Carroll: Contracts no consideration in quarterback competition


The Seahawks signed quarterback Matt Flynn to a three-year, $19 million contract with $10 million guaranteed this year, a contract that suggests they view Flynn as a starter. Incumbent starter Tarvaris Jackson, on the other hand, has a $4 million non-guaranteed base salary, a contract that suggests the Seahawks would be happy to cut Jackson and save his salary if Flynn beats him out in training camp.

But Seahawks coach Pete Carroll says he won’t be thinking about the contracts of Flynn and Jackson — or about the status of Russell Wilson as a rookie third-round draft pick — when he makes his decision about who will start. Instead, Carroll says, it will be all about who looks best over the summer.

“Draft picks and money and stuff like that is not going to play in the decision at all,” Carroll told the News-Tribune. “We’re going to go with what it looks like through the competition and how they play, and the results of that, and how we feel about that.”

Carroll said everyone on the Seahawks understands the deal: How you were brought to the team has no bearing on whether you make the team.

“We had to draft a guy in the third round to get him on our team,” Carroll said. “We had to go after a guy in free agency to get him on our team. But they all know, they’ve been informed. They knew before they even signed up with us what the deal was. They’re coming here to battle.”

It’s a battle Flynn is favored to win, even if Carroll says there are no favorites.

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  1. Bottom Line: The Seahawks thought Flynn would be better than he’s shown thus far.

    The Seahawks over spent a lot on a career back-up that played well in spots on a REALLY good team.. not always a great idea (see also: Cassel, Matt).

    I’m pulling for T-Jack on this one.

  2. Sounds good. But lets see what the guy writing the checks has to say about that.

    TJ had better look like the next coming of Christ if he’s going to make Flynn a 10 mil guaranteed back-up.

    Exactly, not going to happen.

  3. “He’s really been jerked around and not given a fair opportunity.” – Pete Caroll on Jackson after he signed from the Vikings.

  4. My opinion is to pick someone now so they can get the reps needed with the first team before it gets too late and regret it…. GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!

  5. I’m quite confident that half the people on this site don’t understand how Flynn’s contract works.

    He is paid like a back up, unless he wins the starting job, and reaches incentives.

    If he doesn’t win the starting job, then he doesn’t make starter money.

    “Bubububub Seattle has to play Flynn because he makes so much money!!!”

    Seriously, there should be a knowledge quiz on the NFL and it’s working that users have to pass before being allowed to make comments.

  6. It’s the mentality that every sports player should have. No matter how good you are, there’s a chance someone is better then you, so keep competing and strive to be the best.

    Hawks don’t have a franchise QB yet. But good on Carroll for not coming out saying Flynn is our guy, then 4 games into the season he backtracks.

    (and now folks, the Seahawks #1 story follower, norcalmafia…)

  7. It’s not critical that the eventual winner gets all the starter reps now in practice. As long as the decision is made before the preseason begins, then they can stay in the preseason games a bit longer than you might have a starting QB normally do. They will get enough reps.

  8. I love how Seahawks and Pete Carroll haters completely lose their minds when Seahawks and Pete Carroll articles go up. Hey hawks fans, don’t worry that nobody outside of Seattle realizes how much Pete and John have improved the team from the Ruskell mess. Let out young, hungry squad make them realize the when Kam smashes one of their beloved WR’s into a daze.

  9. Here are the actual details of Flynn’s contract:

    • 2012: $6 million signing bonus; $2 million base salary (fully guaranteed); $200,000 Pro Bowl bonus; $200,000 NFL MVP bonus.
    • 2013: $5.25 million base salary ($2 million guaranteed); $200,000 Pro Bowl bonus; $200,000 NFL MVP bonus.
    • 2014: $6.25 million base salary; $200,000 Pro Bowl bonus; $200,000 NFL MVP bonus.

  10. Ashleyguy im not totally disagreeing with ya i think they no what there doing, i just no from sports exp. that players form a chemestry with oneanother. And it’s important to have that sooner than later.

  11. sea3369:
    I couldn’t agree with you more. I like the idea of the open competition for the QB position to see who is truly best, but you are absolutely right. You’ve pointed out the big drawback to not naming the starter–they don’t get to bond with the guy. Nobody is quite sure who to throw their loyalty to. Just like you, I’ve done a lot of sports over the years, and the chemistry is sure important.

  12. truthhurtstoo
    This franchise has no idea what they are doing? Yeah, right. Let’s see PC and JS inherited a terrible team and they took it to the playoffs the first year. Did they have a losing record and sneak into the playoffs? Yeah and all I can say is that with that level of talent, that was a Coaching of the Year effort. After 2 years, they went from one of the poorest defenses in the NFL to 9th ranked. They put 3 of their 4 members of the defense in the Pro Bowl. The only thing holding the defense back from a more elite status was the lack of a pass rush, and it looks like they have fixed that with Jones on the inside rush and Irvin as an extra speed rusher. The second half of the season last year, the running game clicked and they had the most rushing yards in the second half of the season. All this with the third youngest team in the NFL. Yeah, they don’t know what they are doing, do they?

  13. If Flynn doesn’t start then Pete is blowing it. If TJack was the answer, Flynn would have not been brought in and they would just have two QBs plus whatever vet they brought in.
    QB competition is for college teams-name a starter and give him first team reps. If he struggles, pull him.

    Not that hard.

  14. The Seahawks will allow the winner of the qb competition to start regardless of salary. The only ones who lose if a player who is given starter money becomes the backup are the ones who signed the player in the first place. If Carroll and Schneider make too many mistakes in talent evaluation then they will be cut loose by the owner. Accountability.

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