhaps not. But someone needs to stop making him available to the media so much. It’s already wearing thin on Sanchez if I take his tone right the last time I heard him speak. Both guys have handled it fine, but it could get ugly and BAD FOR THE TEAM (which is all that matters) if it continues.

  35. If we could just get Bruschi, Hoge and Chris Carter off the air it would make my year. So tired of listening to complete blowhards talk about football. Until then the tv will be muted.

  36. My question is why do players bear the blame for merely ANSWERING QUESTIONS THAT THEY ARE ASKED????

    Its not as if Tebow is begging for attention by tweeting this stuff about competition, or calling press conferences and/or releasing statements through his agent.

    I think if teams want/need to control what gets to the media that they should monitor what questions are presented to the players.

  37. Tebow say less?

    Good one. Almighty Tim may be all about God but he’s all about media and attention.

    That’s why he chose New York over Jacksonville. More chances for more $. Not that there’s anything wrong with that… just don’t act like God is all you care about.

  38. Tebow has 2 qualities that have made him and his teams succeed: 1. Personality and 2. Competitiveness… He’s not going to sit in a glass case for the fans and media to look at. He’s going to compete for a job. Off the field and on. He’s no fool. You don’t get into the NFL by doing the right thing by other people first and maybe competing when someone allows you too. You make people pay attention to you. Its no accident he’s continuing to hang out with the media, and it won’t be an accident that some of his new teammates will quickly wonder what ‘could be’ after talking to him, lifting with him, dining with him.. I wouldn’t mute myself completely either. I wouldn’t be a poison or spoon or whatever…but I’m going to remind all kinds of people all the time I’m there when they’re ready.

  39. He has always been the center of attention,
    from the start of his football days in grade
    school he has been #1 just the same as
    V. Young they really don’t get it, it is a team
    sport, it is NOT just about them.

  40. Tim Tebow is a fresh breeze in the otherwise stagnant air of an NFL offseason.

    Don’t let them silence you Tim. Keep spreading the word and rallying the troops every chance you get.

    The grit, determination and spirit you display is far better than the HEY, LOOK AT ME !! shennanigans we see these days from far too many NFL players.

  41. It’s funny all these comments bashing Tedy Bruschi. He gets PAID to talk, so don’t expect him to stop anytime soon buddy. As for Tebow, he gets paid to throw the football, but most of the time runs with it. Never was a fan of Tebowmania when he was in Denver. Not saying he’s a bad guy but seeing his name in every 2 headlines was getting a bit frustrating. And now that he plays for the Jets….well, that’s just self explanatory.

  42. Sorry Teddy and Jets organization. Who traded for a starting quarterback that has won a playoff game. You knew how much the media loved him and the fan following he gets. Team mates and Brschui, Tim has the right to say he wants. Tim Tebow isn’t a distraction. Rex Ryan, “Reavis Island”, and Sanchez’s inability to play smart, clutch football… Those are distractions.

  43. Bruschi is a jock, incapable of 2nd and 3rd order thinking, because in trying to denigrate Tebo, he has, in fact, made people sympathetic towards Tebo.

    But what else would one expect from an ex-Patriot, insufferable know-it-all that he is?!

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